How To Take Screenshot On Snap Without Them Knowing?

screenshots on snap without them knowing

Snapchat notifications can be annoying sometimes. If you want to take a snapchat screenshot without them knowing, this is the article for you. We have five ways to take a screenshot on snap without them knowing.

Snapchat is one of the apps where you are notified of all the activities, be it someone replying to you or taking a screenshot of your stories. Snapchat informs you of the friend request by sending you a notification about it; what it does not notify you about is when someone deletes you as their friend. Initially, it was easier to take Snapchat screenshots, but they have been working around all the loopholes and notified us no matter what. The most effective method is the good old taking a photo of the snap using a second device, but we have multiple options when we don’t have a second device.

Please keep reading to the end to know what methods do not work anymore because the Snapchat team found out about it. It can be dangerous because you will not find out if it worked or not and your crush might end think you are a creep.

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5 Ways To Take Screenshots On Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Following are the 5 ways to take a screenshot on snap without them knowing. We suggest you try every method with a friend first and then go ahead to use it for your purpose. You might cause security and privacy issues. Though you can check this out to know how to hide the snap score.

Use Another Device

Using another smartphone is the easiest and safest way to screenshot on snap without them knowing. Speaking from experience, not a single soul would know about your little secret.

use another device

Keep your other smartphone ready with the camera before you open a snap. Snapchat introduced a new feature recently where you can time your snap for a few seconds. Snaps with a timer can’t be ‘saved in chats,’ and the snap turns white or blurry when you try to take a normal screenshot. You know the next step, click a picture of the snap. With a few crops here and there, you should be able to work with it.

This hack has some drawbacks; you might end up with a blurred snap if the focus is off. The exposure could be off, or the flash is on, and you get an unclear snap. In that case, you have all the other methods to try.

Google Assistance For Android

Here’s where AI will help you; you won’t need to lift a finger. Yes, IOS users can call Siri for help here.

Open the app, and go to the snap you want to screenshot. You have to be quick if the snap has a timer. Practice a few times with your friends to get a grip on this. When the snap is open on the screen, activate Google assistance by long- pressing the home button, or a simple “OK Google” would do. Then you order it, take a screenshot, or type in the instruction.

google assistance for android

The job’s not done yet; all the screenshots clicked by Google Assistant do not get saved in your gallery on its own like default; instead, you will have to share the picture on another app to keep it. If you don’t want to send it to anyone, you can email it to yourself or upload it to your google photos account. This is crucial to being mindful; otherwise, you might end up with nothing after all the hassle.

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Use The Screen Recording Feature

You start screen recording on your Android phones, and then you go to Snapchat and open the snap(s) you want. Later you will be able to take a screenshot of the screen-recorded video. This screenshot hack is a bit risky to try right away without a few rounds of trails.

use the screen recording feature

Be very careful because this is a hit or miss because it works for some phones only. iOs users, don’t try this. For androids, if you are using a model that supports Android 10 or above, you can check this with a friend first to see if it will screenshot Snapchat without notification or not.

That is why we have the next hack for you.

Use A Third-Party Recording App

You get a lot of options for screen recording apps because your built-in screen recorder will betray you. Android users have many options here, but iOs users will have to make it work with whatever apps are available on the App store only.

use a third-party recording app

The process is the same, take a screen recording of the snap(s) you want to try and screenshot later from the video saved.

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Screenshot Using Quick Time On Mac

This is a cumbersome way to record a snap, but it’s effective. However, it only works for Mac users. Follow the following steps to learn how to screenshot on snap without them knowing :

  • Connect your phone to your Mac.


  • Open Quick time player.


  • Click on File.

click on file and new recording

  • Click on New Movie Recording.
  • Hover over the recording button.

hover over the recording button

  • Select your iPhone as the input camera.

select your iphone as the input camera

  • Now you have your iPhone screen projected on your Mac.

now you have your iphone screen projected on your mac

  • Start opening snaps on your phone to record.

start opening snaps on your phone to record

  • Save and screenshot the desired snap from the video later.

save and screenshot the desired snap from the video later

Read this article to learn how to transfer pictures from Android to Mac.

Snapchat Screenshot Hacks That Do Not Work Anymore

The team of Snapchat is constantly working on making the snaps screenshots more transparent and privacy secure for us. The tricks mentioned here worked in Snapchat version 9 and previous versions. If you still have the old version, these might be helpful for you.

Airplane Mode

You open the Snapchat app and load all the snaps but don’t open any yet. Go ahead and open the snap you wish to screenshot, and your default shortcut for screenshot would do the work. Once all the snaps are ready and loaded, switch on Airplane mode, Switch off mobile data, and disconnect Wifi.

airplane mode

The catch behind this was that if you are not connected to a data service, it won’t send a notification, but a new version found a way to send a notification regardless of the connection.

Clear Cache

This is a follow-up to the above method; right after you take the screenshot, you go to your “profile” and select clear cache. Be sure to do this before turning on data or airplane mode.

clear cache

The logic is that if you clear data while there’s no internet, the app won’t be able to show activity when it’s switched back on.

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Log Out Of The Account

This used to work but not anymore. You turn off the internet and Wifi and take a screenshot.

login logout

Then log out. Log in again after some time. You’ll be caught right away now.


How to screenshot Snapchat stories?

You can use all the above-mentioned methods for Snapchat stories as well. Snaps and Snapchat stories work in the same way.

Is it illegal to take a screenshot on snap without them knowing?

No, legally it is not illegal to take a screenshot on snap without them knowing. If you go ahead and circulate the snap without the owner's consent then, it’s illegal. If you think about it, they send snaps to share those pics with people on the internet so taking screenshots doesn’t hurt anyone.

Can you tell if someone takes a screenshot of your snap?

Yes, you will definitely get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your snap. If not, you can check in your chats, it will be mentioned under the snap. But, there are a lot of ways to take snapchat screenshots without them knowing.

Can screen recording be detected by Snapchat?

There is no definite answer to this as for some it does, and for some doesn’t. Depends on what version of Snapchat you are using. You can use third-party screen recording apps instead of built-in screen recording if you do not want to get notified.

Can we use screen mirroring to screenshot snapchat?

Yes, you can use the screen mirroring feature to screenshot snapchat without them knowing. You can screen mirror your phone on TV or your laptop and then take a screenshot from the device you are mirroring to. Try this with a friend first, if the built-in screen mirror sends a notification you can third party apps.


I hope this article gave you enough methods not to get caught stalking your crush next time. In the end, be mindful and careful not to use these tricks to violate someone’s privacy or personal life. If you want to catch your friend’s crush cheating on them, go ahead and let us know if these worked for you or not. Read this article if you want to discover more Apps like Snapchat.

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