7 Best Phones Compatible With Straight Talk In 2023

7 best phones compatible with straight talk in 2022

Before we discuss Straight Talk compatible devices, we need to start with the concept of Straight Talk itself. The idea is that in comparison to substantial corporate companies like AT&T, Verizon, and, T-Mobile, Straight Talk provides you with much cheaper plans. These plans are famous for their unlimited data for $45-$65. In its affordable plans, straight Talk is also a pan-America service, including Canada and Mexico. One of the most important advantages of this alternative service is that it does not ask you to fill up long-term contracts. Plans are usually available for a month.

It is 2023, and here are the top 7 phones compatible with Straight Talk. It’s best to consider buying at least one of these devices as a customer. It is also essential to have the most fun with phones, isn’t it? Then try this best anonymous voice changer.


But How Does It Offer Much Cheaper Plans?

Straight Talk provides its plans through MVNO, which is short for Mobile Virtual Network Operators. This means that Straight Talk themselves do not own the network they are running their wireless carrier on. They buy these networks through more prominent companies, as we mentioned above. Companies sell these services at lower prices. From there, Straight Talk provides its customers with affordable plans.

Though it comes with some mildly discomforting problems like bad reception at points, the service does not provide LTE service. But if you can look across these issues, we have the 7 best phones compatible with Straight Talk.

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Top 7 Phones Compatible With Straight Talk

Though most of these phones were introduced to the market years ago, they are all compatible with Straight Talk.

iPhone 13

As a flagship phone, iPhone 13 becomes a carnival sort of situation for the supporters of Straight Talk. Though the whole series has phones compatible with Straight Talk wireless services, model 13 is a good start.


This model is affordable but also has enough firepower to stand out as a flagship phone. Model 13 is also essential as a Straight Talk phone because you are not sacrificing much to afford cheap network plans.


  • Screen–6.1 inches
  • Display–OLED Display
  • Resolution–2532 X 1170
  • OS–iOS 15.1
  • Hardware–Apple A15 Bionic
  • RAM–4GB
  • Main Camera–12 and 12MP
  • Selfie Camera–12MP
  • Battery–3240 mAh

LG Stylo 5

Available at $300, LG Stylo 5 was launched three years ago. The phone is equipped with pretty relevant software and hardware for anyone to use in today’s time. That said, it runs on an old OS and might not be your cup of tea—nevertheless, the model fashions an excellent camera and even better battery life.

lg stylo 5

So you can always give LG Stylus 5 phone in 2023 for Straight Talk a try. 


  • Screen–6.2 inches
  • Display–IPS LCD
  • Resolution–1080 X 2160
  • OS–Android 9
  • Hardware–Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450
  • RAM–3GB
  • Main Camera–13MP
  • Selfie Camera–5MP
  • Battery–3500 mAh

Visit: LG Stylo 5

iPhone SE 

Apple is not known for its compatibility. Usually, the device becomes a flagship marker for rigid company design and an OS that is customer-based, not allowing many changes.

iphone se

But still, iPhones are pretty standard for Straight Talk, and some precise phones are compatible with it. Launched in 2021, the SE model packs a punch for anyone willing to settle with an old model. 


  • Screen–4.7 inch
  • Display–IPS LCD
  • Resolution–1334 X 750
  • OS–iOS 15
  • Hardware–Apple A13 Bionic
  • RAM–4GB
  • Main Camera–12MP
  • Selfie Camera–7MP
  • Battery–1821 mAh

Pixel 6 Pro

More on the latest times cell phones, we have Google’s flagship. Knowing the phone was launched in January 2022, it has impressive specifications. This model is powerful enough to be in your use in 2023 and even further. The model does not lack behind in anything. It comes under one of the best phones compatible with Straight Talk.

pixel 6 pro-phones compatible with straight talk

With luxury features like a triple camera and a big-screen Pixel 6 Pro becomes one of the most expensive phones on this list that are compatible with Straight Talk.


  • Screen–6.71 inches
  • Display–LPTO AMOLED
  • Resolution–1440 X 3120
  • OS–Android 12
  • Hardware–Google Tensor
  • RAM–12Gb
  • Main Camera–50, 48 and 12MP 
  • Selfie Camera–11.1MP
  • Battery–5003 mAh

Visit: Pixel 6 Pro

Motorola Edge 

Coming to a little more pocket-friendly phones, this model is compatible with Straight Talk at a lower price. With a fantastic camera and high RAM, the cell phone would not let you down.

motorola edge

Also, the phone packs a battery life that can go face to face with our previous entry, which is very expensive.


  • Screen–6.8 inches
  • Display–LCD HDR10
  • Resolution–1080 X 2460
  • OS–Android 11
  • Hardware--Qualcomm SM7325 Snapdragon 778G 5G
  • RAM–8GB
  • Main Camera–108, 8 and 2MP
  • Selfie Camera–32MP
  • Battery–5000 mAh

Visit: Motorola Edge 2021

Galaxy S20 FE

As our first entry from Samsung, this model is one of the more pocket-friendly old phones compatible with Straight Talk. With the S20 family, Straight Talk was highly picky and only chose the FE model for its official compatibility.

samsung s20 fe

Though a little old (the official launch date is 2020), the model would be counted as an average entry in our 2023 list. The phone does contain features like fingerprint scanners, fast charging, and relatively long battery life.


  • Screen–6.5 inches
  • Display–Super AMOLED HDR10+
  • Resolution–1080  X 2400
  • OS–Android 10-12
  • HardwareQualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G
  • RAM–6/8GB
  • Main Camera–12, 8 and 12MP
  • Selfie Camera–32MP
  • Battery–4500 mAh

Visit: Galaxy S20 FE

Alcatel TCL A3X

This is a rather peculiar selection in our lists. Alcatel series of phones are primarily known for being compatible with Straight Talk wireless networks. The phone is also available at low prices on both Straight Talk and TracFone websites. Under the label of Straight Talk phones, this model is the cheapest possible handset one can buy for wireless service.

alcatel acl 3ax-phones compatible with straight talk

We are not saying it’s one of the best devices on our list but also not the worst considering its price. You can also judge yourself by going through the specs.


  • Screen–6 inches
  • Display–LCD
  • Resolution–720 X 1440
  • OS–Android
  • Hardware–Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 (SM4250) 1.8 GHz Octa-core processor
  • RAM–3GB
  • Main Camera–13, 5 and 2MP
  • Selfie Camera–5MP
  • Battery–3500 mAh

Visit: Alcatel TCL A3X

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The network giants working in the USA offer expensive plans on long-term bases. A customer is then compelled to pay heavy prices for network services. Often, this decision to stay with your network provider is reluctantly motivated. But services like Straight Talk wireless networks provide a way out of this issue.

With cheaper plans and unlimited data, it becomes crucial in American countries to shift to a better alternative. In this article, we shared multiple phones compatible with Straight Talk. These devices are cheap, expensive, new, and old. We tried to cover all the fields for our audience for easier maneuverability. Based on all kinds of brands, these 7 devices can help you register through Straight Talk.

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