2 Ideal Ways On How To Use PS3 Camera On PC

use ps3 camera on pc

In this article, you will learn how to use ps3 camera on pc. A camera enables one to interact visually with others while in front of a computer. ps3 camers image

A variety of firms produce webcams for computers. However, PS3 EyeToy owners enjoy the benefit of a webcam with motion-sensing technology. If specific drivers have been loaded regarding how to use PlayStation eye on pc, the PS3 EyeToy camera can be utilized on a computer. Read the article on how to fix the issue if Snapchat keeps logging you out.

Keep reading if you want to know everything about how to use ps3 camera on pc.


How To Use PS3 Camera On PC

There are 2 best ways by which you can use your Ps3 Camera on a Pc. In this section, we’ll be telling you about those 2 ways.


To use the Ps3 Camera on pc follow these steps:

ps3 camera

  1. From the Desktop “Start” menu, choose “Control Panel,” then “Hardware and Audio,” and finally “Device Manager” from the list of available links under “Devices and Printers.”
  2. Choose “Cancel” from any dialogue boxes that appear.
  3. Search for the PS3 EyeToy camera in the Device Manager’s “Imaging devices” section, which has an exclamation mark.
  4. Take note if the PS3 EyeToy camera is described as a Namtai or Logitech model.
  5. Download and unzip the PS3 EyeToy camera driver that corresponds to the mentioned model to your desktop.
  6. In the Device Manager, choose the PS3 EyeToy camera by performing a right-click. From the pop-up menu, select “Update Driver.” The hardware update wizard is now running.
  7. To install the drivers, adhere to the instructions. Navigate to the appropriate downloaded PS3 EyeToy camera drivers when the wizard advises you. Click the “Finish” option to complete the installation when it is all done.
  8. After the computer has restarted, use the PS eye driver window 10 EyeToy webcam as a webcam.


  • The PS3 Camera can be set farther away from the PC using a USB extension cord.


  • Do not attempt to push a plug into a USB port if it does not fit because there is one proper way to do so.

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This is another method to use the Ps3 camera on a PC:

  1. Select “Control Panel” from the Windows “Start” menu, then “Hardware and Sound,” then click the “Device Manager” link in the Devices and Printers area.
  2. Connect the PS3 EyeToy camera’s USB cable to a computer’s USB port.
  3. The one who uses ps3 camera on pc gets to benefit from having a webcam with motion-sensing technology. 
  4. If specific drivers have been loaded, you can utilize the PlayStation Eye camera drivers on a gamulator.

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Specifications For The PS3 Camera

A rectangular, black device called the PlayStation Camera connects to the PS4’s back. The Camera contains two high-definition stereoscopic broad cameras. Ps3 Camera cannot manually focus the lenses because they have a fixed focus. The Camera’s lens has an f/2.0 aperture, a capture range of 11.81 inches (about 30 centimeters), and a 75-degree diagonal field of view. It records uncompressed YUV and RAW videos. Read how to write on picture in google docs and work efficiently.

wide angle of ps3 camera

At the end of the cable, a proprietary connector 6.56-foot (2-meter) chord that connects to the device can be put into the PS4’s auxiliary (AUX) port on the back. Holding the Camera’s fixed right side and rotating the body can change the camera angle by 35 degrees. Additionally, it includes a handy foldable stand that is attachable to the Camera and has multiple adjustment options. It is easy to set up since you can adjust it to stand up like a small raised platform, bend it to hold the device on top of a television, or lay it flat so you can place the Camera on a flat surface.

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The PS3 Camera’s Voice-Activation Features

Most likely, you are already shouting at your game system. You can use your vocal abilities with the PlayStation live streaming Camera’s microphone array. The four-microphone array on the Camera enables the system to collect and record sound in high quality and to pinpoint where sounds are coming from in the space precisely. You can chat without a headset as well. However, there is yet another, even more, great use. You can provide voice commands to use the Ps3 Camera on a PC. The mono headset that is included also allows you to do this. Wanted to save WhatsApp chat in pdf? Click here!


When PlayStation unveiled its first console, the PlayStation 1, a decade ago, the company became well-known. They were lucky enough that the competition at the time was less fierce than it is now, which allowed them to establish a solid reputation in the gaming world.ps3 camera

Technology is another perk of PlayStation. Compared to its rivals, Sony has more third-party companies working on PlayStation. Compared to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, they now have the most sophisticated console games. Check out how to install spectrum on Samsung TV.


The number of games available for this platform is lower than for its rivals, and they tend to emphasize stunning visuals more than engaging gameplay.

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Can you utilize the PS3 EyeToy camera with a computer?

If specific drivers have been loaded, you can utilize the PS3 Eye on PC on a computer. Just a few minutes are needed to complete and will neither the EyeToy camera nor the computer.

Why am I not able to use PlayStation 3 eye on a PC?

From the Windows 'Start' menu, choose 'Control Panel,' then 'Hardware and Sound,' and finally 'Device Manager' from the list of available links under 'Devices and Printers.'

How can I upgrade the EyeToy camera driver for the PS3?

Download and unzip the PS3 EyeToy camera driver that corresponds to your desktop (see Resources). In Device Manager, choose the PS3 EyeToy camera by performing a right-click. The hardware update wizard is running.

Are the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 cameras identical?

Sony Computer Entertainment created the PlayStation Camera, a motion sensor and camera add-on for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PlayStation Eye is the name of the PlayStation 3 camera. It is the replacement for the 2007-released PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3.

Which PS3 head tracking Camera is the best?

If you carefully adjust the curves and LED point extraction on Logitech (basic) cameras, you can still get good head tracking at a speed of no more than 30 frames per second. There will be a noticeable shift in latency because the PS3 Camera has gone from 30 frames per second to 75 frames per second.

To my Twitch stream, how can I add a webcam?

You can add your webcam after setting up your game source. Enter a name for your source by selecting Add > Video Capture Device with a right-click inside the Sources box. You can choose a PS3 web camera for your stream in this window.


The use ps3 camera on pc capability is wonderful for keeping in touch with your loved ones. The seventh generation Sony PlayStation 3 games have been a success worldwide. Thanks to its extensive selection of high-quality games and accessories, the PS3 is a must-have device. With the use of the PS3 webcam or Camera, many have created a fascinating function that enables virtual reality travel. 

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