List of 10 Best SnagIt Alternatives in 2022

snagit alternatives

Snagit is a program that is used as a screensaver with a screen capture tool, a recording tool, and video / audio recording capabilities. Snagit comes with a premium package. In this matter, knowing about torrent can help you a lot. Read this article where we have listed best torrent downloaders just for you! As not everyone can buy the premium package so we have listed down the best SnagIt alternatives that you can use for free.

Top 10 Picks For SnagIt Alternatives 

We have listed some of the best Snagit alternatives which can be of great help while recording screen video, audio, or capturing on-screen. Along with this, learn about webcam recording software that can help you become a gaming star or a Youtube star.


Screenrec is a powerful Snagit for Windows (Latest Windows 10, 8, and 7 supported), Linux, and Mac. Both are screenshot recording tools and screen recording software. It is powered by Streaming Video Provider. Screenrec uses a sophisticated algorithm to upload your recording to the cloud in real-time. So, as you finish recording, you immediately get a link to share.


The interface is incredibly simple. Comes with a very simple but powerful screenshot annotation tool and allows you to add comments, draw rectangles with arrows or add text.

You have the option of recording audio on your microphone or system or both. That, along with the ability to record free unlimited videos, makes Screenrec another free Snagit alternatives.

Download: Screenrec

TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is also another great Snagit method that is fully compatible with Windows and Mac programs. It offers 4 different ways to easily capture any screen activity, including a video recorder, audio recorder, webcam video, and screen capture function. You can easily record any type of content displayed on desktop screens. Supports standard video/audio formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, MP3, M4A, AAC, and more.

TuneFab Screen Recorder

In addition to the basic screen recording functions, other advanced functions are provided. For example, its real-time editing panel makes it easy to draw and add notes while recording. Before saving the recording, you can also cut or trim unnecessary parts or adjust the volume to create a satisfactory screen recording.

Once the recording task is complete, you will have an upload shortcut and share the recorded content to popular social media platforms. 

Download: TuneFab Screen Recorder

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Windows Snipping Tool

The Windows snipping tool is a PC screenshot tool installed on Windows Vista and later automatically. It simply takes a “picture” of the screen. Whether it’s an open window, a rectangular space, a free-form space, or a full screen itself, the recording tool makes it easy.

If you have captions, you can add an annotation or edit the image. To know about some top screen sharing apps, click here!

Windows Snipping Tool

So, if you want to capture on-screen content and don’t want to pay $ 50 for a basic item, Windows Shooting Tool works as one of the best alternatives to Snagit. 

Download: Windows Snipping Tool


Greenshot is a free and open screen capture tool that can serve as another free Snagit version for Windows 7. Sadly, Greenshot is only compatible with Windows, but hey, it’s free, so we can’t judge.



Greenshot is a simple program that gives you everything you need when taking a screenshot. It is very simple and avoids increasing the learning curve.

Download: Greenshot


Lightshot is another free software like Snagit (well, except for the ‘free’ part, apparently). This tool is, available in the Google Chrome Web Store, is a browser extension app that not only allows you to easily take a screenshot but also allows you to upload it to a server and create a short link, such as Screenrec.


With Lightshot, you can also search for images like the one you took. We’re not sure what the point of that is, but it’s fine, anyway. Either way, this tool is still a free Snagit version to be downloaded to Chrome users. Where SnagIt premiums needs payment, this SnagIt alternatives is a free tool.

Download: Lightshot


Jing is another exciting Snagit because it was created and released by TechSmith. In both the free and premium versions, Jing lets you record audio and video and uploads them directly online to automatically create a shared link.

Jing is no longer available for the video shoot and was replaced by Snagit.


Jing can still be used for easy photography, and, yes, it is still free. It may have lost power or two, but it is still another Snagit method. It definitely is an alternatives of SnagIt.

Download: Jing


PicPick is a simple screenshot tool that allows you to customize the photo you take. With cool photo resources like color picker, pixel ruler, and color palette, there are hundreds of ways to edit and design anything on your screen.


Their free version does not include automatic updates and technical support, but it is not a poor alternative to Snagit for Windows. You certainly will not be disappointed, unless you finally need support. Yes, you are alone.

Download: PicPick


TinyTake is in the same location as Screenrec because it allows free video and photo capture. But, unlike Screenrec, you can only record 5 minutes of video.

You can add text to your recording and share it online. Easy to use with a simple interface and easy-to-understand options.


Unfortunately, it is only available in Windows. So, Mac and Linux users cannot use it.

Download: TinyTake


Adding to the list of free photos and videos, Screenpresso fits well among the specialties.


Easy, easy to use, small interface, fast sharing. An issue that arises, however: is only available on Windows. It’s still a better option than the $ 50 Snagit.

Download: Screenpresso


Hello, Ubuntu / Linux users! Have we got the app for you! Shutter switches to help you capture your computer screen. If you want a simple Linux screenshot tool, this might be the case.


Video capture is not available, but it makes this error with good editing features and available plugins for cool effects. There is no doubt that it is worth a shot at the loyal Ubuntu who do not need to record a screenshot video.

Download: Shutter


So, why will you pay when you can have it free. That’s right, SnagIt comes in a premium package and not even with any add-on features that we cannot find anywhere else. Along with this, we have listed down some Pushbullet alternatives which can help you transfer files from PC to android without any USB.

Instead of hurting your wallet try these SnagIt alternatives. With these 10 best SnagIt alternatives you have so many options. Now, do all the screen recording and capturing, without any tension of paying.

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