Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google chrome – Fix the Error

not enough memory to open this page in google chrome

With the wide range of uses and the increasing dependency rate on Google chrome for everyday work. Searching for a simple definition or learning a new language has increased beyond imagination. Hence facing any problem while accessing Google Chrome can be very bothersome and sometimes even annoying.

fix not enough memory to open this page

This article will get to know how to fix Not having enough memory to open this page issue. And if you want to download embedded video on Chrome with easy steps then click here.

Now let us know the reasons behind the problem and how you can solve it! Wanted to know the answer of “How Do I Know If My Version Of Chrome Is Up To Date? ” Click here!

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Reason Behind This Problem

The error message stating that “Not enough memory to open this page in Google chrome” actually means that it isn’t sufficient, and you need free RAM to open a webpage. This might include extensive multimedia components like animations, videos, other tabs, etc.

not enough memory to open this page in google chrome
The Error

Google sometimes even shows a few alternative messages with the same problem. It may state, “Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this page.”

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How do we solve this?

Now to the actual question, how do we solve this problematic situation to access and smoothen the use of Google Chrome?

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Closing other Inactive Browsing Tabs

Sometimes apps or websites are running in the background that is taking more RAM and due to which the particular website shows this kind of error, so before running the website, remember to turn off all these non-useful sites and apps.

  1. The first step is to press the Customize Google Chrome button.
  2. After that, click on More Tools and select Extensions, and this will help you open the tab that is shown directly below.
  3. Press the remove button or click all the switch buttons of the extensions to turn off the extra tabs.not enough memory to open this page in google chrome
  4. Then Restart the Chrome and subsequently turn off the wings. 
  5. Then retry opening the page that was showing the error and didn’t open earlier.

Clear the Cache of the Chrome

This method is known as clearing Chrome’s cache, as this often fixes the page error.

  1. Click on the customize chrome button at the bottom right corner of the page,
  2. Now, Click on the More tools option,
  3. Click on ‘Clear browsing data.’
    clear chrome cache
    clear chrome cache
  4. Then select cache files and image options and click the cookies and other sites data check box as well,
  5. Now, on the time-range drop-down menu, click on the All-time option,
  6. Then click the clear data option, and this will remove all the cache data

Update your Chrome

This method will help in upgrading Chrome’s version to 64-bits.

  1. On the browser, type’ chrome://settings/help’ and press enter,
  2. Then select the About option at the bottom in the left,
    update chrome browser
    update chrome browser
  3. Choose the 64-bit option and wait till the browser gets updated,
  4. Then restart and use again

Expand the Page Filling Capacity

To solve the problem of Not having enough memory to open this page, you can also try this option.

  1. Open Cortana via the taskbar and enter in the search box “Advanced system settings.”
  2. After this, select View advanced system settings. This will help you open the window that is directly below the one which is being viewed.
  3. Select the Advanced Tab, and then after opening the window below, select the Performance Options window. 
  4. After completion of the last step, deselect the option starting Automatically manage paging file size for all drives and then select the button with Custom size radio.
  5. Now you will have to enter a value in the Initial size text that obscures Recommended and Currently allocated values stated.
  6. Press ok.

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Turning off the Hardware Acceleration

This method helps turn off the hardware acceleration, thus allowing the site to open.

    1. In the browser, type ‘chrome://settings’ and press enter key,
    2. Click on Advanced in the settings tab at the left,
    3. Then turn off the ‘use hardware acceleration,
      disable hardware acceleration in chrome
      disable hardware acceleration in chrome
    4. And restart the chrome browser.

There are several additional ways to solve this problematic situation faced by many Chrome users that is Not enough memory to open this page. Still, the above is the most widely used method that has given successful results to the user. Many also try and use the renaming of Google’s default folder and uninstalling the unnecessary chrome extensions.

Disable Chrome Extensions

This step is known as disabling chrome extensions that take more RAM than required.

  1. Click on the menu button in google chrome from the three dots mentioned at the top right corner,
  2. Then select the more tools options within the menu button,
  3. Click on extensions.
    disable chrome extensions (fix not enough memory to open this page)
    disable chrome extensions (fix not enough memory to open this page)
  4. After that, the user can disable a few extensions and restart the browser again.

Try Switching Browsers

Try opening the website in other browsers like opera, edge, firefox, internet explorer, and other such browsers because sometimes Chrome has errors from the backend that does nothing with the user’s system.

switch to different browser
switch to a different browser

Reassign The Chrome Default Folder

A corrupted user profile could cause this error in Chrome. In this instance, users can resolve the issue by reassigning the Google Chrome Default folder.

  1. To open the Run dialogue, press the Windows key + R. Copy and paste the following environment variable into the Run dialogue box, then press Enter: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  2. Locate the Default folder at the destination.
    reassign default browser (fix not enough memory to open this page)
    reassign default browser (fix not enough memory to open this page)
  3. Retitle the document by right-clicking it and selecting Rename from the context menu.
  4. Enter and rename the folder to Old Default.
  5. Relaunch Google Chrome.


Thus concluding, the error – ‘Not enough memory to open this page’ occurs when your system runs out of access memory, and therefore Chrome can’t work correctly in the background anymore. Every time you open a website on Chrome, it accesses a little bit of your random-access memory, which is also used by all other applications in your system like the Operating system and other accessories. If none of the previously mentioned solutions solves the problem for you, another alternative solution to this problem is reducing unnecessary applications on your computer. By uninstalling this unnecessary software, you can free up their share of space from the R.A.M.

Also, You can avoid this by reducing the number of desktop images in your system and removing live wallpapers from your system, if you have any, as these too suck up a lot of the memory. If none of the above-listed or previously mentioned hacks works for you, the last resort would then be to upgrade your R.A.M to a higher memory size of the latest generation(DDR4/DDR5). This might be the costliest solution of all, which will also be the best option if none of the previously mentioned methods works.

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