14 Rabb.It Alternatives That are Actually Better Than Rabb.It

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Rabb.it is a social networking app that enables users to share streaming movies and TV shows and talk about them over voice and text chat in real-time. You can watch TV and movies while chatting in real-time with friends. The stream is virtual on Chrome or Opera, allowing users to share videos from anything that can play in their web browsers, such as Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, and YouTube videos. The registration requires signing up with Google, Facebook, or email, and sharing requires access to your phone and online contacts. But in 2023 there are many rabb.it alternatives that exist some of which are even better than rabb.it.

Rabb.it – The platform was created to allow family and friends to have the same video experience regardless of distance if you didn’t know. It had a lot of because of:

  •  Real-time content streaming  
  • Group conversations with up to 25 members 
  • A free and simple to use contemporary platform 
  • Content monitoring was one of the service’s major drawbacks. It was rather low, which meant that only people of legal age could use the platform. Since the platform’s closure, individuals who were hooked to it have been deprived of such a pleasurable and vital source. However, it is a delight to bring to your notice all of the dependable and trustworthy streaming services, such as  Rabb.it.

Now Let’s Have a Look at Few Rabb.it Alternatives :

Rabb.it was undoubtedly a useful venue for folks who couldn’t meet in person but would enjoy a nice talk over a good movie. Rabb.it is not the only platform that provides these services. In 2023, there will be about 50 credible rabb.it alternatives like the Amazon watch party, Watch2gether, and many more provide analogous services


Discord is very popular, and it lets friends chat with each other either one-to-one or as a group via a server. You can use it to send direct messages to friends, have video calls with friends, voice chat, and screen share.

Discord(rabb.it alternative #1)


  • Discord is free and available to all across many platforms such as mobile, browser, and desktop.
  • Very low-latency voice.
  • We can create a Private Discord server.


The interface may seem to be complicated for the first time.

Download link: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac

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Together TV

Together TV is a rabb.it an alternative that enables users to stream videos from popular platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube videos. A voice chat option is available. But unlike rabb.it, has no webcam messaging option.



  • The desktop application is available
  • Voice messaging supported
  • Streaming from your computer is available


     • No webcam messaging 


Invited.tv is another of many rabb.it alternatives you can try. Invited. tv lets you host watch parties using virtual browsers similar to rabb.it and discord, browsing the web with your friends by sharing the remote control. Watch Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, and more. It comes with optional subscription plans of $5/month and $50/year. The subscriptions allow you to skip waiting for a room during peak hours.

Invited TV(rabb.it alternative #3)


  • Private rooms.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free virtual machines.
  • Integrated text and voice chat.
  • Remote-control sharing options

Link: Invited.tv


Kosmi is another good rabb.it alternative that you can use to hang out with friends virtually for free, without any limits. To use this, you don’t need to install anything or even signup. We can also easily create a room where we can communicate over a webcam and chat. We can also share our browser tab or screen and share whatever is going on our screen.

Kosmi(rabb.it alternative #4)
Kosmi(rabb.it alternative #4)

Link: Kosmi


Teleparty is a Google Chrome extension. Before sharing, you and your friends also need to install this extension. After adding the extension, login to your Netflix account, and select a video to share with your friends. 

Teleparty(rabb.it alternative #5)

Download Link: Chrome


StreamParty is one of the best rabb.it alternatives in 2023. with an up-to-date video database of more than 100k+ movies and episodes that you can initiate with your StreamParty right on the spot. Users have a choice between public and private StreamPartys. Public ones are free of charge and can host can add up to 50 people in the stream. The event is listed on the dashboard, and interested people can join in to share their experiences.

StreamParty(alternative #6)

Meta stream

Metastram is another excellent rabb.it alternative for binge-watching with your friends. It has some incredible live synchronization playback because it uses proprietary technology to deliver the enhanced streaming experience to many people with approximately very low latency. It also offers on-screen chat, fast user management, bandwidth video queuing similar to rabb.it. Meta stream has almost every central streaming platform like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc. But it does not have the facility to stream downloaded media, audio support, or webcam support. If that’s okay for you, then Meta stream is one of the great alternatives.

Metastream(alternative #7)


Link: Meta stream


Rave is another rabb.it alternative. It is a web-based media platform, but it also acts as a social media center. Rave allows users to share music and videos with your friends so that you can listen and watch your content together. It is also available for mobile devices. Rave is one of the excellent rabb.it alternatives that also offer streaming services like rabb.it. 

Rave(rabb.it alternative #8)

You can also share your videos from Google Drive, YouTube, Reddit, Dropbox, Vimeo, and Viki. You can share your videos and music from your Dropbox. This app works with almost every device, both Android and iOS smartphones, windows.

Download link:Android,IOS,Windows,Mac


Watch2gether is another alternative to rabb.it that allows you to watch content and videos with friends together. You don’t need to sign up to create your chat rooms. When you start a chat room, you can invite anyone to join in your room. The only supported video streaming platforms available are Amazon, Dailymotion, Youtube, and Facebook. 

Watch2gether(alternative #9)
Watch2gether(alternative #9)

You can watch live Twitch streams and listen to music on the Soundcloud music platform. All users can search and play videos by their choice. But you can’t log into third-party accounts, which means you can not use Hulu and Netflix. But you will still have an extensive collection of free videos on the platform which it supports. However, it does not have a screen share option like rabb.it.

Link: Watch2gether


Two seven is a real-time video-sharing platform where you can watch videos with your friends and interact with them using the chat feature. However, they focus on live reaction using the webcam, top video streaming services support, and real-time experience with very low latency.

Twoseven(alternative #10)

It has support for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more. Twoseven also has a Chrome extension that lets you stream videos from any website.

Link: Twoseven

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a well-known Rabb.it is an alternative that lets you access and share all of your favourite videos with friends. It is far more configurable than Rabb.it and one of the most popular Rabb.it Alternatives.

netflic party

In the conversation, each tele party participant may be granted a fun symbol and moniker. Gifs, emoticons, and screenshots can also be shared.

Amazon Prime Day Watch Party

Amazon Watch Party is a video-sharing platform similar to Rabb.it. It lets you watch a wide range of movies and TV shows with up to 100 pals.

amazon prime day watch party

Although text chat is enabled and updated, unlike Rabb.it, AMAZON WATCH PARTY exclusively offers movies from its catalogue.


Kast, like Rabb.it, lets you stream movies, videos, and games. Voice and video chat are still available.


The sole distinction between the two is a name change. Said, Kast is the new Rabb.it, having acquired Rabb.it’s intellectual property, software, and other assets.

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Anime Party

Anime Party, like Rabb.it, is a no-frills website for streaming and viewing anime material. It features an anime library from which you can choose any material and begin viewing it immediately. You may make a private room and then invite your family and friends to use it.
You may also utilize the group chat function in this app, similar to Rabb.it TV, to keep connected. Aside from that, it has an excellent sync playback, and there will be no severe concerns when streaming videos. This is a Rabb.it-like platform for watching Anime Rabb.it streaming, which is illegal.

anime party

Based on my observation of reading the page, the quick answer is that Rabb.it has no authorization to do that. I believe they are attempting to get away with it for the same reasons that YouTube can host copyrighted content: D.M.C.A. protects Internet service providers such as web hosts. Thus, this is a cool option for Rabb.it alternatives.


As you can see there are many rabb.it alternatives in 2023 which work as good as rabb.it. It is now upto you to go and try these alternatives and see which ones work best for you.

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