Are you searching for affordable and name-brand clothing, home goods, electronics, and more but want options beyond just shopping at Kohl’s? Then, you’ll want to check out these 8 stores like Kohl’s that make budget-friendly shopping a breeze.

Some stores like Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, JCPenney, Nordstrom, Amazon, Sears, Walmart, and Stein Mart aim to meet family shopping needs for clothing, home goods, toys, and more at competitive prices. To know more about these stores like Kohl’s, keep on reading.

Kohl’s is a nationwide department store chain offering clothing, home goods, and more. Shoppers can find major brands and Kohl’s private labels. The store is affordable and convenient for everyday needs. However, comparing Kohl’s to other stores may reveal new favourite items, better deals, or reward programs. It’s wise to explore options to get the best value. Let us see what other stores like Kohl’s are.

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Why Look for Stores Like Kohl’s?

While Kohl’s is great for the basics, looking at some comparable retailers can uncover even more options. Different stores specialize in certain fashion categories, styles, brands, and price points. You may find that another shop has an even better selection of brands you love or the latest on-trend pieces at a price you didn’t know existed. Sometimes, it just takes browsing their website or swinging by to discover new looks you never knew you needed!kohl's

Expanding your shopping horizons also means you’re more likely to take advantage of sales and deals. Stores often offer special promotions, clearances, coupons, or rewards programs that Kohl’s doesn’t match. Considering stores similar to Kohl’s could help stretch your dollars further. You never know when another store may offer the rare combo of top brands and steep discounts.kohls

Stepping outside your comfort zone is also a good way to experiment with your look without a big commitment. Trying new styles, cuts, or trends at various retailers lets you find your fashion personality without breaking the bank if something needs to be corrected. You might surprise yourself! The more places you check out, the more your closet will feel inspired. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and browse – you might find new favorite stores like Kohl’s.

Top Stores Similar to Kohl’s

Let us look at some of the top stores similar to Kohl’s.


Target is a top retailer for finding fashion, home goods, and more in a similar price range to Kohl’s. It is one of the stores like Kohl’s. It has a fun, on-trend assortment with a heavy focus on exclusive in-house brands and collaborations. Their designer partnerships are constantly changing the styles but usually come in at lower price points than other stores. Target also carries major national brands and is known for frequent clearance

While Target may not have the depth of Levi’s, Nike, or Ralph Lauren found at Kohl’s, Target lines like Goodfellow, Stars Above, and collaborations with names like Hunter, Levi’s, and Vineyard Vines offer stylish options at a mini discount. Items tend to move quickly, so check early and often if you have your eye on something specific. Online and same-day services like drive-up fulfillment add to the convenience factor that shoppers love.

Visit: Target : Expect More. Pay Less.


Macy’s is the iconic department store that still packs a punch despite losing some popularity in recent years. It is one of the best store like Kohl’s. Macy’s carries many brands in most categories, especially higher-end names like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Michael Kors. Their seasonal collections and exclusive partnerships keep things fresh. Loyalty program members also get generous rewards and offers not seen at other department

Macy’s is known for dressing whole families with big-name designers at prices lower than boutiques or shopping straight from brand websites. National brands fill out the base, but customers keep returning for made-for-Macy’s collections and partnership lines. Sales and coupon offers provide deeper discounts than Kohl’s promotional prices. With flagship stores in major cities and an impressive online assortment, Macy’s experience still stands out from competitors.

Visit: Macy’s – Shop Fashion Clothing & Accessories – Official Site


JCPenney has anchored American malls for over a century since its founding in 1902. It established itself as a dependable store for middle-income families seeking quality basics and workwear. JCPenney still offers versatile clothing, accessories, home goods, fine jewellery from major brands, and private labels.stores like jcpenney

Customers familiar with Kohl’s will notice many of the same mainstream brands and JCPenney exclusives at competitive prices. Both retailers aim to be one-stop shops. However, JCPenney leans heavier into apparel while Kohl’s devotes more space to housewares and toys. Shoppers will also find JCPenney organized into “shops” of similar items, making navigating categories intuitive. Explore more stores like JCPenney for affordable fashion.

Visit: JCPenney: Clothing, Bed & Bath, Home Decor, Jewelry


Nordstrom is renowned for its high-end department store experience, with over 300 locations nationwide. While prices are generally higher than Kohl’s, Nordstrom stocks a wider selection of luxury apparel and beauty brands for special occasions or investment pieces. Customers especially rely on Nordstrom for designer denim, shoes, handbags, and outerwear.nordstorm

Nordstrom also stands out for its top-notch customer service from sales associates who understand fashion inside and out. Unique benefits include complimentary alterations on all purchases with this option as stores like Kohl’s. Loyalty members receive early access to sales and special perks not seen elsewhere. The site is optimized for high-end browsing and fulfilment. Only some retailers match Nordstrom’s level of service.

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Amazon has grown from an online bookseller into a global retail juggernaut offering virtually any product category imaginable. Customers today rely on Amazon as much for paper towels, toys, and tech accessories as for streaming media and smart home devices. With Amazon Prime membership comes ultra-fast shipping, video, and music perks, and convenient services like Subscribe &

Perhaps most importantly, Amazon has revolutionized customer expectations around fast, flawless fulfilment and support. Things Kohl’s shoppers appreciate, like free returns, are table stakes for Amazon. Shoppers also value the ability to read reviews from millions of other customers before buying. Few can rival Amazon when it comes to both selection and customer care. The brand has shaken up retail but also raised the bar for competitors.

Visit: Spend less. Smile more.


Sears once dominated American malls much like Amazon does retail today, with iconic catalogs and stores stocking appliances, tools, and apparel. Even now, Sears and Kohl’s court similar mid-range customers are seeking workwear, kitchen essentials, tools, and seasonally adjusted clothing. Both emphasize trusted brands along with private labels.sears

However, a streamlined focus has helped Kohl’s stay relevant as Sears struggled.’s investments and consistent promotional activity engage customers in ways Sears missed. Still, savvy Sears shoppers hunting Kenmore, Craftsman, and DieHard deals find worthwhile bargains absent at Kohl’s. With the redevelopment of some prime real estate, the legacy brand could stage a retail comeback down the line—both retailers court value-conscious customers.

Visit: Sears


With hundreds of stores across America, Walmart has long met families’ everyday needs at unmatched prices. It is one of the stores like Kohl’s. Customers rely on Walmart for pantry stock-ups, seasonal must-haves, tech, and toys – essentially anything needed for life and home. Partnerships yield exclusive Great Value and other labels combined with national for purchasing at walmart

Though Kohl’s focuses on clothing and decor, shoppers appreciative of discounts find Walmart hard to beat on basics. However, Kohl’s tends to capture more fashion-forward customers thanks to brand-name apparel seldom seen at Walmart. Return and loyalty policies also differ – whereas Walmart may beat prices, Kohl’s often considers customers’ satisfaction. Both fight to woo value-conscious Americans.

Visit: Hurry, Walmart holiday savings are here!

Stein Mart

Stein Mart sets itself apart from department store peers, focusing on name-brand fashion up to 60% off daily. Shoppers browse current and past-season apparel, shoes, accessories, and home decor from co veted designers in a boutique setting. Helpful associates guide colourful selections only seen in luxury outlets. For colourful fashion, explore stores like Rainbow.stores like stein mart

Customers pay more attention here than at Kohl’s but get far more for their dollar, thanks to steep clearance prices year-round. Style-minded customers keep Stein Mart on their retail rounds, popping in to update wardrobes with top names for a steal. It proves bargains can be found without sacrificing designer labels or experience.

Visit: Stein Mart | Women’s Clothing, Designer Brands, Home Decor

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Benefits of Diversifying Shopping Options

People often have their favorite go-to stores where they buy everyday essentials, but shopping in only a few places all the time can get stale quickly. By stepping out of one’s comfort zone and exploring new retailers, one opens themselves up to discovering brands and styles they may have never known existed. It also means accessing different deals, promotions, and pricing structures

One remembers the first time they wandered into a discount store to see what it had. There was a whole aisle dedicated to a kind of jeans that we had yet to realize came in different styles. Two pairs were bought in different washes at nearly half the price of the usual brand. Now, discount stores are one of the regular stops to check for hidden gems and

Branching out to stores outside one’s normal route has also uncovered new favorites for some. One now gets kitchen gear and small appliances from a specialty shop because of their excellent customer service and generous return policy. For casual clothing, nothing beats the indie boutiques that support local designers. You never know what inspiration one might find in a place they’ve never been before. For casual wear, you can also explore Stores Like Windsor.cloth

The internet, of course, has made diversifying shopping even easier. With a few clicks, one can peruse websites based worldwide. Many love browsing the inventory of unique online sellers on Etsy and supporting small artisans. For one-of-a-kind gifts, vintage treasures, or hard-to-find ingredients, niche e-boutiques are always worth a look.etsy on pinterest

Broadening one’s shopping horizons presents more opportunities to get good deals, find new brands to love, and enhance the overall retail experience. Stepping out old habits opens one up to pleasant surprises around every corner. So that’s all in stores like Kohl’s.

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Q: Are Kohl's returns and exchanges easy?

A: Yes, Kohl's has a very generous 365-day return policy. Items can be returned or exchanged via mail or in stores without hassle if they are in original saleable condition with tags attached.

Q: Does Kohl's offer any membership rewards?

A: Yes, joining Kohl's Rewards is free. Members earn $5 for every $50 spent and receive personalised coupons, savings events, exclusive pre-sales, and Kohl's Cash rewards on birthdays.

Q: How can I save the most at Kohl's?

A: Stack savings with multiple coupons, cash-back offers, sales events like Black Friday, and online promo codes. Take advantage of Kohl's frequent 30-70% off deals at least monthly and printable coupons from their website.

Q: Does Kohl's price match itself across stores?

A: Yes, if an item is the same but labelled at a different price at another Kohl's, they will match it to the lower in-store price at checkout. Customers need the items and price verification from another location.


Kohl’s and stores like it offer shoppers a wide range of affordable stores like Kohl’s to fill their closets and redecorate their homes on a dime. By checking weekly ads for doorbuster deals and using generous coupons and membership discounts, savvy consumers can score high-quality brands for a steal. Whether shopping for the family, home furnishings, or treats for oneself, these budget-friendly retailers deserve a place in everyone’s shopping rotation. Pier 1 is also one of the stores where you can buy clothes and home decor at a very reasonable price. Despite this store, there are also many stores like Pier 1 for budget-friendly shopping. Also, if you have a pull for Edgy fashion, you should definitely have a look at the collection I Am Gia and other stores like I Am Giato get some really eye-catching pieces.

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