Kodi Genesis Not Working? Common Ways to Fix It

kodi genesis not working

Imagine yourself ready to watch your favorite show on Kodi Genesis and an error flashes ‘Kodi Genesis Not Working‘. What a mood-killer! However, don’t fret. We have here just the solution to fix all your kodi genesis problems. The good thing about Kodi is that it is user-friendly. Thus, you can fix all the issues in no time. Some common issues you might face while streaming on Kodi are:

Kodi Genesis
Kodi Genesis
  • An episode or movie doesn’t contain any source links.
  • “No Stream Available” error message when trying to play a source link.
  • Video tries to play but never start.
  • Buffering videos periodically.
  • Video stops while watching it.

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How to Fix Kodi Genesis Not Working Error?

Now there may be several reasons as to why is genesis not working on Kodi. You must find your exact problem by answering the following questons. This is sure to give you a solution:

Are You on the Latest Versions of Kodi and the Add-on?

A streaming add-on completely breaks, and no shows will get any links. The issue is sometimes due to the old version of Kodi or the add-on you’re using. Other times, there have been issues where an update breaks the add-on, and you can fix it by uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it.

genesis reborn latest version
genesis reborn latest version
  • For Kodi, make sure to visit kodi.tv to check if you have the latest stable version.
  • If you are using Android, don’t install Kodi manually, but use the Google Play Store to install Kodi to stay up to date.
  • If you are using Windows 10, install Kodi from the Windows Store, so it always stays up to date.
  • For everyone else and those using the Amazon Fire Stick (which doesn’t have the Google Play Store), you’ll need to manually install your Kodi updates.

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Are You Using an Abandoned Add-on?

If you’re still using Genesis, it was replaced by Exodus! If you’re still using Exodus, it has been replaced with lots of different forks but then made a kind of a come-back.

Kodi add-on Exodus
Kodi add-on Exodus

To stay on top of the latest top add-ons working for people, you need to check out my real-time Kodi add-on tracker. It will tell you which add-ons are online vs. offline, which ones have been updated the most recently, and which ones are more popular.

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Did You Just Install a New Repo or Add-on?

Sometimes it works fine without restarting Kodi, and sometimes there are issues, and you need to restart Kodi.

restart Kodi
restart Kodi

I’ve seen it happen enough times where Kodi needed a restart after installing something new that I now include it in this list of troubleshooting tips. This simple solution is sure to fix the genesis for kodi not working problem.

Did You Remember to Install and Enable Providers?

If you find that no sources are found, and you get “No stream available” for any videos, and it happens so fast that you realize that it’s not even trying, here is the fix.
This happened with the older Lambda-Scraper version of Exodus Redux (before it was updated to the Openscraper version), and it could happen with the Seren add-on as well.

check provider in add-on settings
check provider in add-on settings

To fix it, go into the add-on settings, go to the providers and make sure you have providers selected. If the add-on supports the manual installation of providers, make sure to find the provider package recommended for that add-on and install it.

Is Auto-Play Turned On?

I get many comments from people saying that it won’t play when they try to watch a show or movie.
If auto-play is ON in your add-on’s settings, then you may not even be aware that your Kodi add-on is just selecting the first link (thinking it should work fine), but then it doesn’t.

disable autoplay
disable autoplay

If you have auto-play turned on, highlight the episode or movie you want to watch, and press the menu button (or “c” on a keyboard). Select “Play using…” to get the list of links. Then, you can go through each one until you find one that works.

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Are You Using Real-Debrid?

In case you didn’t know, the developers of video streaming add-ons do not host these videos. All they do is aggregate video streaming links from websites around the Internet to index them to make them easy to browse and search for within Kodi. These add-ons have no control over the servers that actually host the videos. As a result the servers overload sometimes and go offline.

use RealDebrid
use RealDebrid

The way to get reliable video source links is to sign up for a Real-Debrid premium subscription. It is a MUST if you want to watch most of your TV shows on Kodi streaming add-ons. Once you set up a Real-Debrid account and pay for some days, use this tutorial video to connect Real-Debrid (use the same tutorial for almost any streaming add-on).

Has Your Real-Debrid Subscription Expired?

I’ve had some friends and family run into this where they complained that nothing was working all of a sudden. Hundreds of links would be available, but when you try to play one, it goes through all of them in just a few seconds resulting in “No stream available.”
It turned out to be an expired Real-Debrid subscription.

Real-Debrid subscription
Real-Debrid subscription

If your Real-Debrid subscription expired, login to your Real-Debrid account and check to make sure your subscription is still active. If not, renew it.

Have You Checked the Real-Debrid Download Port?

If you have almost the same issue as the previous one (where Kodi add-ons are skipping all of your Real-Debrid links), there is one setting in your Real-Debrid account that might be the culprit.

Real-Debrid account settings
Real-Debrid account settings

Go to your Real-Debrid Account Settings for the setting called “Download Port”. You should set it to “Secured”. If it was set to Normal, then that was the problem.

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Have You Cleared Providers & Cache in the Add-on?

I’ve had issues before where none of the links for an episode would work, and it was fixed by using this tip. I’ve also seen it where selecting a source link does absolutely nothing. You can hear the sound as you select it (so you know it’s not an issue with the remote). But then it just sits there on the source list or episode list screen, and nothing happens. I’ve fixed this issue numerous times by clearing providers and cache.

clear cache of Kodi Genesis
clear cache of Kodi Genesis

Usually, somewhere in the settings or tools section, there will be a Clear Providers or Sources link and a Clear Cache link.
What this does is clear the cache of source links for episodes and movies, allowing the add-on to re-check for sources the next time. Sometimes, this will bring in new source links that weren’t there before. This will give you a higher chance of finding a good source link. But again, if you use Real-Debrid, this will probably be less of an issue for you.

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The solutions here have been tested to work well. To enjot watching your favorite TV shows try atleast one of these quick-fixes to your Kodi Genesis Not Working problem. Similarly, you can fix kodi genesis reborn problems with these solutions as well. Hope guide helps you operate Kodi error-free. Read this article How To Install Genesis Reborn On Kodi. Happy streaming!

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