Twitch Chat Tricks Every Streamer Should Know

twitch chat tricks

Livestreaming used to be a niche field dominated mainly by gamers. However, today and with the raging pandemic and people staying indoors for most of their day, live streaming has gained popularity as a new form of content. Nowadays, the scope is not limited to gaming as we see more and more alternate forms of content. From “Broxh_,” a streamer from New Zealand streaming his ancient wood carving skills to artists like “DomoStanton” and “Mirggles” making art from scratch, live streaming has become more popular and mainstream than ever. If you are planning to start your Twitch journey soon, few Twitch chat tricks might help you. Most Twitch beginners have trouble reading the chat as it takes experience to multitask seamlessly. 

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Twitch Chat Tricks

Here are a few Twitch Chat tricks that might help the newbies out there.

Switch to Readable Colors  

A lot of people are completely unaware of this setting. You can set the chat in the Settings to display readable colors, eliminating dark text on a dark background or light text on a light background.

readable colors- twitch chat trick
Readable Colors- Twitch Chat Tricks

It makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the chats. Selecting readable conversations from the Chat Options will make it easier to deal with the chat section and improve engagement.

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Bigger Fonts 

Reading tiny texts all along while streaming can cause huge stress to the eyes. This can be reduced by increasing the font size. Selecting control + on your keyboard can help do the trick.

Increasing the Font Size of the Twitch Chat
Increasing the Font Size of the Twitch Chat

Raising it to 120% – 150% magnification from 100% can help improve your communication efficiency and provide you with a more comfortable experience. You can read the text out faster too. 

Twitch chat tricks – Using Better Twitch TV 

A very useful web browser plugin helps make your viewing or streaming experience streaming on Twitch’s website. It has a plethora of options that you can click on and off to make your experience better.

better twitch tv 
Better Twitch TV

An interesting feature, among many, is the red highlight that pops up when you are in your channel or someone else’s channel, and they type your name. This significantly helps improve visibility. Programs like Streamlabs and Streamelements also provide a similar function. 

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Pop the Chat 

Popping out your chat makes it easier to read. Many streamers fail to realize that the chat window can be popped out and moved wherever needed.

pop-out the chat- twitch chat trick
Pop-out the chat- Twitch Chat Trick

It will help out move it around on the monitor or the steaming rig setup. This will help move it to a place that is visually accessible in an easy manner. 

Twitch chat tricks -Align the Monitors 

Keep the monitors on the same eye level as your gameplay and your Twitch chat. All heads-up displays positions their image viewing in a way that is adjacent to your eyesight. This makes the viewing experience more convenient and comfortable.

align the monitors
Align the monitors

Your twitch chat and twitch gameplay should be contiguous at the same eye level. A lot of streamers keep them apart, making it very difficult ergonomically to engage. The aim is to have as minimum eye or head movement as possible to switch between the two. The constant witching from gameplay to chat breaks the natural flow and makes it hard to keep track of conversations. 

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Keep 2-3 Monitors Handy. 

The optimum way to stream is using 2-3 monitors. This will help you delegate different regions to different purposes and help run multiple apps parallel efficiently. But of course, the issue most new streamers face is the expensive initial cost of buying 2 -3 monitors.

keep 2-3 monitors handy
Keep 2-3 Monitors handy

A better hack for beginners is to use your phone or tablet instead. Buying simple stands for your tablets or phones can help you use them effectively during streaming. These stands will help you put these smaller devices on the same eyeliner as the monitor. This will, once again, naturally improve your flow and streaming efficiency. 

Twitch chat tricks – Avoid Panicking During a Dead Chat. 

A lot of new streamers are familiar with this nightmare. “I am talking, but is anyone listening or enjoying?”. If you are new, the answer would probably be no. Keeping your viewers engaged is an art in itself. But even more importantly, it is okay to have a dead chat. Initially, a lot of people aren’t going to watch or listen to you. Even big streamers face quiet conversations. The key is to get familiar and comfortable with the circumstances. Avoid panicking as it will break your natural flow, and the fear will get the better of you. Be calm and composed and be comfortable with making mistakes. 

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Be Prepared

We were talking about the awkwardness, panic, and discomfort of having nothing to say. So how do we avoid that situation? Simple. Come prepared. Be ready to face an audience and the challenges they may throw at your face.

be ready to face an audience
Be ready to face an audience – twitch chat tricks

Have a list of things to discuss and keep those pointers in your head. Enjoy the natural conversation and selectively engage with your audience. Banter is key to making streams successful and popular. Most good streamers are masters at the art of banter or creating something out of nothing. Although it takes time to master it or get better at it, practice is the only key. 


That’s all for Twitch chat tricks. If you want to become invisible on Twitch, Assuming you need to hide your online status from anybody on Twitch, here’s the secret: Click the profile symbol in the upper right corner, and afterward click Invisible. It will hide your status from everybody including companions and stop sharing your activities temporarily with your companions.

I hope this article on twitch chat tricks will be helpful to our readers.

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