Top 4 Pdf Voice Reader For Windows [Full Review]

software that reads pdf aloud

There is no denying that reading is enjoyable, but there are occasions when you would prefer to hear it said. Pdf voice reader for Windows makes it easy to read.

Adobe Reader reads Adobe PDF documents out loud. You can easily access this feature through a built-in PC Adobe Reader Tool.

Use a PDF voice reader tool to make your life easier. Using a voice reader might be your saving grace for this and other reasons. The best pdf voice readers for Windows are- Adobe Acrobat Reader and Natural Reader, Power Text to Speech Reader, Balabolka, and many more. We’re discussing the What is the program that reads pdf aloud? What software reads pdf aloud and is the best voice reader for Windows in this article? Continue reading to know more.

4 Pdf Voice Reader For Windows

Here are the best Pdf editors for Windows

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Most users read PDF files on their Windows-based computers using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can translate pdf text to speech windows through this. Adobe Reader is most likely installed on your computer, but you can download the most recent version if needed. 

When you’re finished, open and edit any PDF file you wish to have read to you; it should do so by default with Adobe Reader. As necessary, uncheck the addons. If not, use the Open With option on the right-click menu.adobe acrobat readerOpen the PDF file, then pick View > Read Out Loud at the bottom of the list. You’ll need to turn it on there. Although the feature is enabled, how do you use it? Simple. You can hear a paragraph read aloud by clicking on it. 

Ideally, a progress indicator should appear somewhere in the middle of Adobe reading to you. 

Natural Readers

Natural Readers is the next voice reader. It is one of the best pdf voice readers for Windows 10. It has several features, such as making audio files from PDF files and converting text to audio. You can download and listen to these audio files on your mobile device.

Features of Natural Readers:

  • The speed & speaker settings are adjustable. 
  • It supports Word, TXT, ePub, and other file types in addition to PDFs. 
  • You can utilize the online version to have it read complete web pages. 
  • For reading blogs & news stories, this is incredibly helpful.
  • Both the iOS and Android platforms have apps available. 
  • There are two voices available for selection.
  • It makes the experience more human.natural reader

A Professional version of the program is also available from Natural Reader for a one-time fee of $129.50, as is an Ultimate edition for $199.50. OCR is now supported, allowing you to digitize printed text & then have it read aloud. 

There are up to 6 voices available for selection. Using a sophisticated pronunciation editor, you can alter how a word sounds. Make it sound extra human instead of robotic, you know. One of the most excellent PDF voice readers for Windows is Natural Reader..

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Read Aloud

Powerful and full of features, Natural Reader is not free. Although Adobe Reader is free, it only provides basic reading choices. Here comes the following pdf to audio reader Read Aloud. This Microsoft product is free software that falls somewhere in the middle. Read Aloud can read PDF files, web pages, and various other formats on your computer, including Word, Epub, TXT, DOCX, and more. You can exchange files with the app directly if you are running Windows 10 and the Edge browser.

It has a feature to adjust the settings to change the fonts, color scheme, pitch rate, speed, and volume. You can also make your colors. To alter how a word sounds, you can utilize the pronunciation editor. It allows more flexibility over Read Aloud’s appearance, feel, and aloud To transfer text around and decipher what it means, it has a built-in dictionary & a clipboard manager. However, Read Aloud is only accessible to Windows 10 users.

As you know, Edge is only accessible on Windows 10 and later. It also functions on computers running Windows 7 and 8. It is possible to make it function with IE thanks to a useful plugin that is readily available. 


You can convert and save the PDF files in audio formats such as MP3, MP4, OGG, & WMA using Balabolka. It implies more choices. There is a portable version that you can carry around and install on a pen drive. It’s beneficial for those who frequently travel or use several computers.balabolka It was set up on a pendrive I used with my laptop. It supports different voices and languages (8 utilizing Microsoft’s SAPI 4). You can customize the UI’s appearance using a skin pack to modify the fonts and colors. Both pitch and pace are adjustable.


Which PDF Voice Reader for Windows 10 is the best?

Another excellent speech PDF reader for Windows is Read Aloud. The text-to-speech format conversion procedure is the main feature of this software, among its many remarkable characteristics. In addition to PDF, it supports several other file types, including Word, Epub, TXT, and DOCX. Additionally, this program can manage websites.

Which is the best pdf audio reader?

PDFelement is an excellent PDF Audio reader program for converting PDF text to audio. However, it is a great PDF solution program and a PDF Audio reader. You should modify PDF files and convert them to Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, among other things.

How to read a PDF?

Acrobat Reader by Adobe Popular PDF reader software is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Choose a section of the PDF, right-click, and choose 'Read aloud selection' to accomplish this. Additionally, you can alter the reader's voice, reading pace, language, and other features.

Which text-to-speech program is the best?

The Natural Reader is a Text to Speech program that may be downloaded and used on Windows and Mac computers. Using this software, you can alter the voices and reading pace. It also offers a premium edition with more features. Online PDF voice readers are also available.

How can a PDF be turned into a voice file?

With the help of the well-liked iPhone app Voice Dream Reader, you can turn your PDF files into voice files. Thirty-six voices and 27 languages are present. The app can be fairly pricey, yet it supports many files.

How can a PDF be read out loud?

You may use Adobe Reader to have your files read aloud and even tailor the experience to your preferences by adjusting the narrator's voice and reading speed. Open Reader, then go to the page of the document you want to read out loud. Click View, followed by Read Out Loud, from the top left menu.


We have made this guide on pdf voice reader for Windows. You can try out these best pdf voice readers and choose which best suits you. Adobe Reader is the best choice for straightforward use situations. Natural Reader will do you well if you can afford to pay for software, want decent assistance, or even need a commercial version. Adobe Reader is a fantastic choice if you want to get it done and don’t need anything fancy.