Naturally, you want to keep your phone off while charging it. You want to get notifications, respond to texts, or finish your TV show. But why do you have the issue with your Phone Only Charges When Off? Why is it necessary to constantly switch off your phone before charging it? That could be due to various factors, but after reading this article, you’ll know how to correct it.

charges when off

Even using a different Charger or charging method, your phone doesn’t charge until switched off could be because of Bad Battery. You need to replace the Battery. You can visit the official service provider for your brand to replace the damaged Battery.

Your phone may, in the majority of cases, only charge when it turns off due to minor problems like a broken charging port or transient system errors. The possible reasons are charging port, contact lenses, charger cable, Battery, etc. One of the only ways to determine what’s going on is to look through the list of issues and determine which best describes your phone. Although it may take some time to resolve, after this, you will have either resolved your charge issue or will know where to begin.

Phone Only Charges When Off

Here are a few explanations why your Phone Only Charges When Off. You could easily find solutions by identifying the issues.

Modify The Charging Port on Your Phone Slightly

Inadequate phone charging is frequently caused by poor electrical contact.

The charging cable fits into the port on your phone for charging. Therefore, the electronics of the phone’s port and the charging cable must make good contact for the phone to charge efficiently. The charging port and charging cord on your phone deteriorate with repeated use. This may prevent the cable from adequately contacting the electronics inside the port.

Take the phone’s Battery out. Here is a really easy way to fix a phone that won’t charge while on the problem:

  1. Offset the power on your phone or Tablet with HDMI. offset the power on your phone
  2. Look inside the port in excellent lighting to check if the casing or pins are fine. phone charging port bend
  3. If they are, gently adjust them with a paperclip, toothpick, or tiny flathead screwdriver. paperclip tooth pick
  4. Reconnect the phone’s charging port with the charging cable. reconnect the phone's charging port with the charging cable

This is one of the most frequent problems resulting in Phone Only Charges When Off.

Wash Your Contact lenses

People frequently carry their phones in their pockets. Even when the electronics in your phone’s charging port and cable align, a reasonable charge still delivers, as the phone only charges when turned off.

  • This may occur if your pockets contain lint, dirt, or other contaminants that contaminate the electrical contacts. pockets contain lint
  • Examine the charging port’s interior with a powerful flashlight. A can of compressed air is the most effective tool for cleaning the port. compressed-air
  • If you detect a ball of lint or other material, remove it with a paper clip or toothpick. Avoid using toilet paper, cotton swabs, and other lint-producing cleaning supplies. toothpick in phone
  • You DO NOT want to void your phone’s warranty by performing repairs that call for a qualified technician. technician

Your phone’s charging speed increases by carefully maintaining clean electrical contacts in the charging port and cable.

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Examine Your Charger Cable

If your phone doesn’t charge when turned on, your electrical contacts are clean, and your port pins are properly positioned, your charging cable may be to blame.

  • Charging cords are constructed from bundles of very thin copper wires. Because of its better conductivity, copper is preferred. However, it is somewhat brittle and breaks down when put under pressure repeatedly. charging cords
  • Despite the violence they receive, charging cords are routinely ignored. The moment they begin to malfunction after that, we invariably act astonished.
  • Continually bending, tugging, and repeating motions wear out the charging cable. This is especially true if the cable is often bent past 90 degrees. charging cord broken
  • Checking your charging cord is easy enough.
  • Try a different charging cord to see if your phone starts to charge more effectively. Quick and easy!

Please ensure your Phone with built-in projectors are compatible with the charging cable and adapter you are trying.

If the cables and adapters are incompatible, your phone may not charge at all or charge slowly and ineffectively. Additionally, they might harm your gadget! Phone only charges when off

Examine Your Battery

Our smartphones and tablets’ lithium-ion batteries are not meant to last a lifetime.

In fact, with typical use, most batteries must be replaced in roughly 2 years.

Why does my phone only charge when it’s off? In the world of batteries, it is how things are! Your Battery may need to change sooner the more to charge and discharge.

    • Therefore, if your Battery is less than a year old and isn’t taking a reasonable charge, it can be faulty.
    • To find out if your device warranty covers this situation, check it.warranty coverage
  • Contacting the manufacturer and requesting a new battery could be necessary. requesting a new phone battery
  • Numerous studies are being conducted to develop phone batteries that are safer, more durable, affordable, and simple to charge.
  • We must all do our best to resolve our battery Charging problems for now.
  • Your phone’s Battery will likely end its limited life if it is Over a year old. replacing phone battery
  • Replacing it is the best course of action. Contacting the maker or merchant you bought the gadget from is your only real option if the Battery on your device cannot remove or if doing so breaks your warranty. Hence phone only charges when off.

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Improve Your Charging Source

You might not utilize the ideal location to plug in your Phone. It Only Charges When Off.

  • As an illustration, a wall plug provides significantly more electricity than a USB connector on the side of your laptop. wall plug
  • Each one of them provides a certain amount of electricity.
  • Decide where to charge your devices. decide where to charge your devices
  • Once more, confirm that your adapters and charging cords are compatible with your smartphone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions so the phone only charges when off.

Turn Off All of Your Apps

  • Apps use power.
  • These can influence your phone or tablet’s “discharge.”
  • Discharge is a term used to describe how quickly a phone’s Battery is losing its current charge. phone's battery is losing its current charge
  • For instance, it won’t work as well as if you initially switched off the PUBG Mobile app before attempting to charge your phone’s Battery. turn off your energy-draining apps
  • Turn off your energy-draining apps to keep your Battery charging more quickly! On Android and iPhone, follow these instructions to disable an app.

Keeping your device’s discharge rate lower than its charging rate will be beneficial if the phone only charges when off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my phone's battery drain when it's charging?

When the phone turns off, charges, and operates, it requires more input power than when you turn it on. The phone starts draining the Battery when the current draw is too great for the charger to handle. Get a dedicated charger first, and attempt to utilize an original one.

How should you proceed if your phone won't charge?

Get a dedicated charger first, and attempt to utilize an original one. Verify that your OS is up to date; your phone's age may prevent it from functioning properly if the charging current is insufficient. In such a case, try downgrading it.

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Most of the time, a quick tweak and a few seconds will be all that needs to fix your phone only Charges When Off. If the pin is not the issue, patiently go through each step of the charging process to identify the root of the problem. You can still mend your Android even if it has yet to malfunction in this manner.

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