Are you wondering where you can shop for fun kids’ fashions on a budget, like at Justice? Then, keep reading to find stores like Justice that blend stylish picks with affordable price tags just right for your mini trendsetter!

Top alternatives to Justice kids stores for trendy kids clothing include Claire’s, H&M, Aeropostale, JCPenney, Gap, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, and Roxy. To know about these alternatives to Justice, keep on reading.

While Justice will always have its loyal fans, many parents are seeking new options for fun, on-trend kids’ apparel beyond the typical big box chains. With the rise of fast fashion, keeping up with ever-changing styles can be exhausting. It’s easy to feel like kids constantly outgrow their wardrobes before clothes can be worn. Thankfully, several indie boutiques have popped up online and in communities nationwide, offering fresher takes on children’s fashion. Let us look at more stores like Justice for trendy kids’ clothing.

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Why Look for Stores Like Justice?

Kids’ styles are always changing, and keeping up with the latest fads is hard. Some trends may already be passed by the time you get to the big stores. Little girls especially like to pick their looks and feel special. With so many cute boutiques around now, there’s more chance of finding unique pieces they love.justice

It’s also nice to have options beyond just shopping in one place. Twins might like different things, or a mood can change fast! Bigger stores don’t always carry smaller sizes, either. Multiple local shops give more flexibility to find just the right fit.

Kids this age want to express their personalities, too. Not everything has to be the same logo or colour that friends wear. Small stores let kids explore styles that feel more “them,” whether frills, sneakers or accessories. The variety helps moms and daughters bond, doing something fun together while staying on trend. It’s healthy to have a balance!

Overall, checking out different clothing stores besides the big ones keeps tween fashion exciting and opens up new looks they’ll feel confident in.

Top Stores Similar to Justice

Here are some top alternative stores like Justice for Tweens:


 Claire’s is a great option for trendy accessories. Unlike Justice’s focus on apparel, Claire’s excels in jewellery, makeup, bags, and hair accessories. From fun hair clips to layered necklaces, Claire’s has your tween’s accessorizing needs covered. clairesThey offer new trends at affordable prices between $5-$30. Claire’s also has seasonal collections featuring characters from popular shows and movies. Styles change weekly so tweens can express their unique personalities. Both fashionable and affordable, Claire’s is a top choice when your teen wants to accessorize their outfit. With over 3,000 stores globally, Claire’s is highly accessible as well.

Visit: Claire’s


H&M is known worldwide for on-trend apparel at low prices and is one of the best alternate Justice store for Tweens. Their kid’s line offers all the latest styles between $5-$20. H&M works with Disney, Barbie and other top brands to create exclusive lines your tween will adore. From slogan tees and jeans to rompers and dresses, H&M has versatile pieces for any They consistently have sizes for tweens through their tween line upstairs in select stores. H&M also focuses on sustainability with organic and recycled materials in collections. With constant new arrivals, H&M ensures your tween’s closet never lacks fun, on-trend looks.

Visit: H&M


Aeropostale is perfect for laidback, athleisure styles. Outfits here are comfortable yet on-trend, priced from $15-$50. Aeropostale creates exclusive graphic tees, leggings, and hoodies featuring popular characters, musical artists, and skate brands. Jeans come in a variety of washes and fits. The brand promotes female empowerment with inspirational graphic tees, too. aeroAeropostale offers frequent sales and has fun limited-edition collections your tween will surely adore. With styles your tween will feel confident in, Aeropostale is a top store for trendy, affordable basics and graphics.

Visit: Aeropostale 


 JCPenney is a great one-stop shop with a wide variety. Here, you’ll find trendy styles alongside classics. This alternative to Justice clothing for Tweens is one of the finest choices. Their in-house junior’s line is jam-packed with apparel and accessories priced around $10-$30. JCPenney also carries top brands like Nike and Levi’s.penneyjc New drops happen weekly, so you never miss out on trends. JCPenney makes shopping easy with frequent sales and coupon codes. They offer a large range of sizes too. With everything from party dresses to athleisurewear, JCPenney is perfect for affordably stocking up your tween’s closet. Explore more stores like JCPenney for affordable fashion.

Visit:  JCPenney 


Known worldwide for denim and staples, Gap has an excellent junior line. Gap’s quality is renowned, yet prices between $15-$50 remain affordable. They offer the latest styles in jeans, graphic tees, sweaters, and more. Gap dresses it up with rompers, skirts, and accessories, too. As a leading sustainable brand, Gap uses organic cotton and recycles materials. gapThey have inclusive sizing as well. Gap mixes trends with classics, so styles your tween will wear repeatedly. For versatility and lasting pieces, Gap is a top choice. With new drops weekly online and in select stores, Gap ensures you always take advantage of must-have looks. Check out stores like GAP for your everyday wear needs.

Visit: Gap


Kohls is all about selection at value prices. Their junior’s section, stretching from sizes XS to XL, has everything from loungewear to party dresses priced around $10-$30. Top brands like Nike, Levi’s, JP, and Cynthia Rowley also call Kohls home. Kohls carries plus sizes most retailers skip. They take customer choice seriously, too, with new goodies arriving weekly. kholsKohls ensures affordability with generous sales and rewards program member discounts all season. Kohls also gives back through partner brands, making it a great feel-good choice for stocking your tween’s closet anywhere from PJs to date night looks.

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Visit: Kohls

Old Navy 

Old Navy is about trends your tween loves at low prices, under $25. Their large junior’s section caters to sizes XS to XXL. Old Navy has all the graphic tees, athleticwear, and jeans tweens adore from popular brands and in-house lines. old navyStyles get refreshed regularly, so you’re always on-trend. Old Navy lets you dress head to toe with coordinating sets, too. They also give back through their brands. Old Navy is perfect when you want your tween looking and feeling their best without breaking the bank.

Visit: Old Navy 


Target is a fantastic store for trendy tween clothes similar to Justice. For around 20 years, Target has invested heavily in its in-house fashion brands like Cat & Jack and Universal Thread. These brands offer stylish yet affordable clothing, accessories, and more for kids, toddlers, and tweens. At Target, you will find top favourites like dresses, denim, activewear, pyjamas, etc., from $10 to $50. Along with apparel, Target is a one-stop shop for other needs like beauty, toys, and home It often runs deals and has an excellent loyalty program for extra savings. Target ensures quick shipping and free returns within 90 days, both in-store and online. Its trendy styles and budget-friendly prices make Target a suitable alternative to Justice.

Visit: Target 


Roxy is a solid choice for on-trend tween clothing and accessories akin to Justice. Originally a swimwear company, Roxy has expanded into versatile apparel, gear, and accessories for ages 6 to 12. While its signature terry cloth shorts and sweaters start at $40, you can find tees, pants, and more for as low as $20 during sales. Roxy emphasizes comfort and versatility in its sustainable fabric collections. roxy Also popular are its graphic tees and board shorts featuring pop culture references. For outdoor kids, $150 to $250 snow jackets are durable and protective. With new arrivals every month, Roxy ensures tweens discover innovative style solutions at affordable prices like Justice. So that’s all the alternatives to Justice stores for kids. But if you are looking for casual wear, you can also check out Stores Like Windsor for formal and casual wear.

Visit: Roxy

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tween Stores

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing stores for tweens:stores tween

  • Quality: Quality should be a top priority for any kids’ clothing. Choose brands that use eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable practices. Clothes should withstand regular wear and washes. Check for reinforced seams and hems. Brands like Gap, H&M, and Old Navy are good choices.
  • Price: Consider your budget and quality needs. Affordable options start at $10-$30 for basics, while statement pieces go for $50-$100. Stores like Justice, H&M, and Walmart offer great value. Nordstrom and Roxy have slightly higher prices but durable styles. Wait for sales.
  • Ethics: Research if the brand supports good causes. Pick ones promoting diversity, inclusion, and sustainable manufacturing. LEED-certified stores like Target are best. Avoid brands with a history of unfair practices.
  • Shopping Experience: Try in-store for size and fit confidence. Stores like Justice Gap have big selections. For convenience, shops like Amazon deliver styles to your doorstep. Or try omnichannel options like Target Gap with both in-store and online ease.
  • Selection: Find brands with styles appropriate for each age. Justice specializes in current tweens’ fashion. Multi-brand stores like Nordstrom offer variety through curated pieces from top labels.

It’s important to evaluate all factors and select trustworthy stores that meet your kids’ needs and your values. With some research, you can find great options to empower your tweens’ style journey.

Benefits of Diversifying Tween Wardrobe Options

Here are some key benefits of diversifying a tween’s wardrobe options:

  • Encouraging Individual Style: Exposure to different stores and brands gives tweens creative inspiration. They will learn to experiment with cuts, styles, and colours. This boosts confidence and self-expression of their personality. Selections from stores like Justice, H&M, and Old Navy open various style avenues.indivual style
  • Adapting to Changing Trends: Tween fashion evolves rapidly each season. Carrying versatile wardrobe choices across stores like Target and Nordstrom equips them to adapt easily. Carrying season-specific must-haves from Roxy, Aeropostale prepares them for upcoming trends. Following stores on social media helps them stay current.changing trends
  • Ensuring Comfort and Fit: Every child has unique tastes and body types. Exposing them to multiple stores covering various fit materials gives them the right size and comfort level. Trying diverse selections across Kohl’s, Gap, and Justice familiarizes them better with what suits them best. They learn to respect their self-image over trends. Stores with inclusive sizes and styles promote positive body image. But if you are looking for an alternative fashion, check out the stores like Hot Pink.comfort cloth

By shopping consciously across quality tween stores, one empowers them to form authentic style choices. It lifts restrictions to embrace uniqueness. Diversity keeps wardrobes refreshed through life stages. Tweens learn to express creativity in ways that boost individuality and joy. Well-rounded options set them up for confidently navigating their teen years, too!


Does shipping take a long time?

Shipping times vary between stores. Stores like Justice, Target, and Kohl’s usually have standard 5-7 business day shipping for free on orders over $35. H&M Old Navy aim to deliver within five days. However, during busy seasons, there could be 1-2 weeks delays. Make sure to order ahead of any occasion.

What payment methods do they accept?

Most stores accept major credit/debit cards and PayPal and offer pay-later options like Klarna or Afterpay. Stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s also buy gift cards. Amazon is flexible with options like gift card balance, payment upon delivery, etc. Check each store’s website for their accepted payment methods.

Do they have physical store locations?

While some, like Amazon, remain exclusively online, others, like Target, Kohl’s, and Justice, have both online and physical store presence. Stores like Target have over 1800 locations nationwide for easy in-store shopping and pickup. Chains like Kohl’s have about 1100 stores across the US for immediate purchases or quick returns.

Are there educational/school discounts?

Some stores offer student and teacher discounts on specific dates. Target has an occasional 15% off for teachers. Kohl’s often has a promo code 'TEACHER' for 15% off. Nordstrom provides 10-15% student/teacher discounts 2-3 times a year. Always check store websites or ask customer agents for current discount programs.


Stores like Justice are important as they provide tweens options to explore evolving styles. Quality tween brands offer affordable essentials and trendy picks for various ages, sizes, and personalities. They encourage individual expression and creative confidence within budgets. Choosing from diverse yet ethical stores equips tweens to adapt comfortably to fast-changing fashions. And above all, it empowers them to showcase their unique selves confidently!

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