More rare Sega Genesis games are now accessible because it has been 23 years since the Sega Genesis debuted in Japan as the Sega Mega Drive. We shall talk about the rarest Sega Genesis Games in this article.

There are five rarest Sega Genesis games present right now. They are Crusader of Centy, Battle Mania 2 or Battle Mani Daiginjo, Outback Joey, Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II, and Tetris.

Retro game collecting is still popular, which is terrible for costs but fantastic for finding undiscovered treasures from gaming history. Many titles and franchises faded into obscurity upon their initial platform launches, and the Sega Genesis was no exception. Because there are so many random games available and no clear method to distinguish between some really excellent games and bad games, certain games will inevitably become more difficult to find than others. Some of the rare Genesis games were so obscure that they are still hard to find today. Few collectors possess five of the most elusive Genesis games.

Rarest Five Sega Genesis Games

Let us see some of the rarest sega genesis games of all time.

Crusader of Centy

Even the most basic gameplay in Crusader of Centy is reminiscent of Link to the Past, but it has its narrative and several unique elements that make it stand out. This sega genesis games worth the money. The main character is given animal buddies to aid with adversaries and puzzles rather than a collection of tools.
crusader of centy

The plot is more conventional, eradicating the planet of monsters while making some discoveries. Due to its infrequent distribution and negative reviews, this amusing little gem went unnoticed for many years. Even if the reviews weren’t poor, there weren’t many.

Regardless of the local variation, it is a collectible object that is quite hard to locate now and is still relatively obscure. A genuine loose cartridge can cost close to $1000.

However, there are many fakes available that are priced lower to deceive gullible collectors. Depending on the condition, a full copy in the box with the manual might cost anywhere between $1800 and $3000. This is among the most expensive sega genesis games. 

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Battle Mania 2 or Battle Mani Daiginjo

Battle Mania 2 is difficult to locate outside Japan and Korea because it was only given a very restricted release there. This is one of the rarest sega genesis games.

battle maniaBattle Mania 2 received favorable reviews and players regarded it as a superb shooter for the Mega Drive at the time, featuring a simple plot and gameplay reminiscent of Streets of Rage. Go after the bad guy; instead of hulking ex-cops, you play a pretty anime lady shooting with a gun.

The US never released Battle Mania 2. Therefore, counterfeit copies are simple to recognize but difficult to track down in the US.

Depending on the condition, the cartridge alone normally costs approximately USD 800, while an entire in-box set may cost as much as $1800. You can also install genesis reborn on Kodi in 2024 now.

Outback Joey

Another rare sega genesis games with a restricted release; however, this one was exclusive to North America and was packaged.

Outback Joey, one of the earliest fitness video game incarnations, was marketed alongside the severely modified Genesis known as the Heartbeat Personal Trainer, of which only 1000 units exist.
outback joeyTherefore, Outback Joey has only 1000 copies. Only a few games were compatible with the Heartbeat Personal Trainer. It also came with unique controllers for playing games while exercising. This Sega games worth money. 

Despite being a rare and expensive piece of gaming history, with the cartridge alone fetching over $3,000, it cannot be played without the specialized controllers.

Price Charting claims that the whole bundle starts at $10,000; however, there doesn’t seem to be a complete unit for sale as of this writing.

Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II

Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II is a very uncommon cartridge, similar to the well-known Nintendo World Championships cartridge.

blockbuster world video game championshipAcclaim had mandated that they destroy the cartridges after the Blockbuster events, adding to their scarcity as they were produced in a very limited quantity. Judge Dredd and NBA Jam Tournament Edition include unique editions on the cartridge that players have to advance through at Blockbuster stores to win.

It isn’t easy to characterize this cartridge as enjoyable because it’s a basic tournament cartridge, and the label is essentially just plain text.

Nevertheless, due to its extremely limited production, this cartridge, which was only sold as a loose item, can command prices in the tens of thousands of dollars.


The Tetris game, considered the rarest title for the Mega Drive and somewhat of a legend, was never intended for release. Sega learned that the Tetris license they had obtained was a fraud as they were creating this game.

tetrisThey decided to cancel the distribution rather than try to obtain the proper license. Some allege that Sega destroyed the copies, while others assert that Sega merely ceased production, resulting in the creation of only ten copies or fewer. Just one authentically recorded copy exists, and it has a sign by Alexei Pajitnov, the game’s sole acknowledged designer.

It once sold for a million dollars on eBay, but that value will only increase with time until the reported remaining copies turn up. So these are the rarest sega genesis games. 


How many Genesis games are there?

The system can play 878 games from a library of ROM cartridges that both Sega and a wide range of other companies published.

Which video game is the priciest?

The most lucrative video game franchise, with sales of around $90 billion, is Pokémon. It is both the most lucrative video game franchise and total media franchise.

What restrictions does the Sega Genesis have?

The overall number of sprites on the screen and the total number on a single horizontal line have limitations. These restrictions—a maximum of 64 sprites and no more than 8 sprites per horizontal line—are severe for 8-bit platforms like the NES and Master System

On the Sega Genesis, how large can a game be?

Upon its release in 1989, the Sega Genesis fiercely competed with the SNES. Genesis cartridges stored up to 4 MB, but Street Fighter 2 had special 5 MB cartridges developed for it.

Do games on the Sega Genesis save?

You can store up to four different game states, yes. M2 carries out the emulation, and the construction quality is high. Sega is producing official hardware for the first time.

What kinds of games is Sega famous for?

Millions of copies of popular video game franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, and Yakuza are from Sega. Sonic, Sega's mascot, is well-known throughout the entire world. Sega, known for long-standing series like Virtua Fighter and Initial D Arcade Stage, is among the world's top arcade game makers.

The Sega Genesis: A failure?

Sonic the Hedgehog came after Sega's Genesis platform struggled. However, Sega's conceit led to its downfall, and by the late 1990s, it had virtually vanished from the Western market. Today, Sega still develops games for a variety of platforms, but it is a shell of the business it once was.

Game difficulty on the Sega Genesis?

The Sega Genesis has a lot of challenging games. However, these games aren't so challenging. Not quite as infamous for their difficulty as the vintage Nintendo games of the era are the Sega Genesis games.


Despite no longer being in production, old and rare Sega Genesis games are actively collected by many sellers and buyers. The rarest of games are very valuable to game collectors. If you possess any of the Sega Genesis rare games, continue holding onto them. As time goes on, their value will keep increasing. We hope this article on the rarest sega genesis games has helped you know about the games.

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