11 Best Torrent Downloaders for Android

10 best torrent downloaders for android

Torrent is a widely used app across the globe. And who doesn’t want to watch n’ number of series for free? According to a recent calculation, the total number of users in a month is nearly ~250 million. Usually, the use of torrents is limited due to legal or copyright grounds. There is other software available for the users to download files from, or else Torrent can be your one-stop for every problem. You can easily download torrents on your phone, and the world is all yours to explore. Here is a list to find the best torrent downloader for android users:-

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A torrent is a file that contains the web addresses of host servers. With the help of torrenting, we can download files from devices other than the central server. It helps better share files, including large files, at a faster rate. BitTorrent protocol separates the files into many parts to download them. In torrenting, the place for file download is the host.

best torrent downloader for android

Instead of containing the content to be distributed, file names, folder structure, and file size are the various information present in a torrent file. We need to install a torrent client to access multiple torrent files. Hence an updated list of Best Torrent Downloader For Android is provided in the article below.



Flud has a friendly user interface and is considered one of the essential BitTorrent client apps. Unlike other torrent apps, it has some additional features. The user can change the interface with light or dark as they need.

flud torrent downloader (best torrent downloader for android)

The free version also allows the user to select a storage location. The user can upload or download any torrent file without any speed limit. This app enables file selection for downloading within a torrent file. Users can prioritize specific files or folders within the downloads. This app provides hyperlinks for downloading files. The paid version allows the user to remove the ads.


uTorrent has more than one hundred million downloads on the Play Store, and hence it has become a very famous torrent app. The user interface has been updated too. uTorrent is free but contains ads that you can remove in a pro-version as in in-app purchases. We can share files directly to the android phone with the help of this app. While uploading or downloading data, there is no speed cap.

utorrent (best torrent downloader for android)

We do not need to open our media file on any other app as this app already has the features of built-in music and video player. uTorrent also provides magnet links, and we can play music together by creating a playlist. Users do not need to waste data on unnecessary files to download selected files. We can save mobile data by enabling the WiFi-only mode in this application.

Bit Torrent

If you are a music lover whose mood relies on music, then you should go for this app.


Bit torrent is one of the best apps to discover new music and download it. It is no different from other apps, and it has minimalistic UI, which helps run the app smoothly. It has zero speed limits on downloads/uploads. This app allows you to download torrents only with Wi-Fi to save your data. And to dive deeper into the music world, you can go for its paid version.

Libre Torrent

Interrupted with ads while using torrent. Then, my friend, you are at the best stoppage.


Libretorrent is one of the free torrent downloaders for android users, and it provides torrents to its users so that they can use the app without any interruption. It’s a user-friendly android app. The app only allows you to download/upload when you are connected with Wi-Fi to save your data.

Transmission BTC

Transmission BTC is a accost free app. It is a client of Linux and a very lightweight app for android users.

transmission btc

There are tons of other features despite it being a lightweight app. Like every other torrent app, you can only use it when connected with Wi-Fi.


Torrdroid is a cost-free torrent downloader for android. One of the best features is that its free version will not hamper your speed.


It has magnet link support, downloading, uploading various thing can happen through Wi-Fi connection. And to have zero interruption, you can always upgrade to the paid version with just $1.99.


We Torrent is one the best torrent app for android users.


This app is free with ad support. But it handles both magnet links and torrent files with equal aplomb. Like every other torrent app, the user can download and upload files only through Wi-Fi. But with its upgraded version, which costs $1.99, you can remove ads, extend support for download, auto-shutdown feature, and many more.


aTorrent is a free-cost add support app. It has different torrent features, and the users can do multiple running simultaneously.


To have access to other available app features, you can always upgrade the level with just $1.99.

Bigly BT 

This app is free to download. BiglyBT is a package of every torrent feature.

bigly bt

Apart from Android phones, it’s one of the best torrent apps for Android TV users. And on top of that, it’s the only ad-free torrent downloader for android. It also has a speed download feature with torrent repairing. Thera are features like tagging and organizing torrents, sorting and filtering your files inside the flood. It also allows users to download an SD card via a storage access framework (SAF).

Zeta Torrent

Zeta is free to download. It’s one of the best torrent apps.

zeta torrent

There are some unusual features. It includes ad-block features, including your browsing history, magnet links, and many more. It is a built-in browser; magnet links and torrent files are automatically recognized. It also supports CIFS, the FTP client.


Torrando is an exceptional app, not a torrent app. It allows the connection to your computer, through which you can see all your torrent downloading. Tornado is for computers work with the transmission.


This app helps the users remove torrent and download files and access all the other stuff. And you can always enjoy uninterrupted facilities by purchasing in-app purchases for $2.90. you can also get many additional features with this up-gradation.


FrostWire has proved to be a helpful app for users who do not have many torrent sources. Besides having an accurate built-in torrent search engine, it also has a music player, media library, and an advanced download manager. While downloading or uploading data, FrostWire does not provide any speed limits.

frostwire (best torrent downloader for android)

This app allows the user to download large files, all types of audio, games, software, images, books, and so on, many times faster than other methods. The user can save data by enabling WiFi-only mode. This app also provides an auto-pause manner with a VPN drop. FrostWire offers the feature of viewing files from Cloud Sources. The app is localized for more than twenty languages and supports IPv6 too. This app is open-source and free with ads.


These are the torrent apps you can use to download tv shows and movies on your android devices. The torrent clients help us share files using a peer-to-peer network, and the user can both download and upload files and folders with the help of these apps. There are many torrent downloaders for Android, a few of which are described above. You can indeed use torrents legally to download valuable things instead of just becoming the hub of pirated content.  

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