Do This If You Are Not Getting Emails On iPhone [Full guide]

emails on iphone

This article will assist you if you are not Getting Emails On iPhone. People still use emails for formal communication, despite the dominance of texting and workplace communication platforms like Slack. Here are some fixes if you aren’t receiving emails on your iPhone or if they aren’t appearing in your Mail app’s inbox.

Resetting passwords and keeping track of essential information is still largely reserved for emails, even if you don’t use them for business-related purposes. Not to mention that some people depend on email correspondence for their livelihood. Check out how to fix a cracked iPhone screen.

Not Getting Emails On iPhone or receiving them slowly can be a serious problem. Before contacting Apple Support, here are some things we advise you to try. Once you’ve made these adjustments, you should start getting emails and notifications. Let’s get going.

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Reasons For Not Getting Emails On iPhone?

See them listed if you are not Getting mails On iPhone below.

Verify The Network Connection On Your iPhone

To access email, you must be linked to a cellular network, such as a 4G LTE network provided by your phone provider or a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Tap Settings > Cellular >, then slide the Cellular Data slider to off/white, then back to on/green to establish a connection to a cellular network. iphone settings cellular
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi in the iPhone Settings to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

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Check Your Email Password And Username

You’ll probably get a pop-up box, in that case, requesting you to reenter your username or password.

not getting emails on iphone

You might want to delete the mail account settings iPhone from your phone and re-add it if you don’t see the pop-up. See the section after this one that describes how to achieve that. Maybe now your problem of not getting emails on iPhone might have been solved. Check out how to edit a PDF in mac.

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Restart The App After Closing It

Relaunching the app is one simple repair for an app that isn’t performing as it should. It might fix a few issues that prevent Mail from functioning. 

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Verify The Email Settings on iPhone

Not getting email on iPhone? On the iPhone, email accounts can be configured to check email periodically (every 30 minutes, for instance) or to push Mail to your device as soon as it arrives. Your settings impact how your email shows up on your phone.

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Reboot Your iPhone 

Restarting your phone is a frequent iPhone troubleshooting technique if your Internet connection is strong, your settings are correct, and you’ve already restarted the Mail app.


reboot iphone

Unbelievably, rebooting iPhone apps can fix a ton of issues. Your phone could occasionally benefit from a restart.

Update iOS Either With or Without iTunes

Make sure your iOS is up to date. Updated versions provide bug fixes and feature upgrades. Only the most recent iOS version is compatible with the change. Your email issues could result from a flaw fixed in the most recent iOS update or your email provider changed settings. This is another way o solve if you are not getting emails on iPhone.

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Remove The Email Account From Your iPhone Before Adding It

You will not receive an email if you set up the Account on your phone using the incorrect server address, username, or password.  If none of these solutions have worked and you’re still experiencing issues not Getting Emails On iPhone email or iPhone not working, there could not be a hardware issue. 

You won’t be able to receive an email if you set up the Account on your phone using the incorrect server address, username, or password. The issue may instead be with the settings you’re using. Updated iOS versions provide bug fixes and feature upgrades. 

not getting emails on iphone

Your email issues could result from a flaw fixed in the most recent iOS update, or it’s conceivable that your email client and provider changed certain settings. 

After deleting the email account from your phone, check all the settings you should need to access this Account. Only the most recent iOS version is compatible with the change. Delete the email account if that applies. Follow the steps to add the email account on your iPhone once more.

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Speak With Your Email Provider

If your email is not working and you are not able to get emails on iPhone, get help from direct tech support if necessary. Getting in touch with your email provider is an excellent first step (Google for Gmail, Yahoo for Yahoo Mail, etc.). Support options vary depending on the email provider, but a good starting point is to log into your email account online and then search for Help or Support links.

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Contact Apple For Direct Assistance 

If your email provider cannot assist, you might be dealing with a greater or more complicated issue than you can handle. The best course of action in that situation is usually to bring your iPhone and all of the information about the email account to the closest Apple Store for technical support (you can also call Apple for support). Learn how to transfer messages and contacts from android to iPhone.

not getting emails on iphone

Even yet, if you want to be sure you get assistance, schedule an appointment before visiting an Apple Store.

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Check Your IT Department

Contact your IT department should contact your IT department if it is a work account. The issue could not even be with your iPhone if you attempt to access a work email account and how to check email on your iPhone. The email server from which you’re trying to get emails can be the source of the issue.

A short-term issue could restrict your iPhone’s access to that server or an unnoticed configuration change. If the account in question is used for work, contact your company’s IT department to see if they can offer assistance.

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What should I do if my emails are not accessible?

Find out what to do if you cannot send it or why am i not receiving emails on my iPhone using your email address. Ensure your email account's password is accurate if the Mail app prompts you to enter one. Log in to your email website to check your email address and password.

How can I fix a problem with my iPhone's email service?

Be sure the Mail app's notification settings are right—tap Notifications after going to Settings. Select Mail then selects an email address. Adapt badges, sounds, and alerts. If there is a service outage, visit their status webpage.

On an iPhone, how do you delete an email account?

Here's how to add and remove an email account on the iPhone's Mail app: Launch Settings. Click Mail. Choose Accounts. After selecting the Account, you wish to delete, select Delete Account. Re-add the Account in Mail > Accounts and look for any changes. 5. Reset every setting Finally, we have no choice except to advise clearing all settings.

On my iPhone, how can I add an email address?

You can search them up or contact your email provider if you don't know who they are. Then take these actions: Tap Add Account after going to Settings > Passwords & Accounts. After selecting Other, select Add Mail Account. Type in your name, email address, password, and account description. Click Next.

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Now use the iOS Mail app for email without any issues. If you are still not Getting mails On Iphone, you can try switching to another email client. Such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Email – Edison Mail, etc. You may add and customize the most well-liked email services using all of them. We hope now your problem of not getting emails on iPhone has been solved for good.

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