The Best MightyText Alternative: Top 10 Apps

MightyText Alternative

Innovation around is developing fast, so does the system of correspondence. Beforehand, we need to get our cell phones to shoot instant dispatches; presently, we can do the same thing from particular computers. Bunches of Android operations accessible on the Google Play Store permit guests to trade instant dispatches from the PC likeMightyText. With MightyText, you can get without the importance of a stretch sync SMS, MMS, Prints, Vids, and so on to different widgets. That as well as be employed to shoot instant dispatches from PC. However, it is a great price, a significant disappointment to everybody looking for a free service. So, if you’re talking about a free MightyText alternative, take a look at the out list of the best MightyText choices for PC.

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Listed below are some of the best MightyText alternatives that provide unlimited messaging from your Windows PC.


This web extension can sync with any Android device and a desktop computer. This app is great because it includes a plethora of SMS features. Yappy allows users to send unlimited texts from their PC, Mac, or tablet. It can also be embedded with other SMS apps like QK, Material, Evolve, and more, making it a truly versatile MightyText alternative.

yappy sms
Yappy SMS

Visit: Yappy

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MySMS is a top-rated Android app on the Google Play Store and is a great MightyText alternative. The Android app is perfect for SMS capabilities and lacks any additional features. MySMS’s user design is clean and organized. You must log in from the MySMS app installed using your Google Account. Then, using the same Google account, log in with the MySMS desktop version to sync SMS.


Visit: MySMS

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Join is genuinely outstanding and progressed Android operations to do stuff kindly on Android and PC widgets. Learn to anticipate the unanticipated with this MightyText alternative. With Join, you can get notices from Android and connect with them on the contrivance exercising Google Account. Away from that, guests can likewise oversee Android SMS, MMS, and gathering dispatches from any internet cybersurfer.

Visit: Join

Text Free

This is another best free SMS and calling application that you can use on your Android cell phone. It’s diverse contrasted with any remaining recorded in the article. It’s a web application, which implies you can utilize Text Free from any program. It gives clients a genuine telephone number that you can use to trade messages. You can likewise use the actual telephone number to settle on decisions. However, it’s not free like the SMS.

Visit: Textfree


TextNow is like Text Free; it gives clients an odd telephone number to send instant messages. It additionally has calling highlights, yet it’s not free.


Since it’s a web application, it very well may be utilized from any gadget and program.

Visit: TextNow


AirDroid may be the best pick for you. With AirDroid, you can oversee SMS. However, you can likewise synchronize messages from texting applications like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and so on.


That can also match up cell phone photographs and recordings to the PC.

Visit: Airdroid


PushBullet is most presumably the stylish Mightytext optional on the rundown. The outfit has practical experience in serviceability like moving records between widgets, transferring SMS dispatches from PC, and PushBullet is accessible in two renditions – Free and Premium.


The free form has many impediments to SMS sync; still, in the genius form, there is no restriction.

Visit: PushBullet

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Anydesk Remote

You can likewise utilize remote access applications for Android to send SMS from PC. All you need, with this MightyText alternative, is to interface your Android to your PC through WiFi or Bluetooth to begin sending and getting messages.

anydesk remote
AnyDesk Remote

Aside from sending and getting SMS, you can likewise utilize remote access applications to oversee other record types put away on Android like Photos, Videos, Docs, and so forth.

Visit: Anydesk


Punchline is another best free and quickest application to deal with the cell phone from the PC. The application is essentially like the Pushbullet recorded in the article. If we talk about this MightyText alternative, you can send and get SMS from PC with Pushing.

Seriously intriguing that Pushline doesn’t show any advertisements or pop-ups.

Visit: Punch Line

Pulse SMS

All effects considered, assuming you’re looking for an Android SMS operation that’s quick, secure, and loaded with amping highlights, also, at that point. Pulse SMS may be the stylish pick for you. Prepare to have your mind blown.

pulse sms
Pulse SMS

With this MightyText alternative, you can match up your SMS and MMS dispatches across the wholeness of your widgets, including PCs.

Visit: Pulse SMS


So, these are the best Mightytext alternatives for sending a text message from your PC. I hope you have found this helpful article! Please share this article as well.

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