Top 5 System Monitoring Software for Organizations [2022]

system monitoring software

On today’s date, nobody wants to be left behind. Everyone wants to catch up with the latest trends, technology as well as cultures. Keeping up technology is not very hard, but at the same time, not that easy; one must always stay updated about the latest innovations, gadgets, and software. Precisely, in this article, we will be talking about the system monitoring software.

Software is an integral part of any device, be it a computer or your phone, and it is indispensable to be updated with the latest version to enjoy the best experience it provides. Since everyone is keener on being updated with various mobile applications and software, the information about different computer software is not that widespread among the common man. It is limited only to a section of society that deals with this daily.

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What is System Monitoring Software? 

One such software is ‘Monitoring Software,’ but what exactly is this? The System Monitoring software is essentially a surveillance software which meant for security and administration of a workplace. It helps in keeping a record of all the data and information flow in a corporation or workplace. Besides, it monitors the activity of the users or the employees; it can be used as an individual application or may function as a part of firewall security, both hardware, and software.

Uses of System Monitoring Software 

  • It provides a way to supervise the overall processes performed on a system and acts as a reporting service to the administrator.
  • It has specific rules, signatures events, and the preferences of the user that helps distinguish between normal or any anomaly in system status or the violation that may result in abnormal system behavior.
  • The most common example of monitoring software is the parental control that is available for internet services or in your cable connection.
  • It considers the preferences of the user while blocking the rest. Also, it gives a notification if there is a breach or any violation of the parents.

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The 5 Best System Monitoring Software for Windows 2022

There is a wide range of system monitoring software available, but how does a user decide which to choose. Perhaps, below are a few of the best system monitoring software for Windows in 2022.

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It is the monitoring software that installs agents on all the systems at work and keeps a record of their productive and unproductive hours. You may also use it to block certain websites and present the live status of the user to the administrative. The reports of the user can be obtained on a monthly, annually of weekly basis as desired.


It is also capable of providing the list of the most productive employees and the most accessed websites. It is available as the free software but up to 3 users only. One of the disadvantages of this system monitoring software the data enlists in pie charts that maybe not very easy to interpret by some users. The price is high for small organizations.

Visit : ActivTrak


This system monitoring software allows the user to listen to the online calls and telephonic conversations or live access to the screen sharing via a spy camera app; this offers a video capture from 15-60 seconds.


All the collected data aggregates to the user panel, and one can access it with personalized login from any system of choice. The pricing is affordable and is available as monthly, quarterly, or annual packs. It also includes GPS location tracking and ideal for parental controls.

Visit : TheOneSpy

Solarwinds network

It has an automatic network discovery and scanning for wired and wifi devices and deploys within an hour. It is a highly customizable software and can the performance reports based on the performance. Websites visited etc.

Solarwinds Network
Solarwinds Network

It is the easiest to use, has a friendly user interface, and used with the user preferred topology. Also, it monitors the health of the hardware at all servers, routers, laptops, firewalls, desktops, and more. It is a one-time license, including one year maintenance.

Visit : Solarwinds Network

PRTG network monitor

It is an ideal software to be used by the organizations which have little experience in the data monitoring sections is also a very high user interface. It presents detailed information about the user hierarchically based on their performance. Besides, it monitors IT infrastructure by tracking the HTTP requests, SQL, data flow, etc.

PRTG network monitor
PRTG network monitor

The best feature is the use of a mobile application to control the activity, scans a QR code corresponding to the sensor, and attaching the hardware of the computer. The pricing is based on the number of servers.

Visit: PRTG Network Monitor 

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This system monitoring software is very suitable for Server message blocks (SMB) and enterprise networks. It monitors the infrastructure and services and other functionalities. It is useful as it provides a report on the general health of the IT infrastructure also.


All the alerts are available on the dashboard of the application or you may receive them via e-mail or text message if opted for. Since it is an open-source application, it is available free of cost.

Visit : Icinga


As now you have gone through the list of the best system monitoring software available in the market, you must try using any of it that matches your requirements the most. However, before buying any software, it is advisable to use the system monitoring software with a trial version, as most of them are available to confirm suitable for your needs.

It also helps you to monitor all the employee-related activities and keeping a check on them for the proper working of the organization. It also helps in expanding the business while tracking the works of the employees.

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