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sites like periscope

Periscope, a live-streaming app for protests, has developed into a real-time tool that lets anyone share every part of their lives. After being purchased by Twitter, Inc. in only a few short months, sites like Periscope quickly surpassed 10 million users and eventually made the Android version of the program available. It is undeniable that Periscope is growing in popularity.

The number of people on Periscope quickly decreased as it stopped providing distinctive features and other social networking sites developed their live-streaming capabilities. The top sites like Periscope include: Live Afreeca TV Bigo, BuzzCast, Livestreaming on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, MeetMe \sTango, Twitch Live, Twitter YouNow \sYouStreamer, and Google Live.

If you use Periscope, you may have noticed that there have been recent outages. If you tend to lose your mind when the “Internet is down,” you may want to prepare yourself with other periscope alternative streaming applications in case this happens again. This guide will give you sites like Periscope. Continue reading with us.

Below are mentioned Sites like Periscope:

Afreeca TV

Afreeca TV, one of the most popular sites like Periscope, is a product of South Korea. If you’re interested in streaming video games, it’s one of the most excellent possibilities. It’s suitable for various other live-streaming and broadcasting types of material, such as vlogs, talent videos, & performances.afreeca tv The application, “Any FREE broadCasting,” is a peer-to-peer platform similar to Twitch. It began as a TV broadcasting service, but through time, it has grown and changed along with the market. These days, you can watch artist performances, mukbangs, Kpop material, and even taxi driver monitoring in addition to TV broadcasts. Additionally, it broadcasts esports competitions for titles like Overwatch and Tekken.

In addition, you can host films and publish your material on the app.

Bigo Live

Solid apps like Periscope should have a sizable user base, and Bigo Live boasts that. There is potential for a broad reach, given that this live-streaming site has more than 400 million members from more than 150 different countries. You may view both public performances and private live streaming from anyone using the program. Additionally, virtually anything can be broadcast, including singing, cooking, and anything for Periscope Alternatives.bigo

The app’s unique selling point is that it offers monetization options that drive users to produce more videos. Both you and your audience can give and receive presents from your favorite content providers. You can even participate in a real-time conversation or use the inter-room to increase interaction. If you want to know about Streaming Showbox to Chromecast, click here.


BuzzCast is a fantastic periscope replacement. You can watch material created by other users or learn how to stream live videos using the app. The fact that broadcasting has no audience restrictions makes it so remarkable.buzcast On top of that, you may upload 15-second videos, another similarity to TikTok. Through the app, you may create them, distribute them, and grow your impact and fan base. Additionally, it offers a helpful chat option so you can increase interaction. Last but not least, the fact that BuzzCast is multilingual shows just how comprehensive the software is. 

Facebook Lite

Looking for a similar periscope substitute that won’t need you to veer too far from the path you know? If so, give Facebook Live a try. As the name suggests, the Facebook app is all you need to start a broadcast or watch a video.facebook

You can stream films to your audience directly or professionally via a company page using Facebook Live. It offers the majority of the features that other streaming services offer, including live chat, reactions, Facebook search history, and other typical Facebook interaction tools.

Above all, the platform’s vast user base makes it convenient, cost-free, and easily accessible to a broad audience. If you want to learn How to change the name of the Facebook group, click here.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is one of the top live-streaming and social networking websites like Periscope. The function lets you share a live video with your followers and complete strangers.instagram It is fantastic because Instagram is a well-established platform. It has features like Reels, Videos, Instagram Messages, etc. Even though it comes from the same firm as Facebook Live, it differs from that platform in that replays are only available for a short period. As a result, you can start immediately without downloading another app or searching the app for an audience. Additionally, your followers are alerted via the live-streaming feature so that they will attend all shows. For Instagram Caption Generator, click here.

LinkedIn Live

There is no denying that LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional social platforms. But did you know that the software also enables users to host live streams and connect you to jobs?linkedin

That’s correct: LinkedIn Live is one of the sites like Periscope. Of course, it still exudes professionalism because its primary purpose is to connect people and businesses. Nevertheless, this function is fantastic if you want to sell your business, goods, or services. Through the app, you can also host webinars and interviews.

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We suggest Livestream if you’re looking for one of the highest-quality Periscope alternatives. It may explain why most users use the app for professional videos. You may, without hesitation, find, watch, & host HD audio & video with the app on your stream

Whatever the case, the app offers all the necessary components for a live service. It allows you to find videos on various subjects, live-stream them, or even link them to your website or Facebook. The software does have a catch, though, and that is its premium membership model.


MeetMe is a Periscope substitute that offers a wealth of valuable features. These include voice, text, video calling, and live streaming. Using the app, you may connect with friends, attract attention, and meet new individuals simultaneously. Additionally, the app is simple, so getting started shouldn’t be too me

In addition, the app offers clever monetization alternatives that may persuade users to create content. Fans can specifically send you digital presents or can exchange “diamonds” for cash. 


Tango is a fantastic Periscope substitute if you want to host, watch broadcasts, and make some extra money. Like other app users, most hope to grow their audience by engaging with them in chat and through their video content.tango

You can publish practically anything, from innovative dance videos to your odd, singular ability or singing voice. Using this method, you can broadcast yourself while playing video games; essentially, any safe content is permissible.

Users can anticipate making money by receiving gifts from admirers in terms of earnings. Naturally, you can eventually redeem the cash you receive. Additionally, you can utilize it similar to a standard social networking site. You can do everything, including making updates and uploading photographs and videos.

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How can I broadcast live on Twitter?

From the Twitter app, you may broadcast yourself immediately. To begin a live recording, hit the camera symbol in the composer & swipe right to 'Live.'

Can live streaming be profitable?

Yes. Once you have sufficient followers, you can make money from affiliate programs, promotions, and adverts. Some streaming services let users fee for their premium material.

Do apps that stream live pose a risk?

As long as you utilize live stream applications responsibly, they are generally safe. But while broadcasting or watching someone else live, there are a few things to keep in mind, as live streaming cannot be clipped or modified.

Is there any site like a periscope?

Yes, there are various sites like a periscope. You can find it above.


This guide to sites like Periscope will help you. Even though Periscope is officially ceasing operations, people who enjoyed live-streaming through it still have options. There is a tonne of Periscope alternatives available, and many of them are even more well-liked than the cherished app. 

Every one of them has distinctive qualities, and many do offer monetization alternatives with modest entry barriers. You will need to focus on expanding your audience regardless of your chosen program. Once you’ve mastered that, you can earn money and, if you choose, use many apps at once.

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