Laptop Plugged In Not Charging Issue [Fix]

laptop plugged in not charging

In today’s world, living a Digital Life is almost impossible without a Laptop. It is like your Companion or Partner throughout the day, even at Home, Office, School, etc. When a person is low in energy, he/she understands that they need to feed themselves in order to get energized again, right? The same goes with the laptop as you use it throughout the day, but you have to charge it to work efficiently. We get so frustrated when there is a power cut at home. In the same way, when we don’t see a LED light on the tiny indicator in the laptop, we start to worry. When the laptop plugged in not charging,  you still get nothing, No LED blinking. You can also check these best fan controlling software to improve CPU performance by clicking here.

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Why Did Your Battery Stop Charging?

Computer or PC’s are very common to get malfunctioned. It is made up of thousands of hardware pieces, so one thing goes wrong. All others stop working according to the malfunctioned piece.

laptop plugged in not charging
Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

There are numerous ways to solve your laptop plugged in not charging issue. Every time, you don’t need to rush to the nearest repair shop to get it back to its normal condition. These are like Home Remedies.

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Common Troubleshooting: Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

There are generally below-mentioned troubleshooting in battery issues.

Faulty Adapter

– The Adapter which you are using may be outdated or Fake. There are many cases when you are told it is the original one, but eventually, it is not, or the Adapter which you are using may not be of good quality or a well-known company. Always check the quality before purchasing.

faulty adapter
Faulty Adapter

–  As Faulty Adapter includes improper wiring, torn wires, and such.

Faulty Cord

– Faulty Cord causes damage to the laptop due to the effect of the resistance. If overheated, it can lead to a voltage breakdown which causes damage directly to the power cord of the battery.

faulty chord
Faulty Chord

Faulty Laptop Battery

– Battery is like the heart of the laptop. If not charging correctly, it may also not work according to the requirement. It usually happens when you purchase a Battery compromising with the price or the quality, which is a significant concern.

faulty laptop battery
Faulty Laptop Battery

– Faulty battery sometimes may or may not charge, and in the worst scenario, it may start charging, but the battery percentage will only decline even during charging. 

Overcharging the Battery

– Anything was done in excess always leads to significant damage; the same goes with electronic devices. When overcharged or overused, it may cause damage to its performance. Also, when the battery is overcharged, it may start malfunctioning and create such issues. The battery should only be charged when necessary, and at 100%, it should be removed and repeat when needed again.

– This usually happens because of unawareness or due to a sudden nap also, but it should always be kept in mind to limit the charging. 

Solutions To When laptop plugged in not charging

Check if you have correctly plugged in.

– This is very odd and obvious, but it does happen sometimes. You need to make sure the plug is attached correctly to the switchboard or your laptop’s charging cord. The battery may not start charging when the plug isn’t plugged correctly.

check if you have correctly plugged in.
Check if you have correctly plugged in.

– Always check all the ports of the charging to make sure they are attached tightly in their respective place.

Use the Correct port

– New computers have a lot of ports, and it keeps on increasing in the numbers. Your laptop is designed to charge in the USB-C type cable. If it is attached to some other port, charging may not occur. Because of the new ultra-thin USB-C ports meant for new generation laptops, people who are new to technology or computer may find it technologically challenging.

use correct port
Use Correct Port – laptop plugged in not charging

– So, make sure to use the correct port before charging.

Remove and Reinstall the Battery

If your laptop has a removable battery, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Remove the Battery from its respective place.
  • Press and hold the power button for almost 10 seconds
  • Plug Your charger
  • Turn on the PC
remove and reinstall the battery
Remove and Reinstall the Battery

If your laptop turns on without any issue, then your charger is working perfectly, but there is some issue with your damaged battery. Try to reinstall the battery and turn the laptop on again to confirm the problem.

If your laptop does not have a removable battery, you may need to seek professional help to solve the issue.

Use Updated Drivers

You always need to use the updated drivers or charging to make your laptop work efficiently. To update your Drivers, you need to…

  • Start Menu—Quick Access Menu— Select Device Manager,
    device manager
    Device Manager
  • Batteries—Right-click on Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery,
  • Press Update Driver
    update drivers
    Update Drivers 

After Update, Reboot your computer and Try Charging again. Follow this carefully when laptop plugged in not charging. 

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Cool Down The PC

When your PC is overheating, it may not charge or work properly. But everything always has a solution.

cool down the pc
Cool Down The PC

All you have to do is place your PC or laptop in a cool atmosphere, let’s say directly below the fan, to let the battery cool down for some time, and you may start to try charging again.

Follow the above mentioned ways to fix when laptop plugged in not charging.


That’s all for What to do when laptop plugged in not charging. Several internal parts can cause problems when they malfunction or fail. Common culprits include a faulty motherboard, damaged charging circuits, and malfunctioning battery sensors. Your particular make and model of laptop will likely have its own unique issues, and a seasoned tech support operator will have seen all of them.

The person you talk to will likely walk you through many of the steps outlined above, but will also be aware of software and hardware issues specific to your configuration, such as what bits of hardware commonly fail.

Like a sick person consulting a doctor, internal problems require a specialist. Contact your manufacturer about what repair options are covered under your warranty, or call up a local computer repair shop.

I hope this article on fixes for what to do when laptop plugged in not charging will help our readers.

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