14 Best Pushbullet Alternative Services to Consider Using in 2023

pushbullet alternative

Our technology is getting better every day. The era of transferring files with USB cables and PC suites is over. We prefer transferring files through a WIFI connective. Among every other medium of transferring files, Pushbullet is privileged. So there is a pushbullet alternative present, which is much easier to acquire.
If you are using windows for your PC, you might be aware of the Pushbullet client. A utility apparatus permits clients to transfer documents between Android and PC. Aside from that, Pushbullet is also used to send SMS, make calls, and set reminders. 

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List of the 14 Best Pushbullet Alternatives to Consider

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Pushbullet has two plans – Free and Premium. The free form functions admirably to move small files.
Clients look for Pushbullet alternatives. If you are looking for something similar, look at the best Pushbullet choices for Windows.            

Your Phone – Windows Companion

Windows Companion is one of the new Windows applications you can use. The incredible thing about Your Phone is that it’s created by Microsoft and is accessible for the two Windows 10 and Windows 11 working frameworks.
After setting up the My Phone – Windows Companion application on both PC and cell phone, you can have some control over Text messages, skype warnings, Microsoft Edge Notification, view gallery, and so forth with Your Phone. Clients need to download the Your Phone application on Windows and the Link to Windows application on Android to use this application.

Visit: My Phone


AirDroid is superior to Pushbullet as it permits clients to make calls, sync SMS, view call logs, and check notifications from the PC. In addition to that, however, AirDroid additionally enables clients to reflect their Android gadget’s screen to a PC.
Users may use AirDroid to mirror their mobile’s user interface on their PCs, creating a mirror effect on a larger screen. Users will be able to manage their messages and alerts from the convenience of their computers.

AirDroid’s paid version is believed to be more cost-effective and superior than PushBullet, making it the most acceptable PushBullet option to consider.

Visit: AirDroid


MightyText is perhaps the best PushBullet alternative on the list.
With MightyText, you can send and get SMS and MMS from your PC or tablet utilizing your ongoing Android telephone number.

Visit: MightyText

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere may be the best pick if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful application to move records from Android to your computer or PC to Android.
Prepare to be blown away! The best thing about Send Anywhere is that it’s accessible on practically all significant stages, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, etc. Like Pushbullet, Send Anywhere likewise permits clients to move various records quickly. Click here, to read about some alternatives of lucky patcher for breaking into the consent and make the essential changes and adjustments according to your desire.  

Visit: Send Anywhere


Yappy is another incredible pushbullet alternative that adjusts Phone messages, contacts, and displays. In addition to that, Yappy can likewise be utilized to answer messages and answer call right from the PC.
Yappy will undoubtedly prove to be a viable pushbullet option for many users. It also allows you to send text messages and take phone calls without using your phone. The best feature is that it can encrypt and transfer important texts to other people. As a result, user privacy is preserved, and data loss is avoided. You can send an unlimited amount of messages at no additional cost.

Visit: Yappy


Crono is the same as Pushbullet regarding the elements, yet it does a few other things. It allows you to reflect your Android notifications on a PC screen. You can peruse and answer SMS notices, WhatsApp messages, etc.

Additionally, you can like Instagram posts with Crono right from the work area screen. Indeed, the application further upholds call warnings, yet you can’t call a PC.

Crono is an excellent option to PushBullet if you’re seeking something comparable or even better. It provides everything under one roof, much as PushBullet. Crono has an excellent user interface, but it also enables you to get your alerts on your computer.
Crono also allows you to react to WhatsApp text messages and like Instagram pictures. A crucial feature to note is that when a user deletes a notice using Crono, the App also makes the necessary modifications to your device, reducing your double work to a single effort.

Users may also share clipboards from their phones to their laptops or computers using the App. When it comes to the App’s security, it is entirely safe and secure, with all data transmissions being encrypted end to end.

Visit: Crono


If you’re looking for a Pushbullet alternative for purposeful file sharing, Snapdrop is a good choice. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to share files between platforms without having to download any apps, create an account, or scan a QR code. Snapdrop Is An Open Source File Sharing Platform That Supports All Platforms. All you’ll need is a WiFi access point. You can start Snapdrop if your PC and phone are connected to the same WiFi network. Connect to the internet on both devices and begin sharing files.
Snapdrop is somewhat not the same as all others applications listed in the article. It’s a file-sharing application that allows you to share documents across different platforms. Click here, to know about video sharing apps. Find the video according to your need in just one click.

The exciting thing about Snapdrop is that it doesn’t need any application establishment, account creation, or QR code filtering. It’s a web application that shows all gadgets associated with your WiFi. You can pick the WiFi passageway to share documents across devices.

Visit: Snapdrop


Pushline is like the Pushbullet application, and it deals with an Android application and chrome browser. To access Pushline, clients need to introduce the Pushline application on their cell phone and the Pushline augmentation on the chrome program.
Once connected, Pushline reflects all telephone notices on the PC. Seriously fascinating that Pushline additionally permits clients to trade notes, share joins, acknowledge calls, send SMS, etc.

Visit: Pushline

Join by joaoapps

If you are looking for an Android app to rapidly do stuff from a distance from your PC, you want to check Join by job apps out. It is also a good pushbullet alternative.
With Join by job apps, you can undoubtedly send SMS messages from any internet browser with simply your Google Account. Aside from that, Join by job apps likewise offers remote composition, record sharing, and clipboard sharing highlights.

Visit: Join


Portal doesn’t permit clients to settle on and get decisions from a PC. It does any remaining things like transferring individual files, various documents, or full envelopes immediately. With Portal, you can peruse, open, or offer the records put away on your cell phones without much of a stretch.
Clients need to download and install the portal application on their cell phone and the chrome extension to use Portal.

Visit: Portal


Airmore is a popular free pushbullet alternative that may be used for various tasks. The app allows PC users to interface with the mobile device and efficiently execute multiple tasks.
Checking call logs, sending messages, and browsing contacts are all part of the process. The interactive web interface is convenient since it eliminates installing additional software. It allows you to snap screenshots and even see the entire smartphone screen on your computer.

Visit: AirMore

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FolderSync allows simple sync to and from folders on SD cards to cloud-based storage.
It supports a broad range of cloud providers and recording protocols, with support for more stages added regularly. On established gadgets, root documents get strengthened. 

Visit: FolderSync

KDE Connect

KDE Connect is another excellent free and open-source pushbullet alternative. For Linux, Android, Plasma Mobile, SailfishOS, FreeBSD, Windows, and macOS, download KDE Connect. You can donate to the software’s developers, but this is entirely optional.
You can email files back and forth between your mobile device and your desktop or laptop, which is a big plus for folks switching from Pushbullet. Then you may share a clipboard, manage media playback between devices, send remote input, view notifications, and even transmit remote information.

Visit: KDE Connect


EasyJoin is one of the most effective pushbullet alternatives because it has many features that Pushbullet does not. It is A Relatively New App Within The Android Ecosystem, But It Has Attracted A Large Following Among Geeks.
The main USP is that the app is free, and you may access a variety of essential features that are usually only available with paid plans. You can connect your smartphone to your computer to receive various notifications, for starters. You can also respond to messages and take specific actions like “mark for reading,” “snooze,” and “snooze again.”

Visit: EasyJoin

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If you’re looking for a safe and straightforward way to send and receive files, PushBullet should be your first choice. However, the fact is that the free edition of this App does not provide much, and the subscription version is rather pricey.

In this way, these are the best free Alternatives to Pushbullets that you can use today. I hope that this article helped you! 

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