Imgur Downloader [Complete Guide]

imgur downloader

In the generation of sensational content, viral videos/images/gifs catering to our insatiable appetite for humor, Imgur invariably is the best platform that caters to our desire for always being up to date with viral content.
Ohio-based entrepreneur Alan Schaaf designed Imgur and came with ease of access in the world of image sharing and services primarily centered on social gossip.


Imgur – Videos, Images, And Gifs Downloader

Avid Reddit users might be quite familiar with Imgur; with its popularity skyrocketing within 5 months, Imgur made a name for itself in creating viral videos and images. This is the easiest tool available on the internet that allows you to browse through the vast collection of viral videos, images, and gifs available on Imgur and lets you download the same from the Imgur downloader within seconds.

imgur downloader

Most of the viral content available on the internet or images/animated gifs from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock to snuggling cats and hedgehogs is most likely hosted by Imgur. In the initial years of its launch, Imgur relied on donations for its funding, starting from various web hosting providers to Amazon web services, Voxel, and finally settling for MediaLab AI, Inc. on September 27, 2021.

History of Imgur

Alan Schaaf started Imgur as a side project in a dorm room while majoring in computer science at Ohio University. Imgur has a goal in response to the issues relating to usability faced on similar platforms. Initially conceived as a silly idea as the founder would be frustrated with other image hosting platforms. They created Imgur as a “Gift to Reddit users.” The success of Imgur skyrocketed from thousand views per day to a million total page views in a span of 5 months.

What is Imgur Downloader?

Imgur Downloader is a free video, images, and gifs downloading tool which lets its users access the immense collection of viral content available on Imgur without wasting time and money. This tool helps in retaining high-quality videos and downloads them at high speed.

The advanced Imgur downloader service available on Imgur provides the option to download the video in multiple video formats. From providing fine video quality to keeping the level of entertainment at its peak at all times, Imgur uses the technique of an mp4 downloader to serve its users with the requested video in the mp4 format.

what is imgur downloader

Imgur video downloader facilitates downloading videos in 720p and 1080p format too. The facilities offered by Imgur can only be availed by the users having steady access to the internet since Imgur is not available in offline mode. However, Imgur does provide its users with the option to download the content available on Imgur. And access them in the offline mode free of cost. Imgur video downloaders can easily download and save videos with safety as the website may protect against computer viruses.

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Procedure for Downloading Videos from Imgur Video Downloader on the Desktop

This tool provides ease of access by making downloading videos a fast, secure, and smooth process without having a cumbersome downloading procedure.

  1. The user simply has to open the Imgur downloader in the browser.imgur downloader
  2. Search the desired video in the toolbar available for searching videos, images, gifs, videos
  3. Right-click on the desired video and select “save video as.”
  4. Select the destination on your desktop and click on ‘save”.download imgur videos on desktop
  5. The video will download to the desired imgur videos on desktop
  6. The same procedure is followed for downloading images from Imgur.

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Procedure for Downloading Videos from Imgur Video Downloader on the Phone

  1. The user simply has to open the Imgur browser on the phone.
  2. Search the desired video in the toolbar available for searching videos, images, gifs, etc.,imgur downloader on phone
  3. Long press on the video and select the “download video” option.
  4. The video then will download on your phone’s files/download section.imgur downloader
  5. Finally, the video can easily access on your phone’s gallery too.

Downloading the Album from Imgur

Imgur allows its users to directly download albums without the involvement of a third-party tool. This is an exclusive feature provided by Imgur. An album helps in storing multiple images on one album and makes sorting the images based on categories easier.

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The Safest Way to Download Videos

Imgur downloader serves as a secure tool for downloading videos/images/gifs on any operating system without the involvement of a third-party Browser. The website is encrypted and does not require personal information to be accessed. It has Google malware software which detects and terminates all computer viruses.

Benefits of Imgur Downloader

  1. Easy to use Imgur videos can easily be converted, copied, downloaded, and saved within seconds. All that a user has to do is copy the link and paste it into the search input.
  2. Does not require installation of any additional app Imgur users do not have to create an account to save and download videos or images neither does Imgur require installation of any additional software.
  3. Supported on all platforms This tool can be accessed via all operating systems, such as windows, Linux, IOS, or TV browsers.benefits of imgur
  4. Access is completely free of cost Imgur users do not have to pay for any subscription to access or download the content available on Imgur. However, the users require a steady Wi-Fi network or internet access for using Imgur.
  5. Provides highest quality videos Imgur downloader provides the highest quality content available for download in MP4, 720p, 1080p format, etc.

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Imgur has been an independent company for 12 years. And its motto has always been to build an authentic platform where people can come share content. Also, express their ideas in a humorous way, feel good, connect and believe in the magic of the internet. Currently, Imgur reaches around 300 million people globally and is by far the largest independent community available online.

Ever since Imgur take over Media Lab, the goal has been to strive towards creating a place for community powdered entertainment online. With Media Lab, onboard Imgur commits to developing new features and tools for its creators. And taking Imgur to unprecedented heights of success.

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