Cable TV’s heyday has passed. Live TV applications are the next entertainment medium in light of the explosive growth of smart TVs. The top 10 Live TV App for Firestick are covered in this article for your consideration.

The 10 best Live TV App for Firestick are Redbox TV, Live NeTV, Sling TV, Swift Stream, Pluto TV, Mobdro, TVTAP, VueTV, Nitro TV, and Kodi. To know more about these Apps, keep on reading.

You may access hundreds of free live Television channels using your Fire TV. Get rid of your cable TV provider entirely to save a few hundred dollars annually. However, moving is not a concern because all you need to transport is your Firestick. In this article, let us look at some of the top Live TV App for Firestick so you can watch your preferred TV channels whenever and wherever you want.

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Firestick’s Top 10 Live TV Apps

It would help if you sideloaded the free Live TV App for Firestick listed below using their APK files because most are unavailable on the official Amazon app store. Let us check out the top apps.

Redbox TV

A free live-streaming program called Redbox TV offers over a thousand TV stations from over 20 nations. The most admirable aspect is that watching live TV is available without registering. Install the app, choose your preferred show, and begin watching. Redbox TV offers 22 entertainment categories, including sports, news, movies, kids’ programming, and more.

redbox tv

Redbox TV provides access to numerous well-liked live TV channels, including CBS, CNN, ABC, and ESPN. It is one of the best Firestick apps.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV enables you to watch live TV from various nations, including the UK, Canada, and more, in addition to US networks. It has the advantage of offering several sources for a given program or station. You can always try a different source to watch your preferred material if one doesn’t work.


It provides several categories for streaming TV channels, including sports, entertainment, movies, kids’ shows, and news. Additionally, the app has a section with on-demand content for movies and TV episodes, making it the best live tv app for Firestick.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best option in live TV apps on Firestick if you are okay with paying a small fee to view your preferred live TV channels on your Firestick. The entry-level service costs just $20 per month, so it’s a great way to reduce your cable expenses. Sling TV supports various devices, including Firestick, Firecube, Roku, iOS, and Android, and lets you tailor the channels you view.

sling tv

Swift Streamz

You can view more than 700+ live TV stations worldwide in HD quality for free using Swift Streamz. You may watch your preferred channels without logging in or registering. So? Those who want to view free international television channels should use Swift Streamz. You must sideload the.apk file onto your Firestick because no official app is available in the Amazon store. It is one of the best live tv app for Firestick.

swift streamz


Pluto TV

More than a thousand movies and seasons of major TV shows are available on Pluto TV. Additionally, free HD entertainment is available 24/7 on over 70 television stations. Additionally, it provides users with a free VOD (Video On Demand) option. Pluto TV is no exception to the rule that you cannot remove adverts when streaming content using a free app.

pluto tv

The good news is that there are slightly fewer advertisements than other free Live TV App for Firestick.


Users of Mobdro are not given access to a fixed or default database of content or channels. Instead, it searches the internet for free streams and categorizes them so that viewers may choose the ones they want. Both free and premium versions are available. It is legal if you don’t use Mobdro to access blocked or copyrighted broadcasts. mobdro

This Live TV app for Firestick works with various gadgets, including Firestick, Chromecast, Smart TV, and more.


You may watch live TV channels for free with TVTap, Android-based phones, tablets, Firestick, and other devices. TVTap provides it free of charge, and using our program won’t cost you a single cent.



Unlike most free live streaming apps, which are overrun with adverts, TVTap includes a ‘Remove adverts’ option to do just that.


You can watch more than 600 live channels on VueTV, including sports, movies, TV series, music, news, and more. It works with Fire TV, Firestick, and Android-powered smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes. It permits up to five devices per household. With a fast internet connection, VueTV is accessible from anywhere worldwide.vue tv

The basic plan also has a monthly cost of $18. Additionally, a free trial of one day is available. It comes in the best apps for Firestick. Wanna know How To Watch Local Channels On Firestick TV, Check out this.

Nitro TV

One of the trustworthy streaming services, Nitro TV, lets you watch live TV channels on various gadgets, including Firestick, Fire TV, Windows and Mac computers, Xbox One, and more.

nitro tvOther plans with varied device limits (2, 4, or 8) list over 2500 HD streams. The $20 monthly basic package allows for the use of two devices.


Kodi is perfect for someone who doesn’t care to take the time to learn new things. On Kodi, over 100 add-ons let you watch live TV, sports, news, entertainment, and other things. Kodi is one of the best free live TV applications for Firestick as long as you’re seeking to access any copyrighted or prohibited content. You can learn how to install Kodi on Fire TV if you are new to the Kodi community.


Additionally, you may improve the features by adding Kodi Add-ons to Firestick.

You can watch your favorite local and international channels whenever you want, from anywhere globally, if you have a Firestick and some of the Live TV App for Firestick mentioned above. Sports and shows can be seen live on most Fire TV channels.


Which Live TV App for FireStick is the best?

Redbox, Live Net TV, Ocean Streamz, and more apps can be used to watch Live TV on a Firestick.

To stream using a Firestick, what do I need?

With a Fire TV Stick (also known as a Firestick), you can watch over a million movies, TV shows, music videos, sports events, and other content. Access to well-known streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Max is as simple as having a TV with an HDMI connector and an internet connection.

Does Firestick require a TV?

The good news is that consumers can use their Fire TV stick without a smart TV. Instead, since the Fire TV stick has an HDMI port, it can be used with any old TV with one. This includes LCD and OLED screens.

Can I put these FireStick Live TV apps on different hardware?

All Android-based devices, including Android TV Boxes, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Kindles, Mi Boxes, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Fire TV Cubes, and more, do indeed support these apps.

Are There Any Free TV Channels on Firestick?

Yes. Several channels supported by Firestick allow you to stream movies and TV episodes without charge. The free Firestick channels Tubi, Plex, Xumo, and Pluto TV are available.

What is a live TV app?

You may watch Indian TV in real-time from anywhere with the Android software Live TV. This app is a great substitute for all similar ones because it provides many channels and subjects. Live TV is quite simple to use because of its straightforward structure.


Numerous free live TV applications are available to Firestick users. Each app has unique features and advantages, making it an excellent option for different users. These cost-free live TV apps have the benefit of being advantageous. They offer a cost-effective substitute for expensive cable and satellite TV subscriptions. This article was helpful to you in learning about the top 10 Live TV App for Firestick.

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