How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing In 2023

pinterest affiliate marketing

Are you the one who runs to Pinterest for even the smallest amount of inspiration for tasks like what new Starbucks drink you should try? Ever wondered how all these pages posting images on Pinterest make money? How does Pinterest affiliate marketing work? This is the right place for you. You can also check out these interesting apps for android to meet new people on social media and make friends.

Pinterest is a social media app, but a different kind. People post pictures or ‘pins’ on Pinterest with a mandatory external link. Many content creators post their work on Pinterest; you can find someone on Pinterest whose work you like to admire or get inspiration from . You can save these pins in your created boards to create a mood board or inspiration board. Pinterest pays creators who post pins if they are a part of the creator’s program and meet all the eligibility criteria for getting paid. Pinterest affiliate marketing is another way of making money from Pinterest. That’s exactly why we are here.

Affiliated marketing is one of the side hustles that requires little effort but pays decently. Your job would be to bring traffic to the corresponding landing page, link, or youtube video through your pins. Every click on the affiliated link will get you a commission. In other words, you must make your pins convincing enough for someone to click on the link.

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How To Get Paid Using Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Kindly keep reading this article to find out how to get paid using Pinterest. There are various platforms for affiliated marketing, but Pinterest is the best because the Pinterest algorithm sends you pins related to your searches or you have clicked on. You don’t have to find the target audience; the content doesn’t get lost with other types of content like blogs or videos.

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Keep Your Pinterest Business Account Ready.

Below are the two ways you can create your business account:

  1. Visit the Pinterest business page. Click on the top right button to create a new on the top right button to create a new account
  2. Select ‘convert to business’ from the drop-down that appears after clicking on your profile to convert your existing profile to a business 'convert to business' from the drop-down that appears after clicking on your profile to convert your existing profile to a business account

It will ask you for details on your user name, blog name, what kind of content you are focusing and what your goals are. Like it says on the landing page of the Pinterest business page, it’s different because the business account will show you the performance and analytics of your pins. It also allows you to make your ads.

Sign Up To Be An Affiliate

The next step would be choosing a product or website to promote. There are two ways to do this: link your blog promoting some products or use other websites‘ affiliated links. One example about later is amazon affiliate links interest.

sign up to be an affiliate

You have to be careful when deciding on which website’s content to promote because certain brands don’t allow you to promote their links. Do not forget to sign up for the Pinterest affiliate program.

Create Multiple Boards

Let’s talk about work, shall we? You will first have to decide your niche or categories of your pins and create multiple boards for your pins. Name all the boards with keywords related to your niche. For example, if your focus is fashion, you can create boards like the outfit of the day, trendy outfits, styling tips, etc.

create multiple boards

Create different sets of boards for additional products or blogs. For example- if you want to promote art, you can create boards like- art supplies, easy canvas paintings, art inspo, and famous artwork. These boards will make it easy for your audience to navigate pins.

Create Creative Pins

Once your boards are ready to go, you are good to go to start posting pins. You have to create pins that promote the product in the link. Key points to keep in mind while creating pins should be that it should be engaging, and the audience should be able to tell right away what page they will land on just by looking at it.

create creative pins

You can get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and find free and amazing pin templates from Canva. All the pins should be vertical images with a 2:3 ratio with an ideal dimension of 735×1102 pixels. Although Pinterest has a fixed width of 238 pixels, there’s no limit on length so that you can add longer images. Read this article to find out how to crop an image in illustrator.

Cloaking Is Strictly Prohibited In Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Cloaking is like baiting the audience into one thing, but instead, they land on a different page. Some affiliated links do use pretty links, but it’s not ethical. Pinterest has mentioned in their community guidelines that they encourage you to follow the ‘no surprise’ principle. Pinners should be able to know where this link is taking them.

cloaking is strictly prohibited in pinterest affiliate marketing

Another thing to take care of while doing pinterest affiliate marketing is you always run a test on the affiliated link to see if it’s working or not. It might affect your revenue flow. Once the link is somehow broken, and you have already posted your pins, the only way to fix it would be to recreate a new pin and post the link again.

Always Disclose Affiliate Links.

One of the most important rules for affiliate marketing on Pinterest is being completely transparent with your audience. By disclosing affiliated links, you need to label your pins as ‘sponsored’ or ‘affiliated’ tags.

always disclose affiliated links

This protects the audience from clicking on paid posts if they don’t want to. This is mandatory, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also connect your Pinterest account with Twitter.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: Focus On Visibility

Now that the technical part is done, you focus on promoting your Pinterest affiliate marketing page and pins to an even bigger audience. You should follow other pinners to gain visibility. You can share popular pins on your other boards as well. Or go for the hack- You can join group boards.

pinterest affiliate marketing focus on visibility

Once you join a group board, you get all their followers, and they get yours. Be sure to join committees from the same niche. Otherwise, it can confuse your followers.

Be Professional And Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling your posts works like magic if you want to post consistently and give your audience something to look forward to. If they know you are going to post on Monday, they will make sure to check your profile on Monday for sure. Posting consistently also notifies the Pinterest algorithm that you are an active user, and they should promote your post to the relevant audience.

be professional and schedule your posts

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Optimize SEO

Like any other search engine, Pinterest is the biggest virtual search engine; therefore, optimizing SEO makes sense here. You can use third-party tools to search for focus and specific keywords and make sure to add that in board names, image descriptions, and titles.

optimize SEO

SEO is a necessary tool for people who use Pinterest for affiliate marketing. If you are a regular pinner and do not promote other products, it can be useful if your audience likes it.

Be Active And Make Friends.

This goes without saying; any marketing requires customer interaction. Pages that interact more are likely to get more followers.

be active and make friends

Reply to the comments under your pins or leave a question for your audience to answer in the comments.

Self-Analyze Your Pins Analytics

Feedback is the key to improving the performance of your pins. Luckily you don’t have to be criticized by a board of jury here, pun intended.

self-analyze your pins analytics

You can check it on your Pinterest business page under pin’s analytics. If not, you can also use other tools to analyze what pin worked for you and which one you need to improve.


Is Pinterest a preferred platform for affiliated marketing?

Yes, Pinterest is one of the best platforms for affiliated marketing. The Pinterest algorithm always brings you organic traffic on your blog or the affiliated link you use.

What is the minimum number of followers on Pinterest to get paid?

Pinterest does not pay you directly after a certain amount of followers. You must be a part of their creators' reward program to get paid. There are other terms and conditions as well to decide if you fall into their eligibility criteria to get paid.

Do you need a blog to post on Pinterest?

No, you do not a blog to start posting on Pinterest. You can just add your email or your social media links as external links for your pins. You can also go for affiliated links and try earning a commission while promoting.

Does Pinterest allow affiliated marketing?

Yes, they support affiliated marketing, but you might want to read all the rules and tricks before you start marketing on Pinterest. They have strict policies to protect the pinners from landing on unwanted pages.


I hope this article enlightened you about Pinterest affiliate marketing. We got to know why Pinterest is the best app to try affiliate marketing and earn a constant side revenue without much effort. Perfect for students who have a good idea of using Canva and SEO and want to earn with their busy schedule of school/college. Read this article to check about micro blogging.

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