Icdrama is an online platform that streams films from Southeast and East Asia. It provides free extended incidents of major Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese dramatic series. Get to know about icdrama alternatives in this essay. 

Here are a few famous icdrama alternatives in this guide. Some other options are DramaZ, My Flixer.ru, Ok Drama, Netflix, Replies 24, and ViKi. 

Learn about various icdrama alternatives in this write-up. Furthermore, one is going to learn about Icdramas and other topics.

The Best IcDrama Alternatives- All About Icdrama

Icdrama is a superior online service for watching Chinese dramas and films. The application is free and simple to operate, providing diverse materials. Icdrama is worth checking if it’s an enthusiast of Chinese plays or movies.

What is the best quality? If you use an older gadget, the video quality might appear inferior. The video quality might be cheaper if you are looking for new material. Learn about icdrama alternatives in this article. 

If you like Asian films, you know the IC Drama portal. Individuals distinguish the category by its distinct narrative and deep feelings. Ic Dramas deal with serious issues such as family strife, romance, and criminality. 

best icdrama


These aren’t for the weak of the heart, but they are usually worth the time spent. They are 20 episodes long, so there is much opportunity to consume hk films.

An Ic Drama is a play prevalent in Chinese, Japanese, & Taiwanese television programs and movies. Individuals film these television shows and center upon connections and feelings. Complicated narratives and characters are familiar in IC movies, which may affect them. There are many icdrama alternatives. If you want to enjoy a good theatre, IcDramas is an excellent choice.

An IcDrama Town is a Chinese streaming service. It provides people with high-quality television dramas and other types of films. The platform is available through smartphone apps and web pages.

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Best IcDrama Site: Features

Ic Dramas are appealing since they let individuals see their favorite theaters without buying DVDs or attending them. Furthermore, they provide a diverse selection of dramas to suit various tastes. It offers people a varied range of thrillers to choose from icdrama alternatives.

If your goal is an outstanding collection of dramas, go to icdrama.se. This site features a wide range of dramas from around the globe. So you’ll likely discover one you’ll appreciate. Plus, one can update IcDramas, ensuring you’ll have fresh stuff to enjoy.

best icdrama alternatives, features of icdrama.se

There are also videos in various languages and captions accessible. You are making it more straightforward for individuals who cannot understand English as their native tongue. 

The web page likewise has an excellent lookup function. Making finding what you’re looking for simple. The visual and audio performance is also amazing! Get to know about icdrama to install tips further. You can find icdrama alternatives easily.

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Best Icdrama Alternative New Link- How To Install

install icdrama addon on kodi

Perform the procedures outlined below to add IcDrama to the plugin’s bookstore. Yet, we cannot provide immediate service since this is a third-party extension. Let us know whether you must any help with your setup. To install Kodi click here

  1. Install Kodi.

best icdrama altenative, install kodi

      2. You may access the extensions from the primary interface.

      3. Select the Settings option.

      4. Enable Unknown Sources.

best icdrama altenative, enable unknown sources

      5. Return to Home and click the Settings icon.

      6. Select File Organiser.

       7. Select “Add Source.”

       8. In the first package, type https://aznhusband.github.io/repo/.

best icdrama altenative, add source url

       9. Aznhusband is going to fit the remaining spaces.

       10. Click Accept.

       11. Return to Home & select Add-ons.

best icdrama alternatives, addons

       12. Choose Plugin Explorer. Download Aznhusband from the zip archive now.


       13. Choose the following ZIP file: http://repository.aznhusband-kodi-repo-xxxzip/

best icdrama alternatives, choose zip file


       14. Allow for the Extension Enabled signal to appear. Get IcDrama by trying to find it.

best icdrama alternatives, find icdrama on kodi

To use this plugin, navigate to the home display and pick Video Extensions from the left side. You should see all the video extensions you have loaded on your right side. Tap on IcDrama to activate it. Download icdrama alternatives.

Six New Best Icdrama Sites

Yet, there are a lot more sites available on the web. Any other sites may be vital for you. But you will get a brief idea of installing those dramas from these popular sites. Let’s see a few examples for installing the icdrama new site. 

DramaZ: Best Icdrama Site

DramaZ operates in South Korea, offering consumers worldwide free viewing of Chinese material and making it an excellent alternative to Icdrama for Asian TV shows and films. The vast database has several films that do not use a subscription. It’s one of the best icdrama alternatives, to visit site click here

best icdrama alternatives, dramaz new site



The viewer will have a precious time exploring the features. Such as Synopsis, Casts, and Episodes accessible by selecting each movie/show.

My Flixer.ru: Best Icdrama Site

Myflixer.ru is a prominent online viewing service. That provides customers with an extensive selection of films and TV series because of its simple design & outstanding video streaming. It has been a popular alternative for movie fans. Who wants to view their favorite material without a problem? To visit this site click here

best icdrama alternatives, my filer.ru new site


Myflixer.ru provides an extensive collection of movies and television programs. That caters to all categories and demographics, so there is plenty for everyone. The internet site also has simple navigation and search capabilities. They are making it simple for visitors to discover their desired content. It has many icdrama alternatives.

OK drama: Best Icdrama Site

best icdrama alternatives, ok drama new site

It provides an extensive range of films from Chinese and Taiwanese material, besides translations into English, classical Chinese, and other languages. Diverse computer support, and an intuitive design, create Ondrama an effective Icdrama rival. To visit this site click here


Netflix: Best Icdrama Site

Netflix is the worldwide most popular watching platform. It is more costly than Icdrama but provides incredible movies. While enormous material from many Asian TV Media. It involved some restricted ones that are accessible. To visit this site click here

best icdrama alternatives, netflix new site


There like Present In The Time, Virgin Theory, and others, as well as Films. You are making it an excellent option if you want paid amusement in another form.

Replies 24:Best Icdrama Site

Replies24 is a website where you can watch films and TV episodes on demand. One may pick between several options and disseminate it. It’s like having an individual personal movie theatre. You can enter this via PC or cellphone. 

best icdrama alternatives, replies new site


Replies24 is a fantastic way to view your favorite television programs and films without bothering to stand in lengthy queues or leave the comfort of your own Home.

ViKi: Best Icdrama Site

This online platform is a comprehensive location for watching Asian dramas by offering conventional and constant video streaming, unlike Icdrama. To visit this site click here

best icdrama alternatives, viki new site


Its access medium is not unlimited though one can use it with shallow charges. Over major electronic devices with the added benefit of subtitles. In dialects other than Chinese and Taiwanese icdrama alternatives.

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How do I add icdrama aznhusband to Kodi-Repo?

You should obtain an update in some seconds. You are indicating that one can load azn-husband-kodi-repo. We can begin installing the IcDrama plugin once you install the Kodi database. Select Installation from Repository under the Extensions section. It will display an inventory of all the repositories loaded on the gadget.

How do I get icdrama to work on Android TV?

Return to the Extensions menu and select the IcDrama symbol to launch the add-on. He's back at the head of AndroidTVNews.com. After a brief absence to bring Android televisions and television sets to the foreground.

What exactly is icdrama using Kodi?

IcDrama is a Kodi Add-on from the official site IcDrama.se. It is devoted to Animation or Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese television shows, Movies, or other forms of entertainment. Installing this Extension can deliver the same information as the leading site.

How much time should it need to set up Kodi?

Considering I had many connections. Setting up on my Kodi machine took roughly thirty seconds.


That concludes the tutorial, in which we discussed installing and using IcDrama. We also gave you several icdrama alternatives you might like in 2024. Finally, IcDrama was, without a doubt, the most incredible Kodi add-on. However, since it is no anymore accessible, we have to depend on IcDrama replacements.

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