Upgrade YouTube premium to family (Complete view)

upgrade youtube premium to family

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that lets you view videos without any ads and download the content for offline viewing. Finally, upgrade youtube premium to family. This Premium subscription grants ad-free, offline, and screen-locked access to Youtube, the company’s service for streaming music. You can share YouTube Premium with your family on androids. premium

For this, you need to upgrade youtube premium to family or youtube red to family, just like you can with a Spotify or amazon prime subscription. You can add up to five additional house members, but this will cost you — $8 more/per month, to be exact. All six family members will receive the same benefits when you upgrade to the YouTube family plan. That means ad-free YouTube & YouTube Music for everyone and Google Play Music for everyone.

A standard YouTube subscription costs $12/month, while a family plan costs $18/month for up to 6 users. Here’s how to upgrade youtube premium to family & add or remove people. Here’s how to upgrade youtube premium to family.

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How to add family to your YouTube Premium

To update youtube premium to family, go to your YouTube Premium Family login page and click the “Try it free” button. You’ll get a free month’s trial if you are a new user. You must pay for the month to begin your membership to the family plan, and only then will you receive a free month.

add family members

It will display a slide with all of the Family Plan premium memberships, click “I understand” and continue. Your subscription has been activated.

Overview of Youtube Premium of a Family Plan

Although a Family Plan is intended for family members, you can add friends, colleagues, and other accounts. If you are over 13, you cannot add G Suite account names to the family plan.

To add members, open YouTube in a browser, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and then select Paid Memberships.

  1. Log in to YouTube & go to youtube.com/premium to upgrade youtube premium to family. youtube account


      2. Select Manage.

purchases and membership


      3. Then select Manage membership, then Upgrade


      4. To confirm, click Upgrade once more. 


      5. You can also upgrade directly to youtube.com/premium/family and click Get family plan.

upgrade family membership

    6. When you confirm, you will be charged a prorated fee to upgrade YouTube Family to Premium for the rest of your billing period.

billing membership


Following that, you must invite members of the household to the family group. Go to your paid subscriptions page, click the activity overflow button beside YouTube Premium, and select Family sharing. You can also visit families.google.com directly. To add a family member, click the plus sign. Begin typing their email address. And choose them from the list of suggested contacts. Click the Send button.

youtube premium

After you’ve welcomed new family members, they must accept even before the invitation expires. Other benefits of adding family members include the Google Play Family member Library, which shares bought content with other family members, YouTube TV, a shared mode of payment, shared photos and videos, and a shared calendar. You can only alter the group once every 12 months after you’ve added family members.

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YouTube premium family plan cost

YouTube Premium is free for one month, after which it costs $11.99 monthly. Billing is automatic and can be stopped at any time. An annual plan would cost $119.99 & saves you slightly more than $20.

plan cost family premium

The family plan is $17.99 per month & allows you to join five family members (age range 13 and up) to your household, while the student plan is $6.99 per month & requires annual verification.

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Removing family members from your YouTube Premium plan

Since you bought & invited people to the account, you will always have complete control over the members. To delete, go to YouTube > Profile > Paid Subscription > Manage membership> Modify Family Sharing Settings > & click on the profile you want to delete and then click Delete account.

 Other advantages of a YouTube Premium family plan

In addition to the ad-free premium experience, the family plan includes a few other advantages. Everyone can share a calendar in your family. So, if someone adds an event to the family calendar, each person will be notified. This feature is ideal for organizing family events, but you can also use it with friends.

Ad-free viewing

 You can watch every video without any ads appearing. You also get ad-free watching on any YouTube platform when we sign in with our Google account, along with the website and mobile phones, Roku, and other streaming devices.

ad free youtube premium

We will not see advertisements at the start, middle, or end of the video. Overlays are not permitted—either third-party banners.

YouTube originals

You have access to the original content, mainly from high-profile creators, as well as some television shows and movies. You can access series & unreleased movies from many influential YouTubers with a YouTube subscription.

youtube originals

Only users who buy the premium subscription can access high-quality, one-of-a-kind content.

Offline videos can be downloaded

Sometimes you want to watch a youtube video but need more data or are in a transit phase with poor connectivity. One of the primary benefits of YouTube Premium is the ability to save videos and watch them any time you want, whether we are online or offline.

offline view youtube

However, due to location or partner restrictions, not all videos were available for download.

YouTube Music Plus

One can gain access to the Music Premium and all of its features. It enables us to listen to music without advertisements, download to listen to them without an internet connection.

youtube music

We can play them in the background, or set up the video in audio mode to reduce data consumption.

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What’s the benefit of a Youtube subscription?

YouTube Premium is a premium subscription that lets you view videos without ads and download content for offline viewing.

What is a YouTube Family Subscription ?

A YouTube family subscription enables you to use a single plan for entire family members.

What is the best way to share my YouTube Subscription with family members?

You can join the group and invite family members to share YouTube Premium, Music Premium, and TV subscriptions. You can utilize your own Google Account as family member to gain access to the YouTube premium subscription.

What makes YouTube different from YouTube Premium ?

YouTube and YouTube Premium differ in several ways, including ad-free viewing, unencrypted viewing, and exclusive content (recognized as YouTube Originals). YouTube Premium also includes a Music and Google Play Music subscription ($9.99 per month).


If you enjoy watching YouTube but dislike sitting through ads, or if you’re annoyed by YouTube videos, quit playing when you start another app. Shut your phone screen, then you need to upgrade youtube premium to family. For frequent users, YouTube Family Premium is a must-have upgrade. It provides ad-free music playback, downloads, and streaming. If you use YouTube several times daily, YouTube Family Premium is an excellent investment.

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