Top 5 Webcam Recording Software for Windows [Free & Paid]

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In the era of globalization, we often have to rely on the webcam recording software of our laptops or smartphones. But the front-camera of your PC is not restricted only to clicking the ‘occasional’ selfie. It goes much beyond our imagination that the ‘tiny cam’ is of utmost importance in not only video chatting and conferencing but also doing wonders. In this article, we will discuss about some of the best webcam recording software.

If you are planning to be a gaming-star or YouTube star, you are absolutely on the right page seeking the relevant information. It is a much-known fact that the front-cam of your PC or phone is not worth it. But yippee!! You don’t need to buy expensive laptops or smartphones anymore…you only have to opt for the right software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. If you are looking for softwares to open .bin files, click here.

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5 Best Webcam Recording Software in 2020

So, without any further delay, let’s go through our list of 5 best webcam recording software.

Logitech Capture 

This legendary brand has in possession of its top-of-the-class webcam recording software is readily available in almost all prominent stores. The Logitech Capture software is designed to make the webcam related content ‘easy to use.’ The fast speed enables you to record high quality – HD videos in an intuitive way. Once you complete the formalities by downloading and installing the ‘.exe.’ file, you are ready to go.

Logitech Capture 
Logitech Capture

The LC software will allow you to adjust your webcam settings and customize your recording in interactive ways. Moreover, it does not require a complex inbuilt or installed encoder for live-streaming on YouTube. A plus point, it can record from two webcams simultaneously. It is excellent for live streaming and vlogging purposes, cause you can create a video in vertical format, especially for mobile devices.

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Attention amigos: the software works only with Logitech web cameras. It allows single audio input to your video…not worthy for professional gamers. And, it is compatible only with Windows 7 and above.

But who doesn’t like free stuff? – bingo! – The software is 100% free of cost. 

Visit : Logitech Camera 

Windows Camera 

Windows Camera is the official webcam recording software for Windows 10. It comes “by default” with Windows 10. No worries friends, the app very easily suffices basic video making processes. It is highly recommended for video streaming on Facebook Live and other Microsoft-owned calling apps, for instance, Skype. 

Windows Camera 
Windows Camera

Fun fact, it is one of the most accessible user-friendly apps on the go. Capturing photos and recording videos in this app is a mere child’s play. With the help of the Photos App, also available in Windows 10, you can edit/crop/add filters to your shots. 

Interestingly, Windows Camera is free of charge and is compatible with most webcams available. It possesses a minimalistic user interface and hence very easy to use. Remember, it eventually lacks so-called ‘advanced’ settings/features. 

Visit : Windows Camera 

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Cyberlink YouCam

The trending Cyberlink’s YouCam is in its latest 9 Deluxe stages. It is a professional-tier webcam software, specially designed for enthusiast live-streamers with ultra-features in hand. Cyberlink YouCam is fully compatible with most broadcasting, video recording, and live streaming services, such as XSplit, OBS Studio, Wirecast, and Google Hangouts. So, it is genuinely for ‘business users.’

There are two versions of the software. You can undoubtedly opt for the free download version, which comes with limited features. But, in addition to that, there is an advanced version with a full package.

Cyberlink YouCam
Cyberlink YouCam

There is a fresh ‘Live Makeup’ feature in this webcam recording software that uses AR technology and applies real-time “virtual makeup” and skin enhancements on your face. On top of that, YouCam ‘Live Skin Smoothing’ feature reduces wrinkles and blemishes on your face. Moreover, the ‘True Theater’ technology feature automatically adjusts sharpness and lighting, thus providing hundreds of augmented reality effects along with customized images.

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Although the webcam recording software is compatible only with Windows 7 and above, nevertheless, it comes with handy features and faces beautification tools and the latest video effects. Plus, its biometrics-based security lock feature is unique. It enables you to face-login and, subsequently, face-logout. Cyberlink YouCam uses facial recognition technology. Isn’t that cool!?

Visit : Cyberlink YouCam


It is a precisely professional-grade webcam recording software. Besides, this is the ideal choice if you are a professional video streamer, and you are concerned with video conferences, live-streams, and undoubtedly online classes or Google classroom. 

Using ManyCam, you can use multiple programs at the same time; for instance, you can record videos from various virtual/real cameras. Moreover, you can add cool effects and graphics to your photos and videos. It even enables you to have full customization for broadcasting and live streaming.


Interestingly, the webcam recording software provides cross-platform compatibility…it works very well in Windows, Android, Mac as well as iOS.

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ManyCam, just like Cyberlink YouCam, is available in two versions: freeware and paid PRO version. Even the freeware allows you to live-stream on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously. 

Just like Cyberlink YouCam, even ManyCam has got cool features like beautification effects. ManyCam software permits you to record you in 720p, 1080p HD/Full HD settings in any format – MKV/MP4, etc. 

The intuitive user interface of the professional class solution for game streaming or channel broadcasting makes it a quality product worldwide. 

Visit : ManyCam 


Last but not least, Bandicam is essentially a PRO webcam recording software made for YouTube users. Speaking about a unique feature, you can set up a file size limit or a recording time limit to automatically stop recording. 

It is a freeware featuring an intuitive user interface, compatible with any ordinary webcam as well as a smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox gameplay and much more. Thus, it allows you to record any external video device with easy upload access to YouTube. You can save the files in distinctive formats – MP4/WAV and AVI.


The webcam recording software supports the top class acceleration feature, which enables you to record videos at fast speed and excellent high quality along with a high compression ratio. It shoots and records unbelieving 4K Ultra HD videos up to 3840×2160 continuously for 24 hours non-stop!!

Visit : BandiCam 

Last Words

These are some of the best webcam recording software available for Windows. Thus, if you want to create a channel on YouTube or you wish to be a blogger, this webcam recording software is the right choice for you. As you have read all about this software, try using one and let us know about your experience.

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