Fix: Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome

not enough memory to open this page

Google chrome is a modern web browser in the world. It helps get the correct information and is also a source of entertainment. But it sometimes shows errors for the sites the user wants to view. Like: !! This site may contain viruses !!

“Fix: not enough memory to open this page in google chrome” is also an error, which means there is not enough free RAM in the computer to open that web page as that page might contain large videos and animations or large size images because google chrome uses more RAM and other CPU resources than other browsers.

fix not enough memory to open this page
fix not enough memory to open this page

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This error has two reasons for its occurrence:

  1. Either due to less space in the RAM and the website contains a large amount of data or,
  2. There is a backend problem that has nothing to do with the system or the windows version, and it will get resolved in time by the company.

The user doesn’t need to panic as it’s a standard error and can be fixed quickly and manually. It’s a standard error, and the users can fix it by the following methods.

Method 1: Disable Chrome Extensions

This step is known as disabling chrome extensions that take more RAM than required.

  1. Click on the menu button in google chrome from the three-dots mentioned at the top right corner,
  2. Then select the more tools options within the menu button,
  3. Click on extensions.
    disable chrome extensions (fix not enough memory to open this page)
    disable chrome extensions (fix not enough memory to open this page)
  4. After that, the user can disable a few extensions and restart the browser again.

Method 2: Clear Chrome Cache

This method is known as clearing Chrome’s cache, as this often fixes the page error.

  1. Click on the customize chrome button at the bottom right corner of the page,
  2. Now, Click on the More tools option,
  3. Click on ‘Clear browsing data.’
    clear chrome cache
    clear chrome cache
  4. Then select cache files and image options and click the cookies and other sites data check box as well,
  5. Now, on the time-range drop-down menu, click on the All-time option,
  6. Then click the clear data option, and this will remove all the cache data

Method 3: Upgrade Chrome Version

This method will help in upgrading Chrome’s version to 64-bits.

  1. On the browser, type’ chrome://settings/help’ and press enter,
  2. Then select the About option at the bottom in the left,
    update chrome browser
    update chrome browser
  3. Choose the 64-bit option and wait till the browser gets updated,
  4. Then restart and use again

Method 4: Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

This method helps turn off the hardware acceleration, thus allowing the site to open.

  1. In the browser, type ‘chrome://settings’ and press enter key,
  2. Click on Advanced in the settings tab at the left,
  3. Then turn off the ‘use hardware acceleration,
    disable hardware acceleration in chrome
    disable hardware acceleration in chrome
  4. And restart the chrome browser.

Method 5: Turn Off Non-useful Sites

Sometimes apps or websites are running in the background that is taking more RAM and due to which the particular website shows this kind of error, so before running the website, remember to turn off all these non-useful sites and apps.

turn off non-useful sites (fix not enough memory to open this page)
turn off non-useful sites (fix not enough memory to open this page)

Method 6: Try Switching Browsers

Try opening the website in other browsers like opera, edge, firefox, internet explorer, and other such browsers because sometimes Chrome has errors from the backend that does nothing with the user’s system.

switch to different browser
switch to a different browser

Method 7: Reassign The Chrome Default Folder

A corrupted user profile could cause this error in Chrome. In this instance, users can resolve the issue by reassigning the Google Chrome Default folder.

  1. To open the Run dialogue, press Windows key + R. Copy and paste the following environment variable into the Run dialogue box, then press Enter: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  2. Locate the Default folder at the destination.
    reassign default browser (fix not enough memory to open this page)
    reassign default browser (fix not enough memory to open this page)
  3. Retitle the document by right-clicking it and selecting Rename from the context menu.
  4. Enter and rename the folder to Old Default.
  5. Relaunch Google Chrome.


These methods will help the users solve the problem by themselves as it is a standard error and doesn’t need any special assistance. Once the error is resolved, it won’t show again, and the site will work smoothly if the internet connection is good. 

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