iPhone Stuck Transferring Data? Top 7 Ways to Fix

If you’ve found yourself in a frustrating situation where you cannot move files or photos from one device to another, this post is for you. You don’t have to be an expert technician or an Apple fan. We’ve put together some simple solutions to help anyone get their information.

Some of the solutions for iphone data transfer are checking your connections, turning off low power mode, switching to wired transfer, restarting both devices, etc.

With these easy troubleshooting tips and tricks. You can go from feeling exasperated to smoothly pushing all the data between devices. Read on as we look at 7 solutions that’ll have you back up and running in no time.

Why Does iPhone Get Stuck on Transferring Data?

There are various reasons why an iPhone might be stuck transferring data while you set it up.

  • If the user is trying to transfer data from an old device to a new phone, it could happen because of the devices incompatiblity, meaning that the you cannot transfer the data to it.
  • If the user attempts to transfer large amounts of content, such as photos or videos, it may take longer than you expect due to the size of the files you are trying to transfer.transfer data
  • This can get worse by having a poor or slow WiFi connection or cellular signal.
  • If any security settings are on in either device, preventing them from communicating with each other and sharing files, then this could also cause issues.
  • If you are trying to transfer information over Bluetooth, you should ensure both devices have Bluetooth enabled and are within range of each other for the transfer to occur successfully.
  • Sometimes when iPhones get stuck transferring data, you can relate it to software updates that are yet to complete properly. To resolve this issue, users should make sure their software is up-to-date and restart their devices before attempting another transfer.

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Solutions to the Problem

If your iPhone is stuck in the data transfer process, it is highly advised to wait a while and give the phone some time to work through the process. This may be especially true if you transfer large amounts of data, such as music and photos, as this can take quite some time. 

solution for problem

It’s important to note that occasionally Apple servers may be busy with too many requests at once, which could also slow down the data transfer. 

Check Your Connections

It is a good idea to check your WiFi connection as well. If your internet connection has slowed down or dropped out during the data transfer, it could cause your iPhone to become stuck in the process.check your connection

To ensure there are no internet connection issues, try rebooting your WiFi router. You can also try turning off and then on again both WiFi and Cellular connections in the Settings app of your iPhone to refresh them. 

Turn Off Low Power Mode

If your iPhone is stuck on transferring data, you should first turn off low power mode. The low power mode is a feature that helps conserve battery life and reduces the amount of data transferred to and from your device. 

low power mode

To turn off low power mode, open Settings, select Battery, and toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode, so it reads Off.

Switch to Wired Transfer

The best solution is to switch to a wired transfer. This involves connecting your phone directly to your computer with a USB cable, allowing for a more direct connection and faster transfer speeds.wired connection

Doing so can bypass any potential issues causing the slow or stuck transfer. 

Restart Both Devices

Restarting both devices when your iPhone is frozen on transferring data is an excellent solution. Start by restarting the device you are attempting to transfer data from, such as a laptop or desktop computer, then restart your iPhone. This can lead the connection between your devices to a reactivation, allowing the transfer of data to complete.


Additionally, using the same cable for both devices can help ensure that your iPhone does not get stuck during the process.

Update to the Latest iOS Version

If your iPhone is stuck in the middle of transferring data, the best move you can make is to update to the latest iOS version. Most of the time, this will remedy any issue with an update so important that it effectively stops your device from being able to transfer data. 

software update

Once you have updated, keep up with regular updates when they become available for maximum security and optimal performance.

Free Up Storage

Try to fix this issue by freeing up storage on your phone. Ensure your iPhone storage isn’t full of apps, documents, music, movies, and photos.free up storage

Clear out anything you don’t need to get the app running faster, and then try restarting it. 


If you find yourself struggling with an iPhone that’s stuck transferring data, don’t despair. As frustrating as it may be, there are a few different things you can try to get your device unstuck and working again. One of the solutions here will help get your iPhone back up and running in no time.

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