Top Audio Mixer For Streaming In 2023


An audio mixer is also called a sound mixer or a mixing console. It is an electronic device that adjusts and balances different audio signals and sounds from various sources. Such audio mixers are used to get a clear, solid mix of audio for an overall pleasant presentation. This article discusses the top audio mixer for streaming in 2023.

audio mixer

The top 5 audio mixers available for the best sound quality are listed in this article. Some of the best streaming audio mixers include – GoXLR, Behringer Xenyx, Yamaha, RodeCaster, and Alto Professional. They offer different levels of controls, compressions, and channels. Read the article to learn more about your favorite mixer for streaming!

Audio mixers are generally used for streaming, live performances, and other places where modifying and regulating sound is required. It becomes essential, especially when there are multiple microphones. It can be very helpful for you as a streamer if you use many devices to create sounds at the same time. This article will help you find some of the optimum audio mixers for your convenience.

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Best Audio Mixers For Streamers

The next portion of the article covers several audio mixers whose features and qualities streamers actively look for. You must consider price, channels, size, tuning, and others to have the ideal audio mixer. Keep reading to consider your best option. You may also check out the Top Chinese Music Apps here.


This mixer for streaming is from TC Helicon and is a brilliant product comprising whistles and premium bells. Designed with the main aim of streaming online, it comes with 4 channels and numerous voice effects for customization. The GoXLR is a compact device that is easy to use for beginners. 


GoXLR makes your streaming much easier due to its seamless interface, with multiple features packed inside such a lightweight device. One of its unique features is the “cough” that allows you to mute yourself instantly. This voice mixer can be useful when you work for a long time. 

Many customization options are availableIncompatible with MacOS
Sophisticated sound quality One of the costliest mixers in the market
Easy to carry around, less space taken
Fast and efficient

Buy: GoXLR

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Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Premium

The Behringer mixer for streaming comes with multiple features suitable to your needs. Producing clear and good sound is not its only prerequisite. This model is very compatible with two PCs and has six different channels. You may also look for top Locast Alternatives as a fellow streamer. 

behringer xenyx qx1002usb premium audio mixer for streaming

Using a single knob, you can connect your XLR mic, adjust other multi-effects, and receive a hundred presets. It is an ideal mixer when you want to convert your computer to a literal recording studio. With a 24-bit processor, you can change the chorus, reverb, delay, echo, and many other features. Click here to learn how to set up & stream Showbox to Chromecast.

The audio quality of a studioComplicated to use
An ideal choice of free software for podcastingOverheating is seen near the power pack
compactNo switch for turning it off
A USB audio interface for direct connection with the PC

Buy : Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB Premium

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Yamaha MG10XU Mixer 

The Yamaha MG10XU is the perfect choice for managing multiple channels. It is a versatile and compact channel mixer and has 3-band EQs. With a feature of a 1-knob compressor, this audio mixer streaming has PAD switch on inputs. 

yamaha mg10xu mixer

With 10 channels, this is a brilliant option for those who expect a professional and sophisticated sound quality from their audio sources. The Yamaha mixer for streaming has a USB interface, so connecting it to a computer is simple and offers multiple special effects. 

Finish and build are of high quality Sporadic audio crackling
+48 phantom powerGets overheated quickly
Numerous sound effects for the microphone
Comes with 10 channels

Buy : Yamaha MG10XU Mixer

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RODEcaster Pro Mixer

Streamers who frequently conduct talk shows or podcasts will find the RODEcaster Pro very convenient. Its target audience is mainly those streamers who host interviews rather than gaming, with an ‘all-in-one solution for podcasting’ claim. Coming with a USB interface for audio, it has phantom power and 4 XLR inputs. 

rodecaster pro mixer

Another great feature unique to the RODEcaster audio mixer is that it records phone calls and saves the audio to an SD card. It supports a PC audio mixer for streaming too. There are eight sound pads for pre-recorded sounds for easy management, a touchscreen, and one-touch options that are easy to use. 

All-pervasive studio recording
Intact power cable
Can store up to 64 different sounds

Buy : RODEcaster Pro Mixer

Alto Professional ZMX52 Mixer For Streaming

Unlike some of the mixers that may drain your wallet, the Alto Professional voice mixer for streaming is one of the most affordable mixers, offering multiple features. It is the most compact and the smallest of all the audio mixers mentioned here. It is most suitable for those needing a quick setup mixer for streaming. 

alto professional zmx52

Though its size can be deceiving, it covers all the required controls you expect from a mixer. This audio mixer can be immensely helpful for those who travel frequently and need a professional setup as quickly as possible. The audio quality produced by this compact mixer will surprise you with a model that is not so expensive and relatively more portable than others. Read this article to learn the best camera for streaming.

Best for beginners in audio mixingNeeds line-in for PC connection
Easily carried around and quick to setupEQ adjustments are limited

Buy : Alto Professional ZMX52

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Does an audio mixer affect sound quality?

Like any other audio device, an audio mixer will affect the audio signals passing through it. They automatically adjust the audio through D/A and A/D digital mixers, gain stages, and signal paths.

Which is better - an amplifier or a mixer?

An A/V session may require you to combine different sound sources with the video source. Because you have to include and mix multiple audio sources, using a mixer is the ideal way to produce a brilliant combination of audio and video. An amplifier is simply a device that modulates the sound's amplitude.

Are audio mixers worth it?

Interviews, Podcasts, and Live performances are situations where you have to use multiple microphones and other devices. In such cases, using a mixer for streaming and blending sounds is crucial for a pleasant and successful project. With a sound mixer board for streaming, you can quickly modify the sound source of each device. Also, you need not worry about sound sources overpowering others, as you can adjust them all with a single mixer.

What are the types of audio mixers?

Primarily, there are three types- analog, powered, and digital. Analog mixers are good for live recording. They are relatively cheap but lack The features you usually need for complex shows. A powered mixer is an analog mixer but has additional amplification. A digital mixer has a huge range of features and controls. It also has a wireless remote control feature.

Which is better - an equalizer or a mixer?

Equalizers are for boosting, reducing, or cutting frequencies, while mixers direct audio signals to various places. Equalizers are required when anyone deals with audio in general. Mixers, however, are needed when you want to combine two or more audio sources.


There you have the top 5 most efficiently working audio mixer for streaming. While some have extensive controls, others have durability and compactness. Hopefully, you were able to weigh their pros and cons to finally make your ideal choice for the most success in your audio mixing endeavors! 

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