Top 7 Locast Alternatives Of 2023 [Updated List]

locast alternatives

Locast was probably one of the best free live-streaming services. However, its discontinuation due to copyright loss broke the heart of millions of locast users. We are still recovering from it, but we still can manage to get a similar experience through the top 7 locast alternatives of 2023.

There are various popular locast alternatives out there, But the most amazing ones are Fubo Tv, Hulu+ live Tv, and Sling TV. However, these streaming platforms charge money for their services. If you want a free streaming platform that is similar to locast, you can check out platforms like LocalBTV, Airy TV, Haystack TV, or Pluto TV.

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A detailed insight into what type of services are provided by each of these locast alternatives is mentioned in this article. So let’s go into this article to know more about them.

7 Best Locast Alternatives You Should Know About Today!

Here are the top 7 alternatives to the locast; check them out.


FuboTV is among the cheapest alternatives to locast out there. Just like locast, this has an option to stream local channels. It includes regional networks as well as ABC, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and CBS. You can even stream various live sports events such as NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, NCAA college basketball, NFL, Soccer, and NASCAR. There are over 100 TV channels on fuboTV. More than 10,000 hours of on-demand TV episodes and movies are now available on this platform.

fubo tv

The service comes with subscription charges. However, you can try it for free as it provides a free trial, and later decide if you like the services and continue if you wish to.

The FuboTV gives its users access to over a hundred channels, 4K events, and a DVR recording of 250 hours. Also, you can live stream on three devices at the same time. Want to know about screencasting? Click Here

Visit: FuboTV

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If you want to play a free local tv on your devices like a mobile, tablet, or through connected TV, LocalBTV would be a great application for you. It is one of the greatest apps like locast.

The app contains more than twenty-five local channels and programs of different genres, such as classic tv shows, family-friendly shows, and even comedies. 


Some of the channels included are GetTV, The Country Network, Classic reruns TV, and NewsNet, along with a few bilingual channels. Open the app store, and download it.

This is one of the best locast alternatives as it provides mostly free services. Yet like every other thing, LocalBTV also has a drawback: it fails to provide some of the primary networks and is only available in a small fraction of US television markets.

Visit: LocalBTV

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Airy TV

Your multi-service destination for all your entertainment needs. This locast alternative, or to say locast competitors provides all your entertainment requirements in one place, be it comedy shows or action-packed movies. You will get everything from sports to anime. You can access the live streaming of local channels on your device. The best part is it’s free to use, and you can choose what you want to see instead of watching some random tv shows or programs.airy tv

You can download it on your device for free, and it’s available on all app stores of different OS.

Visit: AiryTV

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Haystack TV

Another one of the good locast alternatives is Haystack TV. This locast alternative gives access to more than 300 stations that include both local and international newshaystack tv

The app’s content is divided into categories like topics and sources, making the content easily accessible for the user. Mostly the content available on the app is free to watch.

Visit: Haystack TV

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Hulu+ Live TV

You would have definitely heard of this one. It’s an amazing locast alternative to enjoy streaming services. It’s so good that involuntarily, you will leave your cable connection and switch to Hulu+ Live TV. The Live TV subscribers get access to news, sports, drama, daytime soaps, weather forecasts, award shows, Hulu originals, and many amazing movies and shows.

 The downside is that it’s a little costlier, but rest assured, you won’t regret a penny spent on it. It also has an additional feature that locast didn’t have: it offers DVR storage and retention.

It provides access to over 65+ live tv channels, a huge on-demand Library, a 50-hour cloud-based DVR, streaming on two screens simultaneously, and a local broadcast network in most areas.

Visit: Hulu Tv

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Pluto TV

The Pluto Tv is also one of the locast alternatives, which is free and ad-supported and which allows you to access more than 250 channels and local new channels. Since it’s a free streaming service, you will not have to pay or log in to subscribe to watch the available channels.

pluto tv

Visit to know more: Pluto TV

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Sling TV

It won’t be wrong to call Sling TV another best locast alternative in the market. It is also known to be the best International streaming service in the USA. This platform provides programs in more than 20 languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese. You can stream live tv channels as per your preference. 

sling tv

Sling TV is compatible with numerous major streaming devices such as Amazon fire TV, smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Chromebook, Chromecast, Samsung smart TVs, Xbox one, etc.

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The services provided by Sling TV are not free. However, Sling TV subscription can cost as low as around 10$ a month; also, there are frequent promotional deals on the platform. This platform gives its users access to multiple trending channels and also limited access to local channels.

Visit: Sling TV


Why did the Locast app disappeared?

A non-profit corporation called Locast operated in around 40 American cities, due to copyright concerns, was ordered to shut down by the United States District Court. After the order, the company was left with no choice but to suspend its available services in around 40 American cities. The well-known US service Locast, which broadcasted regional stations from around the nation, is no longer available.

How can you view local channels in America now that the app is no longer accessible?

The users are disappointed at the closure of such an amazing free streaming app. Yet, many platforms are available that provide similar services in America, and some are even more advanced than locast.

Has Locast been discontinued?

The locast was discontinued on the ground of copyright concerns on 2nd September 2021, after a federal judge dismissed the organization's appeal of a particular issue involving the legality of network content made available online.

What is the best locast alternative for pc?

Undoubtedly one of the best locast alternatives for pc is Fubo TV. Just like locast, this has an option to stream local channels. The FuboTV gives its users access to over a hundred channels, 4K events, and a DVR recording of 250 hours. You can even stream various live sports events. Also, you can live stream on three devices at the same time.


So, these were the top 7 Locast Alternatives for 2023. For consumers who wanted to broadcast and watch programs from local stations, Locast was a well-liked and simple streaming solution. Thanks to the various locast alternatives and apps similar to locast. The Locast users don’t have to lose out on their preferred local programming. 

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