Are you looking for durable gear for hiking, camping, or outdoor activities but want stores like Lands’ End? Then you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore 10 top retailers similar to Lands’ End, known for their high quality, lifetime-warranted outdoor equipment.

These popular retailers – Eddie Bauer, Sears, LL Bean, Kmart, J Crew, Old Navy, Talbots, Patagonia, The North Face, and Brooks Brothers – each offer durable outdoor clothing and gear comparable to Lands’ End while providing more variety in styles, products, or price points depending on customer needs. To know more about these stores like Lands’ End, keep reading.

Lands’ End is a popular clothing store. It sells clothes for the whole family. Many people like Lands’ End clothes. But some want new options, too. Other stores now give more choice. Customers wish to wear comfortable garments at good prices. They also like styles that fit their active lives and the weather in the place where they live.

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Top Stores Like Lands’ End for Quality Outdoor Gear

Let us look at some of the best top stores, like Lands’ End, for quality outdoor gear.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is one of the many stores for clothes like Lands’ End. It started a long time ago, in 1920. In the early days, they made coats for cold weather like snow. Now, they sell many things for men, women, and kids. Eddie Bauer has clothes for cold weather like Lands’ End. They have coats, jackets, and warm pants. Eddie Bauer’s clothes are tough and last a long time. The quality is good even after washing lots of times.eddie baur

Like Lands’ End, Eddie Bauer has basic styles. But Eddie Bauer also has more fun styles. You can find clothes with pictures of animals or in bright colours. They have these for men, women, and kids. Lands’ End has fewer choices of styles. Most of their clothes are simple colours like navy, grey or green. Eddie Bauer has more options if you want something more colourful or playful looks.stores like eddie bauer

Lands’ End focuses on basics only, like tees and jeans. Eddie Bauer offers more than just clothes, too. You can buy outdoor gear from them. This includes tents, sleeping bags, and hiking boots. You won’t find these things at Lands’ End. Both stores are good for comfortable clothes. But between Lands’ End and Eddie Bauer, Eddie Bauer has more variety in styles, colours, and products beyond apparel. They give customers more choices if they want clothes and gear for camping or outdoor activities. For colourful fashion, explore stores like Rainbow.

Visit: For over 100 years, Eddie Bauer has made apparel, footwear, and gear to inspire and enable you to Live Your Adventure


Sears is a big store that has been around for a long time. This is one of the best stores like Lands’ End. It started selling things by mail order catalogue over 100 years ago. Now, Sears has stores nationwide where you can find many products. Like Lands’ End, Sears sells clothes for men, women and children.sears

They offer basic styles that are comfortable in different types of weather. You can buy tops, bottoms, coats, and more at Sears. But Sears has a lot more than just clothes, too. You can find home appliances, tools, toys, and car parts at Sears. Some Sears stores even have a section for mechanic and auto repair services. You won’t need help finding these other products at Lands’ End, which only focuses on clothing and home items.sear

Sears makes it easy to find everything your family needs in one place. You don’t have to go to multiple stores at Sears. You can buy school clothes, fix your refrigerator, and pick up a new bike on the same visit! The large variety makes Sears a good alternative to only shopping at Lands’ End. Sears offers basic clothing and gives customers access to other products for their homes, cars, and activities. Shopping at Sears is very convenient when you need different things all together.

Visit: Shop Sears for appliances, tools, clothing, mattresses & more.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is one of the most well-known and trusted outdoor clothing and gear brands. Like Lands’ End, these stores were founded in 1912 in Maine. L.L. Bean started as a humble operation making and selling durable boots and shoes for fishermen and hunters in the harsh New England climate.ll bean

Over a century later, their catalogue has expanded to include various quality clothing, bags, and equipment for various outdoor activities. Whether hiking mountains, paddling lakes, or just enjoying the outdoors closer to home, L.L. Bean has everything you need, from comfortable clothes to durable tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks.ll bean

Some of their bestsellers include classic duck boots, flannel shirts, casual pants, fleece jackets, and hiking footwear. Made from tough yet comfortable fabrics, L.L. Bean gear is built to last through multiple seasons of use. Their renowned lifetime satisfaction guarantee also means you can return anything for any reason if it doesn’t work out. llbean

While still headquartered in Maine, today, L.L. Bean ships worldwide with over 200 stores across the U.S. and a strong online business. Their trusted reputation for durable, American-made clothing and gear has earned them fans around the globe. Whether you’re a hardcore outdoorsman or enjoy casual country style, L.L. Bean’s quality products make them a go-to for outfitting your life outside. For casual wear, you can also explore Stores Like Windsor.

Visit: L.L.Bean – The Outside Is Inside Everything We Make


Kmart is one of America’s biggest discount retailers, offering good prices on everything from clothes and shoes to home goods, toys, and electronics. With over 300 stores nationwide, Kmart makes finding quality items for your home or family easy without breaking the bank.kmart

Shoppers will find a wide selection of low-cost clothing essentials at Lands’ End competitors, including kids’ outfits, socks, underwear, and basic t-shirts and jeans for the whole family. The store is also known for affordable home decor like bed sheets, towels, and kitchen supplies. Whether outfitting a new home or just restocking essentials, Kmart has what you need at prices that fit most budgets.kmart store

In particular, Kmart’s private clothing brands offer discounted alternatives to higher-end labels like Lands’ End. Their Jaclyn Smith and Stride Rite lines provide stylish, classic pieces – like blouses, sweaters, slacks, and activewear – at a fraction of the price of top retailers. Parents will also find good value in Kmart school uniforms, winter coats, and sports gear.kmart shop

With an emphasis on quality basics at low prices, Kmart proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to outfit your home and family. It’s an easy one-stop shop for everyday essentials without the premium price tag of stores like Lands’ End. For more everyday essentials, check out stores like Eddie Bauer.

Visit: Kmart – Deals on Furniture, Toys, Clothes, Tools, Tablets & TVs

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J Crew

J Crew is a premier American retailer of casual chic clothing and accessories. Since 1983, they’ve outfit stylish men, women, and children with classic, premium basics designed to layer, mix, and match. Shoppers will find a curated selection of sophisticated yet understated styles at J Crew, ranging from soft sweaters, blazers, and pants to polished dresses and skirts.j crew

Fabric quality is top-notch, using fine cotton, linens, cashmere, and merino wool. Even staple items like tees and button-downs are cut with meticulous detail. While price points are higher than mall brands, this store, similar to Lands’ End, offers impeccable construction and designs for years of wear. Price-wise, expect a premium compared to Lands’ End but get superior fit, fabric, and styling. For example, a $80 cashmere sweater or $150 leather bag from J Crew will outlast several cheaper versions.jcrew

Quality and investment dressing need not be uncomfortable thanks to perfected silhouettes and resilient fabrics. J Crew is beloved for creating classic wardrobe staples with enduring value—ideal for special occasions or developing a lifetime capsule closet. Their catalogues showcase crisp, updated Americana styles to polish any look instantly.

Visit: J.Crew: Clothes, Shoes & Accessories For Women, Men & Kids

Old Navy

Old Navy has been a go-to for affordable, on-trend family fashions since 1994. With over 1000 stores across the U.S. and globally, they make stylish clothing incredibly accessible whether shopping for yourself or your little ones. Old Navy has everything from denim to dresses, activewear to accessories. Check this out for more alternate and trendy fashion in stores like Pull and Bear.

old navy

Their price point allows households of all sizes to refresh seasonal wardrobes. Shoppers will find all the latest looks and formats—from flowy sun dresses and cargo shorts to matching family tees. And because new merchandise arrives daily, it’s easy to mix updated neutrals with bold prints and colors on a budget.old navy

Old Navy rivals similar to Lands’ End with huge assortments of basics for work, weekends, and play. Quality also remains consistent whether you’re looking at kids’ leggings or women’s loungewear. With such variety at low prices, it’s no wonder entire families rely on Old Navy for every outfitting need.

Visit: Old Navy | Shop the Latest Fashion for the Whole Family

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For over 60 years, Talbots has been a premier retail destination for sophisticated working women. Located nationwide, Talbots clients find elegant separates, blazers, dresses, and accessories with classic East Coast style. Fabrics and silhouettes trend feminine without veering frumpy—think crisp cotton blouses, perfectly cut trousers, and cosy knits embellished just so.talbots

Even wardrobe staples like shirts and blazers exhibit superb craftsmanship using fine materials. Signature fragrances and home goods allow clients to import that polished New England aesthetic into their lifestyle. While price points sit above Lands’ End, Talbots is an affordable alternative for professionals seeking polished investment pieces. Their look appeals to any woman seeking elegant, versatile pieces suited to work and beyond—all presented in a Talbots boutique’s upscale experience.

Visit: Talbots: Women’s Clothing & Apparel


Patagonia set the gold standard for rugged, eco-conscious outdoor apparel since 1973. Headquartered in Ventura, California, they design supremely functional gear for mountain and desert adventures.patagonia

Shoppers will find Hardy, weatherproof fleece, as well as lightweight and packable down jackets retaining warmth even when soaked. Their pants and shirts for climbing, skiing, and hiking boast the most durable fabrics. Tested to withstand harsh conditions almost anywhere on Earth, Patagonia jackets stand out with lifetime guarantees, recognizing quality items minimally impacting the planet.patagonia

While Patagonia’s price points exceed Lands’ End, clients appreciate outfitting themselves and the environment with the best lifetime gear. No other company so perfectly blends top-tier performance, unparalleled comfort, and responsible materials plus manufacturing. Whether conquering peaks or playing outside, Patagonia takes outdoors lovers from first steps to expert levels in a sustainable style.

Visit: Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear

The North Face

The North Face has set industry standards for energetic outdoor enthusiasts since 1966. Known worldwide, the brand provides jackets, pants, boots, and daypacks for mountain pursuits of all intensities. It is one of the stores like Lands’ End that you can look forward to.the north face

Styles ranked among outdoor fans as the most technical and trusted for hiking lengthy trails, climbing icy routes, and trekking unknown terrain. Like lesser brands, their waterproof and insulated sleeves guard against extreme downpours and winds without hindering dexterity. North Face apparel also expertly wicks moisture and regulates body temperatures, whether clients are on the move for hours or stationery.the north face

While retail prices sit above Lands’ End, The North Face proves a worthwhile investment for serious recreationists or professionals. Their gear withstands abusive conditions while protecting valued clients, making them a preferred outfitter by top guides, rescue teams, and outdoor athletes worldwide.

Visit: The North Face® Outdoor Clothing & Gear

Brooks Brothers

Since opening its Golden Fleece shop in New York in 1818, Brooks Brothers has defined classic American menswear for generations. As the nation’s oldest clothier, they’ve outfitted U.S. presidents, aristocrats, and every day gentlemen with timeless styles appropriate for all occasions. This is one of the finest brands like Lands’ End. Under the new creative director, the retailer has evolved their full catalogue of button-downs, blazers, trousers, and sweaters to feel modern while retaining tradition.brooks brothers

Clients still find wrinkle-resistant cotton, luxurious merino wool, and durable construction synonymous with Brooks Brothers quality – but with a youthful twist through tailored athleisure and on-trend travel gear. While priced above Lands’ End, Brooks Brothers proves worth it for any man desiring polished professional attire or effortlessly preppy weekend styles.brooks brothers shop

Private labels Red Fleece and Brooks Brothers Red furnish versatile wardrobe essentials at affordable tiers. Quality remains consistent regardless of cost, as the company maintains meticulous standards through 300 international outposts and counting. Whether needing formalwear, office pieces, or going casual, Brooks Brothers’ versatility allows clients to build the classic closet of a lifetime without following trends. Their look sets the timeless benchmark for East Coast elegance, making it a top shop for sophisticated style alternatives to Lands’ End. So that’s all in stores like Lands’ End.

Visit: Luxury Clothing: Shirts, Suits & More | Brooks Brothers

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What are Lands’ End’s most popular items?

Some of their best sellers include fleece jackets, down coats, hiking pants, performance polos, and technical t-shirts. Their flagship canvas totes and duffle bags are also consistently top picks.

How does Lands’ End sizing run?

Lands’ End is known for true-to-size fits that aren’t overly slim or baggy. However, some styles may run slightly large or small, so check individual item details and reviews when choosing your size.

Does Lands’ End have outdoor gear for women?

Yes, Lands’ End has a dedicated women’s outdoor collection in addition to men’s styles. Look for jackets, layers, and pants in feminine cuts, along with performance basics like tops and leggings.

What payment and shipping options are available?

Lands’ End accepts major credit cards, PayPal, financing, and gift cards. Standard shipping is free for orders exceeding $50. Expedited and international shipping options are also made available for an additional fee.


Stores like Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, Brook Brothers, Patagonia, and others mentioned in this article offer high-quality essentials for work and play. Depending on one’s budget and specific needs, various alternatives may suit lifestyle and activities better. Ultimately, considering personal style, climate, and intended use makes the best compatible brand choice clear!

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