Snapchat Loading Screen Is Stuck? Here Are The Top 10 Fixes

snapchat loading screen is stuck

Of all the social media platforms, Snapchat is one of the most popular. It gives young people a simple way to communicate commonplace occurrences while still giving them a hip appearance. Although, one major complaint from Snapchat users is – “My Snapchat loading screen is stuck.

Here are the top 10 fixes to your Snapchat loading problem –  

  1. Checking internet connection.
  2. Force quitting the app.
  3. Rebooting mobile phone.
  4. Checking Snapchat server’s status.
  5. Clearing Snapchat’s cache files.
  6. Updating Snapchat app.
  7. Resetting the phone’s network settings.
  8. Reinstalling Snapchat.
  9. Disabling data saving mode on the phone.
  10. Disabling data saver on Snapchat.

Need help working these out? Scroll down to read about all these 10 points in detail.

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Top 10 Fixes When Your Snapchat Loading Screen Is Stuck

Here are the top 10 ways that you can use to solve the problem of Snapchat screen loading.

Your Internet Connection By Checking

A stuck Snapchat loading screen may occur if you have a bad internet connection. Any program, not just Snapchat, might cease functioning under such conditions.

internet connection

For efficient use, you require adequate internet connectivity. If the Snapchat loading screen is stuck or appears to be starting slowly due to the connection, try the following fixes:

Turn Airplane Mode On or Off

On your phone, open the Control Center or Quick Settings pane.

turn airplane mode on or off phone

You can do this by sliding your fingers from top to bottom. Then tap the symbol for Airplane Mode once. Please wait for a while and tap it again.

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Restart Router 

If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, switch off your router and give it at least a minute to idle before reactivating it.

restart router

Now, check your signal. This solution might fix your issue.

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Switch to a Different Network or Use Mobile Data

Join a different network on your phone and see if that helps. Alternating between Wi-Fi and cellular service is another option.

use mobile data

Connecting your phone’s hotspot to another person’s Wi-Fi can also be the solution.

Force Quitting The App

If your Snapchat loading screen is stuck, try forcing a quit and restarting the application. That typically aids in resolving infrequent problems that prevent the app from contacting its servers.

force quitting the snapchat app

Open the app switcher on your phone and swipe the Snapchat card off the screen (From the bottom of the screen, swipe up, or press the App Switcher button). Then, wait a few seconds before tapping the app icon and loading the snap screen.

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Rebooting Your Phone 

You can encounter a stuck mobile phone moment anytime. The main reason behind this is the continuous use of the mobile phone for longer; therefore, if the Snapchat loading screen is stuck, power off your phone. It will disable the responses of the applications.

rebooting your phone

Instead of powering off, you can reboot your mobile device. Simply long-pressing the power button will accomplish the task. Your device will then allow you to power it off or restart it. Once the phone restarts, you can tap on the app icon to start the app and load the snaps. In this case, your phone will resume working.

Checking the Snapchat server’s status

Rarely, if the Snapchat servers are down, the “Loading Snap Screen” or “Tap to Load Snap” screens may appear.

tap to load

If the system looks unreachable, check its status or wait while Snapchat addresses the issue.

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Cleaning Out Snapchat’s Cache Files

A corrupt app cache is another factor that causes Snapchat to freeze at a loading image.

The Settings section of Snapchat allows you to clear corrupted or cache files.

Follow the procedure given below to clear the cache files.

  1. Launch Snapchat and select the Settings button next to your profile photo.
  2. Locate the Account Actions area by scrolling down. clear cache of snapchat
  3. Choose Clear > Clear Cache.

You can clear any chats that don’t load by selecting the Clear Conversations option. Any sent or saved messages won’t be deleted as a result.

Updating The Snapchat App

You should update apps constantly. If you want the quickest performance from your mobile apps, then update them. Newer Snapchat versions almost often provide fixes for common issues. Attempt installing them.

updating the snapchat app

You can search for Snapchat in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then touch the Update button once you find it.

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Reset The Phone’s Network Settings

Attempt to fix any underlying network issues preventing Snapchat from contacting its servers and leading to the Snapchat screen being stuck. For this, wiping the network settings is justified.

reset the phone’s network settings

You must manually re-join any saved Wi-Fi networks after a network restart. If it doesn’t, call your carrier. Your phone will immediately adjust its cellular settings. 

Reinstall Snapchat On Your Phone

Reinstalling Snapchat is another option for resolving the “loading snap screen” issue.

install snapchat

That can fix problems with an app installation that you might damage.

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Disable Data Saving Made On The Phone

Additionally, your phone comes with built-in data-saving features that can prevent apps from successfully connecting to the internet and using it. It causes a stuck loading screen on Snapchat.

disable data saving mode

You may find it in your network settings. Once you do so, turn it off.

Disable Data Saver On Snapchat

Although Snapchat’s Data Saver mode saves bandwidth, it is also the main cause of many Snapchat loading screen issues. Verify the feature’s status and turn it off.

For instructions on how to disable Snapchat’s data saver, see below:

  1. Select your bitmoji from the menu in the upper left corner of Snapchat when the app is open. Click Settings in the top right corner after that.
  2. Tap Manage under Additional Settings as you scroll down. click on manage
  3. Select Data Saver from the Privacy Control menu on Android. data saver off
  4. If the switch next to Data Saver is on, flip it off by tapping on it.

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What does it mean when it says tap to load on Snapchat?

Tap to load helps to download the snap once your friends click on it instantly. You cannot download the snap due to the Snapchat tap-to-load problem; as a result, you must directly download it by tapping the load button.

Why won't my Snapchat load?

Close the app and reopen it if Snapchat is active but not functioning for you. To see if the issues persist, try logging in from your account and then back in.

How can I repair Snapchat's tap-to-load issue?

A variety of factors can cause cache files to become corrupted. Such circumstances give rise to issues like Tap to Load. Fortunately, resetting the cache files or clearing them in the Snapchat app will solve this issue.

Why does my Snapchat continually request a later attempt?

A poor Internet connection may cause the Snapchat something went wrong; please try again problem. Therefore, you also need to check for and resolve any network issues.

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Has the Snapchat app been upgraded to lessen the possibility of running into a stuck Snapchat screen? Errors such as Snapchat loading screen being stuck are typically simple to fix. If the issue recurs, simpler solutions—like forcing the app to close, emptying its cache, changing your network, restarting the phone, or disabling the data saver on the phone or Snapchat—will probably solve it.

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