6 Best Jarvis Apps Like Siri for Android Users | 2023

Jarvis apps

The name Jarvis comes from J.A.R.V.I.S, “Just a Rather Very Intelligent System,” the artificial intelligence program in the 2008 superhero film Iron Man. Jarvis is a virtual assistant for android, just like Siri is for Apple products. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the best Jarvis apps like Siri for the Android Users. But before we go ahead, what is the use of a Jarvis app?

Some of the uses of a Jarvis app is its voice to interact with the users, answer questions posed by its owners, and completes all tasks and requests like playing music or responding to an email. Actor Morgan Freeman is the voice of Jarvis, which makes it even more interesting as it is one of the very few virtual assistants which has the sound of a male, Siri, and Alexa. Its counterparts have female names and use the sound of a woman.

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Top 6 Jarvis Apps to Use in 2023

The following are some of the best Jarvis apps like Siri, one could use for assistance, daily chores and other tasks. So by not wasting any time, let’s go ahead!

Microsoft Cortana – Digital Assistant

This digital assistant has brought Microsoft into the field where Siri and Google Assistant were already crucial competitors. It has multiple features, all that is useful in some way or the other for a variety of audiences. It allows cross-platform transition, which is very smooth and without major glitches. Besides, it merely means that you can connect your android device with a Windows computer.

Microsoft Cortona
Microsoft Cortona

It does all your tasks for you only at one command of your voice. It will send emails, texts, prepare a list, schedule meetings, book appointments, fill your calendar, and much more. Besides, does more than just your everyday tasks. It also has funny jokes to tickle your funny bone. All in all, it comes as the proper package for all your needs. That is why, it proves as one of the best Jarvis apps you could use.

Download: Microsoft Cortana 

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As one of the Jarvis apps, it translates sentences in 80 languages, which would be a lifesaver if you were in a foreign country. This application is very user friendly. It quickly understands whatever you say.


It can also play YouTube videos, set alarms, book a table at a restaurant of your choice, search for a contact in your list. Also, it shows you the weather forecast. It is a fun and easy app for all users.

Download: Lyra

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Extreme- personal voice assistant

This application by Google is a hidden gem and one of the Jarvis apps, not known to many. People who speak Hindi, English, Tamil, Chinese, French, and so on can understand this Jarvis app. Multilingual people efficiently use it. It takes your selfie for you, which could be the best feature any Siri loving person could ever ask for in a personal assistant. It does more than just that.


It also keeps you updated with your favorite team’s score- be is football, cricket, or any other sport. Google maps are also easily accessible and used with their help. It lets you call people directly, answers your phone. This assistant is also compatible with other applications like Skype, WhatsApp.

Download: Extreme

Sherpa Assistant

Being one of the best Jarvis apps, it can predict your interests with its robust algorithm. It is one of the best and most accurate providers of the weather forecast, is very quick to navigate. It helps indirectly connecting to social media networks, is user friendly as it learns very fast from the different users that use it.

Sherpa Assistant
Sherpa Assistant

It works straightforwardly and helps with making lists and keeping track of anything that you consider essential. Besides, helping you with daily chores, it picks up the liking and disliking of users. However, you can customize the suggestions as per the requirements.

Download: Sherpa Assistant

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It can play your favorite music, check traffic on your route, suggest exciting news for you. The company that created it is continually trying its best to improve it with a better version. The best feature of Robin would be its hands-free capability, which is very useful.


You can use it anywhere, even in your car or any other vehicle, which you may be driving as it will still keep you alert and safe on the road. What more you can ask from one of the best Jarvis apps!

Download: Robin

24ME- To-Do, Tasks lists, and Notes

It is a one-stop solution for its users which helps it to rank among the list of . The user is given top priority and is the center that they look after. It ensures that the user catches up with all their tasks which they have listed for the day, sends reminders to finish the work, and gets the job done as soon as possible.


Also, it helps the users keep track of their fitness and pushes them to do their best potential. Keeping a record of their health improves the overall productivity of the user. One of the best features is that it allows you to share your list with anyone- friends or family. This way, you all can know and share a typically scheduled list.

It makes virtual planning easy and possible. One can easily exchange Doctors’ appointments or grocery lists with one another. It is user friendly and ensures that users get the most and the best experience out of it. It is a perfect and minimal option for many users to keep track of important things.

Download: 24ME


As we have now gone through all the Jarvis apps that could help you with assistance in your everyday life. Now it is time to select any one of the Jarvis apps mentioned above.

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