Ready to break out of your basic wardrobe rut in search of some alternative style inspo? This article covers 11 top stores like I Am Gia, known for taking fashion to the edge through exclusive collections featuring edgy textures, graphic prints, and fearless silhouettes. Dive into these places for one-of-a-kind finds to fuel your rebellious fashion spirit!

Top stores like I Am Gia are Jagger and Stone, Fashion Nova, Jaded London, Nasty Gal, Prix, Danielle Guizio, Dolls Kill, Hyein Seo,H.ours by REVOLVE, Maniere de Voir, AND Michael Costello. To know more about these stores, keep on reading.

I Am Gia was a reality television series aired on E! from 2014 to 2017. The show followed the life of Gia Allemand and provided an inside look into her career and personal life as a model and reality TV personality. It gained popularity for portraying fashion industry struggles and Allemand’s connections with fellow Housewives co-stars. The series helped expand Allemand’s fan base and brought more visibility to her modelling work. Let us look at some of the stores like I Am Gia. 

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Why Brands Like I Am Gia Are Gaining Popularity

Brands like I Am Gia have gained immense popularity in recent years due to the growing impact of social media on the fashion world. With most people now connected online, these unfiltered reality shows give fans a glimpse into the real lives of their favourite models and personalities. Viewers feel more connected to the brands as they witness the glamorous successes and emotional vulnerabilities of those involved.i am gia

At the same time, people are increasingly embracing unique pieces that help them express their individuality. Watching shows like I Am Gia exposes audiences to fashion choices outside the norm, from avant-garde designs to pairing unconventional prints and silhouettes. Viewers appreciate finding new styles that feel authentic to their genuine selves rather than rigid conventions. The brands highlighted in these reality programs satisfy the demand for one-of-a-kind apparel options that challenge stereotypes. Their appeal lies in empowering self-expression over following trends.

Top 11 Brands Similar to I Am Gia

Let us look at some of the top brands similar to I Am Gia:

Jagger and Stone

Jagger and Stone is an up-and-coming fashion label making waves in New York. Founded in 2021 by best friends Jenna Jagger and Lola Stone, the brand oozes cool-girl edge with leather jackets, plaid miniskirts, and logo tees. Their edgy aesthetic that isn’t afraid to push boundaries is what sets them apart. From harnesses and corsets worked into everyday outfits to dresses with cut-outs and thigh-high slits, Jagger and Stone taps into consumer interest for daring styles that turn heads. jagger and stone

They leverage social media to showcase their rockstar-inspired designs in campaign photos shot anonymously on city streets. Limited drops create urgency for their exclusives, many selling out within hours. The founders’ authentic flair and passion for self-expression through clothes are attracting a growing cult following. But if you are looking for casual wear, you can also check out look for Stores Like Windsor.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a major online retailer known for trendy styles at affordable prices. Starting in 2006, the brand rose to prominence by tapping into fast fashion demand on Instagram. They strike gold by listening closely to what different influencers and their fans are wearing, then replicating those looks quickly at low costs. This speedy production cycle allows Fashion Nova to churn over a thousand new designs nova

Their categories cover everything from party dresses and matching sets to swimsuits and activewear. Customers love finding on-trend pieces without the hefty price tags of other brands. They launched social campaigns with Cardi B and other major celebs to accelerate notoriety. With a strong online presence across platforms and a dedicated fanbase, Fashion Nova is dominating the affordable apparel market.

Visit: Fashion Nova

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Jaded London is an edgy fashion label in London’s bustling Soho district. Founded in 2010 by twin sisters Olivia and Isabella, the brand radiates gothic glamour with its dark, romantic aesthetic. Think lace mini dresses with high necks, Victorian-inspired blouses in rich jewel tones, and combat boots embellished with buckles or chains.jaded london

Their designs have a distinct rebellious rock vibe with a luxurious twist. Unique textiles like crushed velvet and luxe faux fur tap into growing interest for opulent party looks with an edge. While pushing boundaries, the sisters infuse their pieces with exquisite details – think corseted waists, cut-out accents, and flowy bell sleeves. Jaded London tells compelling stories through mysterious photoshoots in moody settings and export goth clubs to engage their audience. This cult brand appeals to independent fashionistas who are unafraid to stand out from the crowd with their darkly seductive style. Are you looking for an alternative fashion, check out the stores like Hot Pink.

Visit: Jaded London 

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal originated in 2006 in Los Angeles as a vintage clothing store thriving off youthful indie spirit. Since then, the online retail brand pioneered curating trendy yet quirky styles sourced from emerging designers. Their eclectic catalogue is made up of vintage-inspired dresses with floral prints, faux leather leggings, and offbeat graphic tees. Nasty Gal builds intrigue by mixing high and low, pairing high-end designers alongside underground finds.nasty gal store

While social media transformed its discovery, the brand stays true to its roots via employee-curated lookbooks shot carefree around LA. Early partnerships with influencers raised their profile, cementing a loyal following of bold young women proud to express themselves freely. Therefore, they give accessible price points, and Nasty Gal fans appreciate the sense of community and empowerment from repping head-turning pieces with individual flair.

Visit: Nasty Gal


Prix is a sustainably focused ready-to-wear brand based in sunny Southern California. This is one of the finest stores like I Am Gia. Founded in 2021 by recent graduate Priya Dixit, the label aims to provide effortless and timeless wardrobe staples without the environmental damage of fast fashion. Their collection centres around easy breezy maxidresses, cropped tops, and linen trousers – meant to transition seamlessly from day to night. prix

Prix’s use of natural organic textiles like 100% cotton and linen in naturally dyed hues sets it apart. Priya also utilizes zero-waste patterns to minimize fabric scraps. Beyond the ethical materials and production processes, Prix prioritizes inclusivity with extended size ranges and complimentary tailoring. Customers appreciate finding Planet-friendly options that don’t compromise on versatility or style. Therefore, Prix is becoming the go-to for sustainable yet glamorous essentials.

Visit: Prix 

Danielle Guizio

London-based multi-hyphenate Danielle Guizio is making waves in the industry with her eponymous line. As a skilled seamstress since childhood, Danielle launched her brand in 2018 after apprenticing under renowned European designers. Her collection focuses on intricate ready-to-wear separates with luxury fibres like cashmere, vicuna wool, and silk.danielle

Offering elevated contemporary basics with a romantic touch, Danielle Guizio’s pieces exude understated elegance and timelessness. We have a perfect contemporary fashion library for you in stores like Tobi.

Danielle’s impeccable construction techniques and artisanal, bespoke details like hand-pleated threads and French seaming set the label apart. Sought after for bridal and formalwear pieces, she cultivates an exclusive clientele because each exquisite creation is individually made-to-order, allowing Danielle Guizio to form lasting partnerships. Her garments are an investment crafted to withstand seasons and stand the test of time.

Visit: Danielle Guizio

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is a California-based online boutique pioneering counterculture-inspired fashion. This is one of the best stores like I Am Gia. Founded in 2009, they champion individual style through killer streetwear and music-scene-inspired apparel. From plunging corsets and platform boots to reworked band tees and leather jeans, Dolls Kill empowers rebellious self-expression. dolls kill

Their collection celebrates body positivity through extended sizing alongside DIY-friendly pieces meant to be personalized further. Early social success propelled growth, allowing the launch of private label lines. Now the premier destination for festival fashion, tattoos and piercings, they energize cultural movements through youth subculture aesthetics. Therefore, Under Founder Shanelle Infante’s direction, Dolls Kill caters to Gen Z tastes for edgy apparel with an artful twist.

Visit: Dolls Kill

Hyein Seo

Korean American designer Hyein Seo is gaining global acclaim for her luxurious corsetry-inspired ready-to-wear line. This is one of the most popular brands, like I Am Gia. Based in New York, she launched her namesake brand in 2018 after honing skills with top fashion houses in Seoul, Paris, and London. hyein seo

Despite her young label’s intimate scale, each handcrafted piece exudes old-world luxury through meticulous construction and decadent materials. Corseted silhouettes in sumptuous satins and brocades with flattering boning showcase her technical skill. Cinched corset dress forms, crop tops, and skirts with bustiers make womanly shapes feel modern and empowered because Hyein cultivates exclusivity via couture-level customization and global celebrity clients. Her hybridization of East-West sensibilities in glamorous yet versatile separates attracts a loyal following of tastemakers worldwide.

Visit: Hyein Seo 

H.ours by REVOLVE

H.ours by REVOLVE is an in-house brand under popular fashion retailer Revolve that champions effortless off-duty glamour. This is one of the stores like IAmGia that was launched in 2020. Their line of apparel and accessories offers irreplaceable basics meant to transition easily from workplace to play. Focusing on elevated loungewear and separates, H.ours taps into the rise of “work leisure” and mixing high and low aesthetics.revolve

Their cashmere sets, twill trousers, and silky separates feel luxurious yet maintain comfort—key for today’s blurred work-life boundaries. The brand also excels at cosy knits and robes for upscale self-care moments. What sets H.ours apart is a polished sensibility throughout seamless silhouettes and rich fabrics. Colour palettes lean neutral with dashes of pastels while fits flatter all body types. Customers crave their investible wardrobe pieces that offer understated sophistication to busy lifestyles. Therefore, As an excellent addition to trusted retailer Revolve, H.ours satisfies growing demands for versatile multi-use clothing.

Visit: H.ours by REVOLVE 

Maniere de Voir

Maniere de Voir is a home goods company known for its bold, globally-inspired designs. Based in Portland, Oregon, they source vibrantly patterned textiles, furnishings, and decor from artisan communities worldwide. This is one of the best brands, like IAmGia.

What sets Maniere de Voir apart is its emphasis on ethical sourcing and cultural collaboration. The founders travel extensively, cultivating relationships with talented textile traditions – from weaving cooperatives in Peru to batik artisans in Indonesia. They develop exclusive colourways and motifs that showcase each region’s distinctive artistic perspective.maniere

Maniere de Voir ensures fair wages and sustainability of cultural heritage crafts by empowering the people who create their gorgeous goods. Their natural fibre products like blankets, curtains, and rugs feel lush underfoot, bringing a sense of wanderlust and celebratory colour into everyday spaces. For colorful fashion, explore stores like Rainbow.

The texture is also a highlight – from ultra-plush alpaca throws to hand-loomed linen inspired by Japanese shibori. No two pieces are identical, capturing the humanity inherent to handmade items. The variety makes mixing and matching for personalized rooms rich in global flavour easy and fun.

Customization features on the Maniere de Voir website also allow one to shop by artisan. Readers can discover their unique talents and regional background stories that come alive through vibrant products. It’s a wonderful way to experience diverse cultures from the comfort of home while supporting artisanal communities worldwide.

Visit: Maniere de Voir 

Michael Costello

Michael Costello is renowned in fashion circles for breathtaking red-carpet gowns beloved by A-list celebrities. You can consider shopping from here if you are looking for shops like I Am Gia. With his Los Angeles-based studio and atelier, Costello brings cinematic drama and Hollywood glamour to everyday women through his exclusive collection. For everyday wear, explore stores like GAP.

Beyond the dazzling sequins and meticulous beadwork that define a Michael Costello original gown, the brand is also celebrated for versatile ready-to-wear essentials. His designs seamlessly blend couture-worthy silhouettes with luxurious fabrics tailored for real-world comfort. Whether tailored pantsuits, mirror-shine jumpsuits, or flowy maxi dresses – Costello pieces exude confidence and pure joy of movement.michael costelo

Ethical and eco-friendly practices also set Michael Costello apart. He maintains an in-house workshop where skilled sewers are empowered and fairly compensated and uses cutting-edge sustainability innovations. Therefore, reimagining vintage Bollywood saris into exclusive prints or renewing fabric scraps into new patterns minimises textile waste.

Personal touches like handwritten thank you notes with each order showcase Costello’s appreciation for his clients, large or small. With inviting showrooms now enriching tastemakers from NYC to Singapore, his “accessibly luxurious” designs have developed a global following with lasting appeal for milestones of all kinds. From cocktails to candlelight, a Michael Costello ensemble sparkles as brilliantly as the woman who wears it.

Visit: Michael Costello


How do their materials differ from basic brands?

I Am Gia uses dye sublimation print for rich hues, plus heavyweight fabrics like faux leather, vinyl and latex for eye-catching texture. Details like hardware accents and hand-sewn seams give an edgy yet polished finish.

Who is I Am Gia’s target customer?

I Am Gia caters to independent young women looking to express their individuality through unique clothing. Customers love colourful hair and tattoos and live on their terms.

What styles do they carry beyond basics?

They lean into niche themes through genres like Lolita, punk and rave-inspired party wear. Think corset dresses, plaid mini skirts and pastel rainbow hair accessories outside the box.

How do sizing and fits compare?

I Am Gia aims for inclusive sizing from XXS to 4XL, emphasizing fit pics and reviews. Silhouettes still accentuate feminine shapes through details like boning and lacing despite edgy aesthetics.


While mass retailers offer convenience, exploring distinctive brands yields rewards – intrinsically through self-expression and concretely through the longevity of well-made items. Individual companies investing in cultural interconnectedness and ethical practices nurture happiness further. Choosing brands conveying shared values enhances the feeling of being cherished by what’s worn and fosters hope for diverse global communities. We hope this article on stores like I Am Gia has helped you know everything about it.

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