Who would want to spend time on their favorite online platform besides students? However, for certain reasons, School Chromebooks denied students access to Instagram. Don’t you know how to unblock Instagram on a school Chromebook? Let’s explore!

To get Instagram unblocked on Chromebook, use VPN, which uses another IP address, thus making the website work. Another method is by a proxy, which alters the server location, thus enabling the student user to use the application.   

This content aids you in harnessing the secret techniques to use Instagram discreetly under the radar of an educational institution. You can help a friend block a stalker or report a cybercrime on social media. It can be used for many good reasons, like posting illegal school activities happening and tagging them to the necessary authorities to report them. You can also add captions using captions generator applications for posting important school activities on Instagram. The catchiest one can give you the most likes and shares! 

Understanding Why Instagram is Blocked on School Chromebooks

There are reasons why students need to understand why they are protected from the addictive media of Instagram from School Chromebooks. Read the precautions below before learning to unblock the Instagram app on the School Chromebook.

Protecting Students from Unpleasant Content

Even if Instagram has control over the illicit content its users post, there is still an option to view them. Additionally, the students would use this out of curiosity to know what the post could be about.

protecting students from unpleasant content

Furthermore, the students are at an age where they are driven by curiosity. Consequently, this can lead them to be influenced by sources and content that can be adult-rated.

Preventing Distractions During School Hours

First, educational institutions try reducing screen time during school hours so students can focus on their studies. Additionally, Instagram can be addictive because of its varied reel content and the number of strangers wanting to chat with students online.preventing distractions

This could also pose a danger to them, as we don’t know who these online strangers are and their intentions. Furthermore, they could ask for nude content, post nude content, ask for money, pretend to be in a desperate situation to ask for money, and a student could be a victim of blackmail or spear phishing. Turning off messages on Instagram to avoid message requests is an option on Instagram. This will keep you safe from stalkers or unwanted strangers. 

Curating Internet Information for Educational Purposes

Content curation helps both teachers and students. Curating information from the Internet can prevent students from getting distracted as they try to get information from the net.

curating internet information for educational purposes

It can also help save time as they can readily access information at their fingertips.

How to Unblock Instagram on School Chromebook (6 Ways)

You can learn how to unblock Instagram on the School Chromebook in numerous ways. Let us come to know them one by one.

Using a VPN to Bypass Restrictions

A Virtual Private Network is one of the options to access Instagram. vpnIt confuses the system into thinking you are accessing the website from another server by replacing your IP address with a different location.

Utilizing Proxy Websites

Proxy is a popular technique to access Instagram. Changing the server location enables the user to use any blocked website.proxy

Accept a reliable and valid server and access your Instagram URL. 

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Chrome Settings Adjustments

You can access proxy settings through Chrome settings. 

  1. Open Chrome settings from the three dots on the top corner.chrome homepage
  2. Tap “Advanced”.
  3. Beneath “Privacy and Security,” Tap “Site settings.”site settings
  4. On “Site settings,” you can handle the permissions of particular websites. performance
  5. If you can access “Proxy settings,” you can go through restrictions. 

Using the College Board App

Use the College Board application to browse Instagram.

college board

  1. Select the time at the bottom.
  2. Sign out.
  3. Select apps on the bottom left.
  4. Enter the College Board application
  5. Tap Forget username.
  6. Scroll downwards and tap on the YouTube icon.
  7. Once their site is open, select Sign in. 
  8. At the screen end, select terms.
  9. Tap on the 9 dot icon.
  10. Select search.
  11. This will open a new Google window, and you will be ready to browse on Instagram. 

RollApp – A Paid Alternative

An alternative that can help access any website you like. 

  1. Enter the RollApp website.
  2. Sign up and log in with your account.
  3. Tap on Apps from Menu.
  4. Scroll downwards and tap on Brackets.
  5. It shall take you towards a new window.
  6. Now, tap on the lightning bolt icon in the top right corner. 
  7. This shall take you to an older version of Chromium.
  8. You can access any website. 

Connecting via Mobile Hotspot

Tapping on a hotspot to access Instagram. 

  1. Tap on the mobile hotspot. mobile hotspot
  2. Connect your Chromebook to the hotspot.connecting chromebook to hotspot
  3. Open Chrome browser.google
  4. Navigate to the website of Instagram. You have access.instagram login

The aforementioned demonstrates how to unblock Instagram on a school Chromebook. But there are some ethical concerns you need to be aware of before you try the ”how do I unblock Instagram on my school Chromebook” methods you just equipped yourself with right now. Let us look into them.  

Ethical and Safety Considerations

Certain ethics and safety considerations need to be considered before a student accesses a blocked website from a School Chromebook. 

Requesting Administrative Assistancerequesting administrative assistance

Additionally, a student should know that seeking assistance from administrative authorities is crucial before attempting to access a blocked website, especially for educational purposes. By following the proper procedures, students can avoid potential cyberattacks or hacking into school systems. The administration is knowledgeable about the steps necessary to access blocked sites safely.

Understanding the Risks of Unblocking Websites

First, there are certain risks as to why one shouldn’t unblock certain websites. One is viruses that can destroy the school system. Additionally, many anti-virus programs protect the system. Furthermore, every site you access goes through a filter. However, one should be cautious.understanding the risk of unblocking sites

Moreover, certain websites can be unknown to the students and can trap them. In addition, student’s curiosity leads them to these chasms. Therefore, one must be informed of what they will access and seek assistance before doing so.

In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, unblocking websites may lead students astray from their goals. They may also encounter unwanted, illicit content while searching for what they seek. Therefore, students also need to give more attention to studies than to net browsing, as it is comparatively healthy.


How do I unblock Instagram on my school computer?

You can unblock through a VPN, like Windscribe or CyberGhost.

Why is Instagram blocked on my school Chromebook?

Your school may have policies to restrict certain websites.

How do I unblock apps on my school laptop?

VPN is the best method to unblock such apps.

Can we use Instagram on Chromebook?

Yes, you can use Instagram on Chromebook.


To sum up, this article discusses how to unblock Instagram on a School Chromebook, why students shouldn’t, and the precautions and risks to be informed about. Moreover, if there is a dire circumstance regarding your need to unblock Instagram during school hours, you are welcome to try one of our methods.

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