Women’s fashion is a never-ending art. With a growing number of clothing styles and brands, finding stores that offer the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind, affordable dresses takes a lot of work. Such a store is Vici.

Stores like Vici, a family-owned online retail store, provide stylish and affordable women’s apparel made with love, care, and unique features. Stores like Vici are hard to find. And even if you find boutiques like Vici, are they any good? Here is the list of the top 9 most loved shops like Vici:boutique


  • Lulus
  • Red Dress
  • Dress Up
  • Lane 201
  • Missguided
  • Nasty Gal
  • Petal and Pup
  • Magnolia Boutique
  • Priceless

We have curated the best nine online boutiques similar to Vici—stores like Vici Collection. So, get your money ready to invest in the most chic and affordable women’s style. But if you are looking for casual wear, you can also check out Stores Like Windsor for formal and casual wear.

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Lulus: An Affordable Luxury Store

Are you a teenager looking for a modern, chic, affordable dress? Or a bridesmaid looking for a breathtaking dress?

Lulus, founded by Debra Cannon, has your back. With its most chic and high-end finished apparel, Lulus has won the hearts of women looking for modern everyday wear. Known for crafting merchandise that suits your daily wear, Lulus provides high-end dead dresses at affordable prices.

lulusDistinguishing features of Lulus:

  • The Lulus online store stocks the most iconic and stylish dresses. Their collection of wedding dresses and modern wear will flaunt your unique style.
  • The Lulus collection carries diverse colors and offers different dress sizes. For more colorful fashion, follow stores like Rainbow.
  • Apart from being an iconic loathing retail store, Lulus prices set a new game for modern clothing. From $19 to $100, their collection brings out the best affordable women’s clothing.

Visit: Lulus

Red Dress Boutique: Selling Happiness

Being yourself is a phrase that is catching on everywhere. But a few understand. Making themselves a standout, Red Dress Boutique not only offers personalized clothing collections. But it also gives you clothes that speak to you.

Red Dress Boutique is an online retail store founded by Daina Harbour that will always keep you on your toes with its personalized clothing collection.

red dress

With their aim to cater to women, their dresses are simple, stylish, and affordable.

Distinguishing features of Red Dress Boutique:

  • Red Dress Boutique provides an extensive collection of swimwear, jewelry, dresses, and accessories for women.
  • With their variety of family collections, season collections, and shop-by-style collections, they make their clothing comfortable and unique.
  • Their prices range from under $50 to over $200.

Visit: Red dress

Dress Up: New People, New Clothes

Are you looking for clothes that speak to you and share your city’s vibes when you wear them?

Then you have found the best online clothing store: Dress Up. dressup

Dress Up, similar to stores like Vici, provides the most cute and classy-looking dresses you will ever find. Dress Up will give you the best every week with their two-toned dresses and rich designs. Yes, every week.

Distinguishing features of Dress Up:

  • Dress Up focuses on clothing collections that are slick, modern, and minimalist in style.
  • With their vintage-fashioned techniques, they sometimes develop new clothing accessories such as hats, caps, and boots.
  • Even if you get bored with your class, Dress Up will give you their best collection of dresses inspired by cities.

Visit: Dress Up

Lane 201: The Professional of Sleek Style

Starting with the inspiration of creating a place of joy, love, and laughter, Lane 201 provides styles that make you fall in love as a modern-day fashionista. Whether you are a teenager or a young woman, Lane 201 always makes you feel rare beauty with its styled clothing.lane 201


Even if you are looking for weekend clothes, you will be surprised by their beautiful collection. Though a niche collection, Lane 201 will make you live your everyday life.

Distinguishing features of Lane 201:

  • Lane 201’s stylish clothing will help you look modern with a minimalist design.
  • They are keeping in mind their motto, “To provide affordable, fashionable clothes to every woman.” Lane 201 discounts student shoppers.
  • Their clothing collection starts from $40 to over $100.

Visit: Lane 201

Missguided: The God of Modern Style

Here is another online store that will steal wow and turn people’s heads around. Missguided, another modern store, stocks the most fashionable current clothing collection. missguided

Grabbing your attention with their dresses, Missguided will give you several choices to select from. Some of the designs that will wow you are:

  • Wedding dresses.
  • White dresses.
  • Mini dresses.
  • Occasion dresses.
  • Sexy dresses.
  • Going out dresses, and the list continues.

Distinguished features of Missguided:

  • Missguided is a kind store that will keep up with its promise of dressing you up with the most fantastic and breathtaking dresses.
  • Their collection ranges from seasonal clothing to joggers, wedding dresses, tops, and trousers. Their group will make you fall in love with their clothes.
  • Though they have a vast collection, their costs remain as low as possible.

Visit: Missguided

Nasty Gal: The Unique Stylist

If you are looking for tattered clothes with style and confidence, you have the right to enter the Nasty Gal store. They are here to make you feel confident in your skin. Their modern yet unique style makes them a distinctive store.

Nasty Gal’s collection expresses uniqueness and luxury with its flair. nasty gal

Distinguished features of Nasty Gal:

  • Your wardrobe from Nasty Gal’s collection will make you feel confident in your clothing.
  • They deliver vintage yet modern, tattered designs.
  • Their newest and most unique designs start at $40. Being a budget shopper looking for something different, Nasty Gal is a one-stop. For more budget shopping, look for online stores like Marshalls.

Visit: Nasty Gal

Petal and Pup: The Sparkle Queen

Sparkles, will you look good in it? Or will you look like a kid?

These worries will keep you from wearing your favorite dresses filled with sequins. But Petal and Pup will make you look differently at dresses made with sequins.petalpup

Petal and Pup’s wardrobe collection is filled with unique yet simple designs that will wow even people who don’t like sequins.

Distinguished features of Petal and Pup:

  • Petal and Pup stand out with their sequin clothing collection, which makes them a unique stylist.
  • Their simple, modern, and minimalist designs deliver a gorgeous style.
  • Their skirts, with a flow of elegance, certainly provide a spectacular look.

Visit: Petal and Pup

Magnolia Boutique: Your Bohemian Stylist

Who does not want to look unequaled in style? Or feel unequal in manner?

Magnolia Boutique will surely deliver you unequaled and eccentric styles. Its bohemian style will spruce you up for upcoming bohemian styles. Their styling methods lie in their boots, tops, bottoms, and hats.magnolia boutique

Distinguished features of Magnolia Boutique:

  • Magnolia Boutique is the one for you if you are looking for the best Bohemian Stylist.
  • You will find personalized embroidery quilts and blankets here at affordable prices.
  • To complete their Bohemian Style, Magnolia Boutique delivers their best-designed boots, hats, and apparel at affordable prices.For more Boho-chic style, follow our guide on stores like Roolee

Priceless: The Modern Stylist

If you want to fill your wardrobe with modern-fashioned clothes, look no more. Priceless will deliver the best in the house modern dresses.

priceless boutiquePriceless will show you how the dress looks with its unique video feature. Its never-ending contemporary designs will provide you with affordable clothes. They have designed clothes, especially for occasions and weekends.

Distinguished features of Priceless:

  • Priceless will provide you with the best-in-the-house contemporary style sets.
  • With their focus on modern and futuristic clothing, Priceless will fill your wardrobe with the most unique and iconic styles.
  • Priceless has seasonal discounts that make it a dessert for shopaholics.
  • Their simplistic and classy designs are all you need.

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Your Wardrobe Stylishing Guide

Here, we have covered nine online stores like Vici that deliver unique and affordable wardrobe collections. Boutiques like Vici, though hard to search for, bring a whole new piece of womanhood through style and elegance.wadrobe styling guides

Now that we have covered stores like Vici, let’s consider the factors to consider while shopping online.

Factors to consider while buying from online stores

There are many factors that a fashionista will have on their mind while buying a new dress. There are many factors, such as price, style, appearance, delivery, material, etc. Everyone is a fashionista. Here, you will find factors to consider while buying from online stores like Vici Dolls:buying


  • When buying new apparel, price is a crucial factor to consider. The best way to invest in fashion is to research the style you are looking for and the different stores that provide it.
  • After finding stops like Vic, compare their prices to find the best buy.

Shipping Cost

  • While buying, shipping costs change from country to country and state to state. Prices will rise due to added shipping costs.
  • Options for free shipping are also available based on the amount of shopping you have done and the store.

Product Description

  • The product description gives you an idea of what the product is, how much it costs, its care, and much more.
  • Reading product descriptions will comfort you while considering buying a new dress.

Product Review

  • Product reviews are from customers of the store. They share their views on the product after using or receiving it.
  • A product review will help you decide whether to buy from a particular store or find another store.

Return and Refund Policy

  • Return and refund policies are different in terms and practice.
  • A return policy is a policy that permits you to return the product and receive another in place of the old one.
  • A refund policy is a policy that gives your money back for a product that was either faulty or had issues.
  • Every online store has its own return and refund policy.


Where will I find shops like Vici online for chic styling?

Stores like Vici that supply the most chic styling at affordable prices are listed above. More can be found in our articles.

What are the starting prices of clothing at the stores described above?

Clothing, accessories, and dresses start at $50 and rise to $200.

What checklist should I check while buying apparel?

Some items on your checklist should include price, reviews, quality, and style.

What are the essential factors when buying from online stores?

Many factors need to be considered when shopping at online stores like Vici. Before buying, know the style, price, reviews and quality of the product.


Fashion is a ceaseless form of expression. And it will continue to change and evolve. Stores like Vici will bring out their unique styles. The stores discussed above flaunt their style. Some are modern, while others are bohemian.

Some use a tattered style, while others use sequins.

Never stop looking for fashion that speaks to you. Stores like Vici will bring new styles, and fashionistas will always find ways to express themselves through fashion.

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