Roolee is a family-run women’s clothing brand situated in Logan, Utah. A family of sisters inspires Roolee to spread love among women through Clothing, home decor, and accessories. What makes Roolee stand out is its boho-chic minimalist style. Stores like Roolee are inspired to spread love through their creative products.

Here is a list of Top 10 stores like Roolee that will uplift you with love:

  1. Called to Surf 
  2. Piper & Scoot
  3. Bella Ella Boutique
  4. MikaRose Clothing 
  5. Nest Style & Design
  6. Bohme 
  7. Sweet Salt Clothing 
  8. Love Olive Co.
  9. Shabby Apple
  10. Neesee’s Dresses

As you read along, you will find shops like Roolee and websites like Roolee that will fit your Boho-Chic styling.

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Why do people love shopping at Roolee’s?

Roolee’s store sends out a vibe of familiarity and love. And people certainly attract these vibes. Roolee’s excellent designs and made-with-love-and-care apparel do the same. Their boho-chic styles are elegant with dreamy, wavy, and flowy-styled dresses. roolee

Their designs are one of the reasons that people are attracted to Roolee. Many more reasons, such as trendy fashion, quality of the clothes, ethical practices, inclusive sizes, and personalized shopping experience, add to the brand image of Roolee.

Top 10 stores like Roolee

Called to Surf

The Vibe: Elegant and Stylish

Called to Surf by Gary Brassfield and his wife, Roxanne, represents the spirit of coastal living. Called to Surf was founded in 2003, giving birth to their collection of elegant and chic apparel, boots, home decor, and dresses. called

Though you will find many options to shop from, Called to Surf’s best art is seen in their floral dresses and sophisticated boots. A vibrant and swift design of clothes undoubtedly portrays their slogan: empowering women.

Visit: Called to Surf: Women’s Clothing Boutique for All Occasions

Piper & Scoot

The Vibe: Old-School

Piper and Scoot, founded in 2012, is a women’s clothing fashion brand. Celebrating all sizes of women and all occasions you may experience. Piper and Scoot are making womanhood experiences fashionable and contemporary.piper

Through her pregnancy experience, Kaylee Middleton and her husband, Nathan Middleton, the founders, were inspired to make women’s Clothing comfortable, stylish, and cut, and are a perfect matchfor stores like roolee.scoot

Piper and Scoot’s best sellers include boho dresses, boots, and bottoms. Their effortless designs are made of vibrant and happy colors enhanced with floral prints. Buying from Piper and Scoot will bring you joy if you want effortless style and cultural designs.

Visit: Piper & Scoot | Women’s Clothing: Dresses, Jumpsuits, Shoes

Bella Ella Boutique

The Vibe: Stylish and Modern

There are no words to describe the catalog of Bella Ella Boutique. Stores like Roolee are hard to find. But Bella Ella’s record sure makes a bold and beautiful statement. bella ella

Bella Ella Boutique was founded in 2010 by Alisha Merrill. With her aim to support her family and deliver comfortable and quality women’s Clothing, Alisha Merrill started Bella Ella Boutique. You will find the most elegant and fashionable dresses at Bella Ella Boutique at affordable prices. You can also look for retailers that offer affordable fashion in stores like JCPenney.


Bella Ella Boutique’s unique pricing, inclusive sizing, and diverse clothing selection make Bella Ella Clothing a must-go shop.

Visit: Bella Ella Boutique: Online Boutique Clothing for Women

MikaRose Clothing

The Vibe: Cozy and Stylish

MikaRose Clothing was founded by Michaella Lawson in 2009. MikaRose Clothing displays feminine style and sophistication. Its cozy and straightforward designs highlight the feminine side of womanhood. mika

MikaRose Clothing’ dresses are casual, elegant, smooth, and stylish. You look for them when you want to look rich and be different from the crowd. The dresses are made with floral designs, with various hue options. Their plain and simple designs are as sophisticated as their floral dresses.

Visit: Mikarose Clothing

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Nest Style & Design

The Vibe: Classy

Nest Style & Design, founded in 2014 by Brittany Allen, inspires women’s upliftment by providing classy and bohemian-styled wardrobe and home decor—the team of women crafts beautiful, monochromatic beige collections. nest style

If you want to class up your house with some of the most classy styles and bohemian fashioned, Nest Style & Design will provide you with good products. style

Their collection does not only cover long dresses, bottoms, tee shirts, cardigans, and sweaters, but their family and holiday collection will spice up your time with your loved ones.

Visit: Nest Style & Design: Women’s Clothes & Home Decor


The Vibe: Chic and Contemporary

Vivien and Fernanda Bohme founded Bohme. Vivien, with a business mind, and Fernando, with a creative mind, created Bohme as a brand that encourages you to style the way you like. bohme

Bohme’s stylist clothes will make you feel confident in your style. Their bohemian style mixed with contemporary style displays confidence and chic styling, and are perfect for stores like roolee.bohmee

They have simple yet modern tops, bottoms, and dresses that are something to buy. Whether you are looking for everyday or occasions, Bohme will provide the best fashionable apparel, boots, and clothing items.

Visit: Bohme | Shop Our Curated Collections

Sweet Salt Clothing

The Vibe: Country

Sweet Salt Clothing was founded by a group of women in 2006, aiming to provide modest clothing options for women. salt

If you are looking for rich and elegant colors or checkered designs with uniquely put colors, then Sweet Salt Clothing’s collection of dresses and tops is the right choice. sweet

With an independent and personalized size chart to shop from, Sweet Salt Clothing can fill everyone’s wardrobe with affordable and stylish clothes.

Visit: Sweet Salt Clothing: Modest Clothing for Women

Love Olive Co.

The Vibe: Exquisite and Pretty

Love Olive Co. was founded by Stephanie Tarnasky. Love Olive Co. is headquartered in the United States in Rexburg, Idaho. Since its start, Love Olive Co. has grown and established other branches in Idaho, Arizona, and

Love Olive Co.’s simple yet attractive wardrobe collection makes it stand out in the bohemian style. Whether you are looking for jeans, dresses, or sweaters, you will undoubtedly find them here. love olive

With so many prints and qualities to buy, Love Olive truly creates apparel made from love.

Visit: Love Olive Co | Women’s Clothing | Boutique Clothing

Shabby Apple

The Vibe: Vintage Modern

Shabby Apple was founded in 2006 by Emily McCormick. Planted in Idaho, Shabby Apple’s wardrobe collection sends the vibe of vintage and modern Clothing. shabby

Primarily focused on one-piece outfits, Shabby Apple will provide you with an attractive retro-contemporary styled wardrobe. You can look for stores like American Eagle that will change your style. You will find a massive collection of one-pieces with magical, attractive polka-dots and many vintage designs.

Visit: Shabby Apple – Dresses Online, Dresses for Women

NeeSee’s Dresses

The Vibe: Homely and Modest

Denise Payne founded NeeSee’s Dresses to deliver attractive, homely dresses, tops, skirts, and bottoms. NeeSee’s Dresses make modest designs look attractive.neesee

With a massive option of Clothing to buy from and plans to look at, NeeSee’s Dresses will fill your wardrobe with affordable and fashionable Clothing. They are updating their new dresses and apparel every time with countless design options to buy.

Visit: NeeSee’s Dresses: Modest Dresses | Church Dresses

Factors to consider when looking for stores like Roolee

Brands like Roolee update their collection with trendy and attractive designs. But there are many stores like Clad and Cloth with the same idea.

Here, you will find the factors to consider while choosing a store like Roolee.

Style and Fashion Trends

Fashion changes as the years pass by. With unconventional experimentation and contemporary style constantly evolving, there are millions of trends to choose from. fashion

As fashion evolves, so does style. How you portray yourself never changes, but what you wear and how you wear changes. So, while considering stores like Roolee to buy from, always consider the store’s fashion trend and if it suits your style.

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Price Range and Affordability

No matter what anyone says, with evolving fashion trends, the prices of your dresses in your wardrobe will rise. money

And with numerous brands taking place, various price ranges are available to buy from.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

So, you have found your style and brands that deliver the items at affordable prices. For budget shopping, look for online stores like Marshalls. You are looking at the shops and thinking, “How will I know the quality of the dress?”customer satisfaction

When you are buying apparel, customer reviews are what will help you decide. Reviews from customers will help you when you are buying from a particular brand. The brand’s quality is the quality of the dresses, their customer care response, and values. customizing browser

The reputation of any brand will also do the same. It will tell you if people believe in the brand. And if you should too.

Shipping and Returns

Everything is sorted out. Now, you have to order your selected items. You are getting excited to buy your style finally under stores like roolee.

Before buying, though, there’s a final step that one must take. Shipping and returns will ensure you get a better service from the brand.shipping return

Shipping and returns may sound like a tedious task to look at. But it will come in handy on various occasions.

  • Such as re-ordering a dress if it was delivered wrong. 
  • Returning the dress because it does not fit your style. 
  • Or getting compensated for incorrect delivery.


Many points in shipping and returns can aid you while returning, buying, or getting compensation from the brand.


Is Roolee a boho-styled clothing brand?

Yes. Roolee supplies and delivers accessories, apparel, and footwear styled in bohemian fashion.

Are stores like Roolee worth buying?

Diversifying your shopping brands provides you with a better-trending wardrobe. And buying from stores like Roolee is worth trying.

Is the Bohemian style still in trend?

Yes. Many people are adopting the bohemian style. Due to its comfort, fashion, and the freedom to covey your style, it has attracted many people to change to bohemian style

What are some of the factors to consider when buying from a bohemian-styled store?

A few factors to look at while investing in a bohemian style are: Your style. Brand's persona. Quality and price.


Bohemian style is changing as the world is changing. And many brands are adopting this new change and mixing contemporary with boho-chic—or modern and vintage with bohemian.

Many alternatives match the Bohemian style. The top 10 stores, like Roolee discussed above, will deliver attractive, classy, bohemian-chic-styled Clothing. Also, Becoming a trendsetter is what every fashionista wants, so you can try out the collection of Pinklce and other stores like Pinklce to buy some really cool, trendy pieces.

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