Since its debut in 2016, the online combat game Tom Clancy’s The Division has amassed a sizable fan base. However, many players have complained about a frustrating issue where the Division crashes on launch, stopping them from enjoying it. Numerous things, including device incompatibility, out-of-date drivers, and program conflicts, can contribute to this problem.

When the Division crashes on launch, it can be a big issue for players because it costs them time and keeps them from having fun with the game they adore. For new players who have just downloaded the game and are anxious to start, the problem can be particularly annoying.  The good news is that The Division’s breaking on start issue has a number of fixes. It can help players as soon as possible resume loving the game. By updating drivers, checking game files, upgrading hardware, and deactivating incompatible software, the Division breaks upon start issue can be resolved.

This essay will go over the numerous reasons why The Division crashes when it launches as well as possible fixes. In order to escape the issue in the future, we will also offer preventive steps. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to resolve the issue of the Division crashes on launch and appreciate playing Tom Clancy’s The Division, whether you are an experienced player or a new player encountering the problem for the first time.

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The Division Crashes On Launch

Tom Clancy’s The Division, a well-known third-person shooter game created by Massive Entertainment and released by Ubisoft, frequently crashes on start, an issue many players have experienced. For players who have been excitedly anticipating playing the game but are unable to do so because of the crashing issue, this problem can be upsetting.

the division crashes on launchNumerous things, including incompatible hardware, out-of-date drivers, corrupt game files, and problems with other software, can contribute to Tom Clancy’s Division has stopped working problem. To assist players in resolving the Division breaks on-start issue, we will examine the various root causes of the matter in this piece and offer remedies.

Causes For The Division Crashes On Launch

There are various reasons due to which the Division crashed on launch can occur.

Hardware Compatibility

Hardware compatibility problems and auto communication errors are among the most frequent causes of The Division’s crashing upon start. This might occur if your computer needs to catch up to what’s needed to operate the game.

hardware compatibilityA robust graphics device and an adequate CPU are required for The Division to function properly. If your computer is powered by an outdated graphics card or CPU, it might be unable to manage the graphics and computing power needed by the game.

Ineffective Drivers

The Division crashes when switching to fullscreen issue can also be brought on by outdated drivers. This may occur if your operating system or components have recently been updated or if you last changed them a while ago.

ineffective driversDrivers are crucial pieces of software. It enables your computer to interact with hardware components like your network card, graphics card, and sound card. Incompatible software can interfere with the game and make it function erratically as the Division crashes on launch.

Erroneous Game Files

The Division won’t load issues can also be brought on by corrupt game files.

erroneous game filesThis may occur if a virus or other malware has corrupted or destroyed the game data or if there is a problem with the game installation.

Incompatibilities With Other Software

The Division breaks on start issue can also be brought on by conflicts with other programs.

incompatibilities with other softwareThis may occur if inactive applications, such as firewalls or security software, interfere with the game as the Division crashes on launch.

Solution For The Division Errors

These are a few solutions that you can try to counter the issue of the Division errors.

Invest In New Hardware

The greatest option if your computer’s hardware is outdated and cannot operate. The Division is upgrading it. You could upgrade your CPU, RAM, and graphics device.

invest in new hardwareHowever, updating your hardware can be expensive, so considering your money is essential before doing so.

Reinstall Your Drivers

It would help if you upgraded your drivers to resolve the Division crash to desktop issue. You can complete this by visiting the manufacturer’s website and obtaining the most recent drivers for your hardware devices.

reinstall your driversAlternatively, you can use driver update software to quickly and instantly scan your device for outdated drivers as the Division crashes on launch.

Check The Game Files

You must check the game files to resolve the Division error code breaks upon start issue brought on by corrupt game files. To accomplish this, take the following actions:

  1. Go to your Library in the Steam program after opening it.go to library
  2. Choose Properties by performing a right-clicking on The Division. Verify Integrity of Game Files can be found by selecting the Local Files option.verify integrity of game files
  3. Wait for the authentication procedure to finish before attempting to start the game once more.wait for authentication procedure to finish

Switch Off Other Programs

You need to turn off any background-running programs to resolve the Division is not loading issue brought on by problems with other software. To accomplish this, take the following actions as the Division crashes on launch:

  1. To launch the Task Manager, press Ctrl + Shift + task manager
  2. Look for any applications that might be incompatible with the game under the Processes menu.look for applications
  3. Choose end task by right-clicking the application and launch the game once more.launch the game


What causes The Division to collapse right away?

The Division may fail when it first launches for several causes, including incompatible hardware, out-of-date drivers, damaged game files, or conflicts with other software. Finding the source of the issue is crucial before putting a workable remedy in place.

How can I stop The Division from collapsing right away?

You can upgrade your hardware, change your drivers, check the game files. Turn off incompatible programs to stop The Division from failing at startup. As mentioned above, these solutions are covered in great depth in the essay.

What occurs if none of the aforementioned ideas are successful?

It might be best to contact the game developer's technical support staff for help if none of the above fixes work. They might have more ideas or be able to spot the problem more clearly.

How can I stop The Division from failing in the future when it first launches?

Keep your hardware, drivers, and software up to current if you want to avoid future The Division crashes on startup. As part of routine system upkeep, you can run malware checks and clear the registry on your computer.

Can my computer operate The Division with minimal requirements?

You can check the system prerequisites for The Division on the game's website or on Steam to see if your PC can run it at the recommended settings. You might encounter crashing on startup or other performance problems if your PC does not match the minimal specifications.

Should I seek expert assistance or attempt to repair The Division crashing on launch myself?

If you are secure in your technological ability, you can resolve The Division's crashing on start issue. Use the methods described in the article, as mentioned earlier. However, it might be best to seek assistance from a specialist if you are still determining or are comfortable handling technological issues independently.


In conclusion, gamers anxious to play Tom Clancy’s The Division may find the Division crashes on launch issue a stressful experience. As this piece has explained, several fixes exist, including updating drivers, improving hardware, checking game files, and turning off incompatible software. These remedies are an excellent place to start when troubleshooting the issue. Even though they might only work for some individuals. Players can also prevent future crashing problems and experience uninterrupted gameplay by taking preventive steps and keeping their system current. In the end, players can resume savoring their favorite game by being proactive and tenacious in resolving the Division breaks on start problem.

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