How To Watch Youtube With Friends | 5 Easy Ways

how to watch youtube with friends

Are obstacles preventing you from meeting others? It would help if you had a web browser to enjoy videos, music, and remote workouts. The article discusses how to watch youtube with friends. These websites and apps sync YouTube videos and music for everyone to participate. While the video is playing, you can text or video call friends.

Did you know there is a better way to view YouTube videos with your distant friends? You can watch movies, play games, and participate in various online activities. Even watching local videos with one another is possible through many apps that are Jukebox, Youtube Fiesta, etc. Before resolving this problem, If you use Firestick, sometimes YouTube does not work. Fix that too.

Sharing a YouTube video with your friends can bring you happiness. These services enable you to sync playback so that you and your friends may watch the same thing simultaneously while you watch YouTube together. It isn’t always possible.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of solutions for watching YouTube with pals.

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Solutions For Watching YouTube With Friends

Here is a list of solutions that can help you.


Sync with Friends While Watching YouTube Videos. The greatest app for watching YouTube with friends is Squad, which supports video calls and chat on desktop and mobile devices.

  • It is one of the few programs to watch YouTube together in sync that effortlessly functions on desktop and mobile browsers.
  • To use Squad, you don’t need to register. Make a brand-new room, give it a unique name, and share the URL with your friends. Friends can access it online or through the iOS and Android versions of the Squad app. squad app
  • Without leaving the app, you may search YouTube to upload new videos whenever you like. The video call is flawless, and you can simultaneously have a text discussion.
  • Additionally, Squad supports TikTok videos and offers a few streaming movies from its library. The app has evolved significantly since its early days as a screen-sharing tool for video conversations, while it still offers that feature. A complete guide for how you can connect wii to smart tv.

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We think Jukebox after trying many, many others that are similar. The finest app available today allows users to stream music from YouTube watch party in real-time sync with other users. 

  • It’s simple, it’s free, it looks excellent, it functions flawlessly, and you can use it in either private or public spaces with friends. 
  • To start, make a new Jukebox room with a unique name. You can either delist the room or make it public so only those with the link can enter.  jukebox app
  • Use the app’s search function to find music games, then add them to the now playing list. 
  • Although it is text-only, the Chat tab allows users to communicate with others in the space.
  • You can explore the available Jukebox public rooms from the home page and join any. You’ll be able to count the number of participants and unplayed tracks.

Use Jukebox to make a playlist of music to listen to on YouTube and share with friends. Click here for the best IPTV Player for Windows 10.

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Co-Train Space

You can use Co-Train Space to work out and watch YouTube with friends while chatting with ten pals.

When you exercise with companions, it is more enjoyable. The popularity of group classes and programs like CrossFit is due to this. 

  • You already know that there are free workout applications you may use at home to keep in shape. 
  • You may work out at home with a YouTube instructor using Co-Train Space, and your friends are welcome to join you. co-train space app
  • Choose a workout from Co-Train Space’s categories, which include yoga, morning, beginner, a complete body, and specific areas. 
  • Share the link to invite your friends to the newly created area of how to watch youtube with friends. You get to choose when the session begins as the host so that everyone may exercise simultaneously. 
  • Your video conversation is in a little bar on the right, while the main video plays on the left.
  • Your data is secure, and the video connection is stable thanks to the app’s open-source video calling network Jitsi.

 Co-Train Space is straightforward, simple, and performs as promised. Although video chat is the primary method of communication, You can also send text messages using the built-in chatroom. More is beyond your reach. Do you know how to add apps to Vizio smart TV? Read this.

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Chrono Tube

Avoid using that. Click the yellow “Create a room” icon to begin your own.

  • Every player receives an automated pseudonym chosen randomly, including you, the host. In another tab, perform a YouTube search, copy the link, and then paste it into Chrono Tube! q appended before it. 
  • The video will begin playing in the chatroom for everyone to see. To build a playlist, participants can continue adding new links.
  • You can use Chrono Tube in a few entertaining situations. For instance, you could share that link on social media and ask your followers to add YouTube group watch for music or video links to their favorite topics.
  • But it’s a two-edged sword. The incorrect person might easily share inappropriate download videos in the chatroom if they manage to get their hands on the URL. 

The wise course of action would be to use Chrono Tube for a short period and to make sure that you share the link in a way that will encourage use by the people you wish to connect with.

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YouTube Fiesta

YouTube Fiesta is the quickest and simplest method to share a video and watch it with friends simultaneously on YouTube.

  • Share and watch videos with friends on YouTube Fiesta if you don’t want the extra features like video calling and YouTube search. Create a room, add your username and a YouTube video link, and inform your friends of the room’s URL. youtube fiesta app
  • Emoji-only text chat is the only kind of communication available on YouTube Fiesta.
  • You can decide whether the host is the only one who can control playback. 

The simplicity of YouTube Fiesta makes it appealing; there are no lines, playlists, or other hassles. As soon as you’ve paired your Amazon Firestick, you’ll want to know how to unpair it. This article might help you.

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How do I view YouTube content on my TV?

Go to on your PC using the Chrome web browser. After selecting the video, you want to watch, click the Cast symbol in the video player. As you wait for the device to connect, choose the one you wish to cast. Once connected, your TV will start to play the video.

How can I view YouTube content that isn't in a browser?

Another method for how to watch youtube together videos outside of your browser and even on your TV is through XMBC. A free media player, or media center, called XBMC, offers a ton of amazing add-ons. You can try these 5 Incredible Add-Ons for the XBMC Media Center.

How do I ask a buddy to watch a YouTube video?


Several services allow you to view how to watch youtube with friends. Try them all out quickly to choose which you prefer. Ultimately, your selection will depend on which user interface and features you like best.

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