How To View Broken Phone Screen On Computer

how to view broken phone screen on computer

No Sharper Sting than your Phone Screen being shattered, Right! Mobile phone is synonymous with life these days. It has become such a vital component of our day-to-day lives that we cannot imagine spending a single day without it. And why not? With technological advancements, smartphones today inhibit the characteristics of a perfect manager, the best entertainer, infidel secret keeper, and what not! It’s ‘all in one package after all, that too handy one. Hence, breaking your phone screen can be a grave issue as it can cause everything to pause, including you; the moment you dropped it, remember? Your head flooded with flashing images of data and your hands trembled. You did not want it to be broken. But, ‘Hard Luck,’ you realized. How to view the broken phone screen on computer?

Assuming that you would have clicked on this link with a palpitated heartbeat, you can take a deep breath now.

Depending on the level of damage your phone could have endured, we’ll cover all the possibilities in this article on how to view the broken screen on the computer.

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How to view the broken phone screen on the computer?

Let’s begin with being Optimistic. Do you see your phone screen cracked but working? Is there a ray of light, metaphorically & literally! If ‘Yes,’ you don’t have much to worry about. Although you’ll have to make a trip to the store to replace the screen, you shouldn’t lose much information.

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CASE 1: The display of the phone is visible, and the touch function is working

Consider yourself lucky if this is the situation. A quick tip: either sync your data with your Gmail account or transfer it to another device because that won’t be possible if, by chance, the crack spreads and the phone display shuts.

1– Get hold of a USB cable. The one you use for charging would suffice

2– Unlock your phone and connect it to a computer using the cable


3– Hit the ‘Transfer Files’ option

transfer files

4– Retrieve all your data

The broken glass screen might harm you or your phone in the long run. Replacement is a better option.

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CASE 2: The display of the phone is visible, but the Touch function is not working

Still not much of an issue. I assure you that you would need a few extra pieces of equipment, but they’ll be easy to hunt. All you need is;

Since you cannot access the phone via Touch, there is a 50-50 probability of unlocking your phone. Just in case, if you would have opted for any sensor lock (face lock/ fingerprint lock), It’s going to be a cakewalk for you as you can easily unlock your phone. If you were out of luck today, you’d have to follow just one step extra.

1– Plug one end of the USB cable in your phone and connect the other one to the USB hub

usb hub


2– The USB mouse needs to be associated with the USB now

3– Your phone screen would be visible on your computer system now

4– Make use of the mouse to draw the pattern through navigation, to unlock the phone

5– Since the phone is unlocked now, ‘File Transfer Mode’ will be displayed

file transfer mode


6– Click on it using the mouse

And you are good to go! Navigate through all the data and store it somewhere safe.

Do you feel fortune didn’t favor you today at all, and your phone hit the ground so intensely that the screen has blackened out? If that’s the scenario, don’t let dismay take its toll; scroll!

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CASE 3: The touch function is working, but the screen is cracked and wholly black

How to figure out if this is the case or not? Do you hear any notification sounds or alarms?

Even if you don’t, let’s not jump to the conclusion without confirming this. Ask someone near you to give you a ring and if the ringtone is audible, follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve your important files and more. This will help even if the phone is on silent or DND mode. Read this article to fix cracked IPhone screen. 

Extra equipment required

Another Android Phone (The same phone model/ running the same software version)

1– Plug in your charger.

plug in your charger

2– Take the other phone and connect it to your computer via a USB cable.


3– Memorize the location of the ‘File Transfer’ pop-up

4– Connect the broken screen phone to the computer now

5– Unlock it via sensor lock or practice the pattern on another phone and try it on a broken screen.

6– After it gets unlocked, by the same hit and trial, tap the screen on the exact location that you memorized from the other phone. You might not see anything, but if it gets unlocked, you will be able to navigate

If you are still scrolling, that means you have damaged your phone pretty severely where the screen is all black, and there’s no sound. But fingers crossed, we have a solution for that too.

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CASE 4: The Screen is Completely Black, and the Touch Isn’t Working

By syncing your phone with a Google account or by using an app like Vysor, you can accomplish this.

A reliable method is to connect it to a TV.

1– Connect USB hub to phone, connect HDMI cable to TV and hub

hdmi cable

2– This requires a smart TV and a Bluetooth mouse

3– Select HDMI source on TV, and you’ll be able to access your phone

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If Nothing worked out for you, which is highly unlikely to happen, you should visit a store as soon as possible. Also, make it a point to keep your phone always synced so that you don’t worry about your data the next time any accident happens. After all, Precaution is better than cure! You can also read this if you want to know your PSU is dying.


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