Absolute Android TV’s OctaStream collection of Kodi devices and the Superbox. It serves as a streaming multimedia IPTV device operating on Android platforms. They have comparable advantages, such as rapid and dependable functioning. Let’s try to learn about Octastream vs Superbox.

One of the most common differences between Octastream vs Superbox. is here. The e-Stream Smart Super box S2 Pro has four gigabytes of RAM. & sixteen gigabytes of storage, costing $299. It is powered on Android 7.0 Nougat, which was introduced in 2016. The most expensive OctaStream Q1 Max model costs $375. At the very least, you get more sophisticated technology for that money.

Let’s have a thorough overview of both Kodi devices. You may find out more about the characteristics associated with both smartphones. Read to get complete detail about Octastream vs Superbox.

Octastream All About

Before you know about Octastream vs Superbox., learn about Octastream in detail. The groundbreaking Octastream IPTV box runs the most recent version of Android OS. And a quad-core ARM cortex-A9 CPU and quad-core GPU power it. Several live ways, films, and series are already loaded onto one box and prepared for usage. At your fingertips, a connection to your preferred channels.


Never again pay for cable. With this box, you may access dozens of music, sports, pay-per-view, and movie channels. Daily, our engineer adds more channels, films, and television shows.

When loaded, Octastream IPTV boxes provide WiFi connectivity. And safety features, including visual streams that range between 480 to 1080. A/V cables, a handheld control, and one included power adaptor. Whatever you wish to stream.

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How Will Octastream Function?

Accessing the web from a cell device (watching your data usage) is possible. This device operates by streaming content over the internet. All you need is that. We can program the gadget with the top internet-based apps. The Wii U can also be utilized to stream content due to its Android operating system.

function of octastream

We’ll inform you about the best apps when you buy them from us.

Superbox Guide

SuperBox S3 Pro is the majority intuitive and steadiest English-based smartphone TV. The container for your house viewing amusement for 2024. Superbox renders it accessible and straightforward to observe your preferred TV. Superbox substitutes your prohibitive cable devices. And observes what you adore—all while preserving money.

superboxYou only need to shell out your Super Box S3 Pro once, so there are no monthly costs.

Voice Management: The Superbox S3 Pro includes a remote and a voice control feature. You can access your websites and shows more.

1,000+ HD Users may view neighborhood and popular television networks on Superbox. You need to get cable alongside exclusive live channels.

Network TV, regional locals, pay-per-view occurrences, NHL, Canada (English & French), Latin America (Spanish), Philippines. It encompasses live broadcasts and media (sports, politics, cultural events, etc.).

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Streaming Superbox

SuperBox Media Technology creates and manufactures. The well-known SuperBox S1 Pro, S1 Plus, S2 Pro, and S3 Pro are among the upcoming most fabulous IPTV boxes. SuperBox promises to address the demands of all households by providing an affordable & outstanding broadcast environment.

streaming superbox

This English-based Android television device will assist you in getting the most out of your residence’s streaming media. SuperBox, like every other IPTV box, needs a television link and a link to the internet.

The SuperBox S3 Pro features an Android 9.0 STB, 2GB DDR RAM, and 32GB preservation. And dual-band Wireless for steady viewing. The device is one of the most sophisticated voice-controlled Android television devices. On the marketplace, you are now featuring a network link & two exterior antennas.

The SuperBox S3 Pro is a speech assistant-enabled system. That varies from the SuperBox S2 Professional in specific ways, including a minor alteration in the search result screen. It additionally features an updated interface and various icons.

This SuperBox TV features an elongated rectangular form. An LED exhibit and new software. The SuperBox S3 Pro is making it one of the most desirable IPTV devices this year.

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Octastream vs Superbox.

Octastream offers cheaper rates than its competitors. You can access live TV, films, and series when you buy the box. Users get the chance to watch a plethora of TV series and movies. No more charges are required. Thanks to the preinstalled application store. You can install programs and receive over-the-air updates.

comparision of octastream and superbox

To learn about the differences between Octastream vs Superbox., learn about the features.

The anterior Octastream device is designed to enable high-quality streaming. Offers 4K UHD definition and 3D films with excellent hdr10 and h.265 video decoder. That provides a better video experience with minimal buffering. These were some features of Octastream, the first step to Octastream vs Superbox.. After knowing the characteristics of Octastream, let’s try to learn about Superbox.

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These are some features of Superbox.

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Voice Command:

One of the most notable characteristics distinguishing the S3 Pro. The expensive wireless control’s Bluetooth and infrared capabilities are the most effective IPTV device. Users can immediately access voice control when you couple the receiver with the receiver and push the voice option.

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voice command

You do not need to get the Google Assistant software program to use the Audio Management controller on the SuperBox S3 Pro. To regulate this, hit the microphone command and talk into it.

New User Interface and Hotkeys:

When you switch on the interface, you’ll notice a novel layout identical to the S2 Pro. Yet, besides all your employed programs and web pages. One may add favorites to the main page shortcuts. A meteorological emblem occupies the focal point of the panel.

new user interface

To understand Octastream vs Superbox. completely. It indicates the current climate conditions in that region. Let’s get to know about Superbox features.

One compares dual WiFi and 2X2 Dual Antenna to the S2 Pro. Users can configure hotkeys. To feed specific programs by tapping the “FN” symbol. Allowing for convenience in opening selected applications with only one hit.

Besides gigabit LAN port access, the SuperBox S3 Pro employs 2T2R. Two transmitters and two receivers outside antennae for long-distance WiFi connectivity. Dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) and diverse internet scenarios.

4K Home Theatre Entertainment:

SuperBox’s superior viewing and decryption technology makes it simple. Hook up with an HDR television to experience the greatest picture resolution.

4k home theatre entertainment

Furthermore, it adopts 2T2R technology. This streaming device can provide 60% greater speed and stability. Then, using its Real-Time Weather icon. You can check your local weather. And browse your favorite programs using its hotkeys feature. These were some of the Octastream vs Superbox.


Why does the Octastream IPTV box function so well?

The device operates by Android 9.0, a platform designed only for Android TV. It follows that you enjoy viewing television at its finest via stream. Additionally, we have a large, powerful server. That can contain a lot of movies and television shows. With the greatest hardware decoding and top-notch technical help. Our IPTV box can function without streaming issues.

What our furnished Octastream IPTV device may offer?

Most viewers should be more preoccupied with the material they are privy to. You get a connection to Blue TV & Blue Vod and over 2500+ North American streaming methods. Via the Octastream IPTV Instant streaming of over 10,000 films and television shows. Additionally, the IPTV platform offers 100+ complimentary streaming sporting events.100+ 24/7

Who is Superbox's authorized distributor?

The authorized distributor is SUPERBOXHOME. They offer only licensed and approved Superbox items. They offer more personalized technical help and a refund and exchange guarantee.

What is the warranty policy of Superbox?

The trouble of your Superbox or Android television device has a warranty. The warranty duration for the Superbox is one year. Contact the support team whenever you experience it. Their technical support team makes every effort to resolve the issue. In the worst-case scenario, if your gear has many cases, they will fix them within a year.


This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the key factors you need to consider when deciding between Octastream and Superbox. Firstly, we will explore the unique features of both devices and then dive deeper into the details of each factor. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of each device’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, we will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Furthermore, we will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the key differences between Octastream and Superbox.

Overall, this guide will provide you with a detailed comparison of both devices and equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your needs. If you found this tutorial helpful, please share it with anyone who is also trying to decide between the two.

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