Best Retropie Optional Packages For 2022 [Full Review]

best retropie optional packages

Hello there! Have you been looking for the best retropie optional packages to install in 2022? Your quest ends right here, right now. The best Retropie optional packages for installing has shown in this article.

This article contains the top 6 Retropie optional packages available in 2022. You can install these games legally and wide. All you have to do is get ready with all the information provided to you here in the article. However, you will discover the best retropie optional packages here. From DXX- Rebirth to Micropolis, every package has been shown in this article.

After reading this article till the end, you’ll be able to identify and install the best packages on your RetroPie. Before wrapping up, I address some of the most common questions readers have about the article. I include verifiable information to support my claims. So without further ado, let’s begin.

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How To Install Retropie Optional Packages  

These games are called “optional packages,” along with other emulators and applications. Fortunately, installing and using these extra retroPie packages is simple. Follow these instructions to explore and add them to add-ons build.

  1. Go to the RetroPie/Configuration menu. retropieconfiguration menu
  2. Find RetroPie Setup by scrolling down.
  3. On the following page, choose “Manage Packages.”. 
  4. Choose “Optional Packages.”
  5. This page will show all of the optional Retropie packages that are available. Choose “install from source” when you find one that appeals to you.

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Retropie Alternatives

You’ll now be presented with retropie alternatives, including substitute emulators. However, we’re particularly worried about open-source, free games. What therefore ought to be installed?

DXX-Rebirth (Descent) 

Amongst the most significant first-person shooters, the first one was published in 1995. The goal of Descent is to destroy faulty robots that have overrun an underground mine while controlling a tiny ship. Everybody loves this game for its level design and action. It was one of the first shooters to employ true three-dimensional mobility.dxx-rebirth

If Descent was never available to you when it first came out, you’re in luck. DXX-Rebirth is a source for Descent and Descent 2 with new OpenGL graphics. The port includes extra features, such as strong multiplayer and compatibility with add-on packs. If you are looking for the best controller for Raspberry Pi, Read this article.

Cannonball (Outrun)

Firstly, In the vintage arcade game Outrun, players race against the clock in a red Ferrari. The Outrun engine was rewritten for Cannonball, which is an arcade-perfect version of the well-known racer. Cannonball 2 features smoother graphics than its predecessor at 30 or 60 frames per second. Click here To know the Best Grocery Receipt Generator Tools.


cannonball (outrun)

However, Cannonball is worth seeing for more reasons than simply its new paint job. The game features new features, including a continuous mode that allows players to race all 15 circuits simultaneously. You can also check best games on origin access [2022].

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SDLP (Prince of Persia) 

SDLP brings Prince of Persia, a beloved adventure game with smooth character animations and great platforming challenges, to RetroPie. The DOS version of the game was broken and turned into an open-source port.

sdlp (prince of persia)

The most recent version of SLDPoP, updated regularly, was released in March 2019. Also, the port supports an active forum with tutorials on walkthroughs and modding. It also has a strong online community. Wanted to know how to WhatsApp status on file manager? click here.

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OpenTyrian (Tyrian)

Installing OpenTyrian is a must if you enjoy vertical overhead shoot-em-ups. Tyrian, a 1995 DOS game, has been ported as OpenTyrian and possible standards.

opentyrian (tyrian)

Thankfully, the game is available for PCs as shareware by 2004. Finally, the 2007 release of the game’s source code made it possible for the OpenTyrian port. In this arcade-style shooter game, players take control of a spacecraft and kill everything in their path to save the galaxy. Click here for the top 6 websites to download GameCube roms.

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Quake 3 (Quake III Arena)

RetroPie allows you to play several games from the Quake series. Quake III is a popular favorite, so you might want to give it a shot first. The Quake series is a violent arena shooter with ridiculously potent weapons for those who are unfamiliar.

quake 3 (quake III arena)


Note that the Quake III version on Retropie must be the shareware version. Sadly, there are certain restrictions on the shareware version. Quake is a keyboard-only game out of the box. Nevertheless, a controller could be set up to function with the game. 

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Micropolis (SimCity)

This is one of the retropie optional packages. The goal of the strategy game Micropolis is to create a thriving city. The open-source city simulation game, Cities: Skylines, was created by game developer Will Wright. Players in the game have to build a city from the start.

micropolis (simcity)

Of course, balancing everything that goes into running a city is the difficult part. Players must take into account a variety of factors, including residential areas, schools, and infrastructure. The player also needs to manage the budget and decide on tax rates. Micropolis will use a mouse and keyboard instead of a gamepad as in Quake III.


Is it preferable to use RetroPie or Recalbox?

Customization is where RetroPie and Recalbox diverge most. RetroPie features a plethora of unique shaders, emulator settings, and other features. With Recalbox, shaders and scanlines are available. However, creating your own is a little more difficult than with RetroPie. Additionally, compared to Recalbox, RetroPie offers a few more emulators.

What kinds of ROMs can RetroPie play?

It has SNES, NES, N64, Game Boy, DS, and Wii emulator capabilities. Utilize the Playstation 1, Playstation 2, and PSP emulators to play some of the iconic games from the original Sony gaming consoles. RetroPie even lets you utilize the controllers from the most recent generation, which you adore.

Do N64 games work on RetroPie?

I have the following ideas to make playing N64 games on Retropie even more enjoyable: SD card for Retropie: With this enormous SD card packed with over 100,000 games, you may save time and get right into any game you desire.

Is RetroPie an operating system?

Even though the RetroPie Project was born at, RetroPie now calls this place home. RetroPie is an operating system that runs on top of a complete OS; you may install it on an existing Raspbian installation or use the RetroPie image and add other applications afterward. You have the choice.

Is RetroPie still the most popular?

Retropie continues to be the best choice for experienced users and has the biggest community. To be clear, if you are at ease with one way, you don't absolutely need to change. It is a basic suggestion for your first attempt.

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In conclusion, a range of modules, including RetroPie optional packages, are available for your RetroPie build. You may install several vintage games or try retropie experimental packages with other emulators. Many of these games also have improved visuals and other features.

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