In 2001, Nintendo produced and released the GameCube. The gamepad for its GameCube personal video gaming system. Despite one can buy an authentic Nintendo Administrator. Some off-brand copies are offered for sale at low costs. Read this tutorial to learn how to use the GameCube controller on Steam.

Use a USB connector for connecting your GameCube controllers to the computer. Download the necessary drivers if the connection calls for them before continuing. Open Steam on your computer and select “Steam” from the menu in the display’s upper-left part. Go to the dropdown menu and choose “Settings,” then “Controller.” Select the checkbox next to “Nintendo GameCube/Wii U Controllers Support.” To commit the modifications, hit “OK.” If you’re interested in connecting other controllers like an Xbox controller to a Chromebook, you might find this guide on connecting an Xbox controller to a Chromebook useful.


Someone took the effort to develop a detailed tutorial on how to use a GameCube controller on Steam. It helps to simplify matters simpler for you. Without delay, learn how to use the GameCube controller on Steam.

GameCube Controller Steam- All About

GameCube controller for Steam is known for its ergonomic design. The two-finger levers of control improve game interaction. You may also manage audio and video playing. The controller has an electrical life of thirty hours. This is ideal for extended gaming sessions. Furthermore, the device’s keys are enjoyable to push and provide greater precision. At the same time, you aim or move through various menus, particularly in PC games.

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Steam Gamecube Controller- Installing Tips

Before installing any controller, you should do some research. Also, find the difference in how one uses these controllers. You should be aware that controllers are available that cannot connect to the Gamecube or Wii.

These are frequently referred to as “wireless controllers.” They function similarly to standard controllers, except that no wires protrude from them. The trouble regarding these is that one can’t tell if you’re holding them. Furthermore, they lack any sensitivity control.
gamecube controller
Fortunately, weren’t yet bought a Gamecube administrator; one should do so, given that one can configure it on Steam. There are several types to choose from; some perform better than others. 

GameCube Controller Steam Games

Get to know about games on the GameCube controller. Here are two popular games of it.
steam gamecube controller

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Nintendo Wave Bird

It would be unfair to leave the Nintendo WaveBird off this compilation of the top cordless GameCube controllers. The traditional USB GameCube controller enables uninterrupted gameplay.

nintendo gamecube wavebird

From any location in the room since it is not connected to the Nintendo system.

Gamecube Wireless Controller, VTone

The traditional Nintendo WaveBird only matches some people’s budgets. But the VTone portable GameCube device is the best option when you have an interest in experiencing the softness. Also, the influence of a Nintendo wave bird is lacking, wasting a lot of money.
gamecube wireless controller
Thanks to RF signaling, players can move up to 10 meters apart. It occurs with Steam’s most advanced GameCube controller, the VTone cordless GameCube administrator. The silky and practical sticks and controls help users enjoy WaveBird’s pleasure.

How to use Gamecube Controller on Steam

Read further to learn the way to use a GameCube controller on Steam. You must employ a third-party SC command program to play with GameCube Windows controllers. For some users, the whole procedure may prove challenging. However, considering our clear directions, it should be simple and enjoyable. If you’re also interested in playing GameCube games on Wii U, check out our detailed guide on “Can You Play GameCube Games On Wii U [Explained].”
gamecube controller on steam
Below are the four phases to employ a GameCube device on Steam without further ado.

Downloading the VJoy Gadget Driver and Wii U USB Connection GCN Interface

Buy a Wii U USB connection GCN Adapter, then connect other USB connectors on either side of the computer.

    1. Get the most recent edition of the Wii U USB connection GCN converter driver.gamecube controller
    2. Select the Install spot and Shortcut choices by running the installation file now.
    3. ‘Zadig’ will display as a window that opens when setup is complete.
    4. Select List every device under Options. Ensure that WUP-028 is the initial selection in the options list, along with 057E and 0337, which correspond to the specified USB IDs.
      wup 028
    5. Pick substitute Driver > Set after that.
      win usb
    6. The vJoy Equipment Driver configuration screen will now appear when Windows shuts down.
      gamecube controller wii u
    7. To download the driver, continue to press Next.
      nintendo 64

Establishing Up x360ce

Get the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit versions of these programs.

  1. After that, split the two identifiable directories. You created from the files you received and ran each.
    establishing x360ce
  2. Install each version.
    x360ce emulator
  3. A warning popup pops up each time you install one of the two versions.
  4. Select Create to create the deleted document and the end of the warning schedule.
  5. When the operating system selects the Windows vJoy Devices, also, one prepares for configuration, more dialogue titled Microsoft Devices Detected appears.
  6. Afterward, check the box beside Search the World Wide Web. Under the Search tab, so for Options selection.
    xbox emulator
  7. Select Finish compared to Proceed.
    x360ce setup
  8. Depending on how the “New device detected” dialogue appears. Select Next > Confirm on each occasion.
    x360ce version

x360ce starts recognizing the device when an interface displaying four devices appears.

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Activating the GameCube Driver

Enter GCN in the keyword search boxes on the x360ce screen.

  1. In the left pane, select Wii U USB connection GCN Adapter.
    gamecube controller
  2. Choose Start. The notification “Portable 1 – 4 recognized” will subsequently show.
    gamecube driver
  3. Return to x360ce. Check that the Xbox 360 console icons respond once you tap down. On the GameCube controller and analog sticks while devices 1-4 individuals insert in.
  4. Adjust the Dead Zone and anti-dead Area choices to 30% and 80% to create your analog stick intensity levels.
    gamecube driver

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Updating the Steam Games Directory with Fresh Data

Navigate to the x360ce 32-bit processing or 64-bit directory. In Local Discs (C:) > Programme Documents > Steam compared to Steam Apps > Normal. Enter all three documents copied under that game.

steam games


Is it possible to utilize GameCube controllers on a desktop computer?

Currently own a Microsoft system or a PlayStation and are currently considering purchasing. One aren't isolated for those who own a GameCube or a Sony PlayStation. The GameCube controls are Computer and PlayStation compliant.

What do unauthorized GameCube controllers do?

Third-party GameCube controls are less expensive than Nintendo originals. Also, aren't manufactured by a gaming system manufacturer. Yet, since some Pro controls are additionally third-party. That is not evidence that those devices perform.

How may I get the Gamecube Controller off of my computer?

Put in place these directions for removing the GameCube from your computer. 1) Choose the remove button under Control Panel > Devices and Audio > Game Devices > SC Gamepad. 2) A screen with the choices Yes and No comes up afterward. To uninstall, choose 'Yes'. The SC controller should now one unplug from the machine.

Can One Connect WaveBird To A Computer?

The personal computer and the initial WaveBird controllers are compatible.


Reading this write-up, you must be clear on how to use the GameCube controller on Steam. We broke down the procedure for using GameCube controllers on Steam. Into four simple procedures in this tutorial, starting with downloading the Wii U USB Connection. Also, ending with uploading the data to the Steam games folder.

The comprehensive data in this post has been helpful to you. If you want to explore more gaming-related content, check out this helpful article on “The Top 7 Websites To Download GameCube ROMs.” One can use the GameCube gamepad on Steam, provided you follow each instruction.

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