Have you ever wondered if your friend has A Snapchat Plus subscription? Using this guide, you can learn How To Tell If Someone Has A Snapchat Plus Subscription. With exclusive features like custom emojis and extended story durations, Snapchat Plus is the social media world’s VIP pass. This article will help you spot a Snapchat Plus user and understand its premium features. Stay tuned!

You can check out these crucial profile details to maximize your Snapchat experience. Look for a Snapchat+ badge and whether the person replayed your snap twice. Also, note their premium chat wallpaper, AI-generated profile background, and custom story expiration settings. These indicators can help you make informed decisions about who to connect with on the app.

Are you prepared to discover Snapchat Plus’s hidden features? Keep reading to learn about premium Snapchat subscription traits and exclusive features.

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How to Tell if Someone Has a Snapchat Plus Subscription

Snapchat+ Badge

The first sign of a Snapchat Plus subscription is the Snapchat+ badge. snapchat badgesThis exclusive symbol appears next to the user’s name, showcasing their premium status. Among regular users, it’s easy to spot a Plus member with their virtual VIP pass. This is one way to tell if someone has a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Replayed Your Snap Twice

Snapchat Plus users can replay snaps not once but twice. replayIf you notice someone revisiting your snap a second time, it’s a strong hint that they’re enjoying the perks of a premium subscription.

Premium Chat Wallpaper

The chat background says a lot! Snapchat Plus members can personalize their chat space with premium wallpapers.premium chat wallpaper If you see a chat background that’s out of the ordinary, it’s likely a Plus user showing off their customization skills. This is one of the solutions to tell if someone has a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Premium/AI-Generated Profile Background

Snapchat Plus takes profile customization to the next level with AI-generated backgrounds. ai generated wallpaperThese unique, eye-catching designs are a clear indicator of a Plus subscription. It’s like having a digital artist at your fingertips, exclusive to Plus members. This is one solution to how to tell if someone has a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Custom Story Expiration

With Snapchat Plus, users can set their own rules for story expiration. custom story expirationsIf you notice a friend’s story lasting longer or shorter than the usual 24 hours, it’s a sign they’re using a premium subscription.

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Other Ways To Check If Someone Has Snapchat Premium

Post View Emoji

Snapchat Plus users can set a unique emoji to appear after you view their snap.post view emojis If a sender uses an unexpected emoji, they have a premium subscription.

Chat Tab Customization

Premium users can tailor their chat tab to their liking. chat tab customizationIf a friend’s chat tab seems more organized or personalized than usual, they might use Snapchat Plus to keep their conversations in perfect order.

Snapchat Stories with a Twist

Snapchat Plus members can access extended story duration and other exclusive story features. snapchat stories with a twistIf you notice stories that stand out with unique elements or longer viewing times, it’s likely the work of a Plus subscriber.

Peak a Peak Feature

This feature allows Plus users to peek at their friends’ stories without leaving a trace. peek a peekIf you suspect someone is viewing your stories incognito, they might use this premium feature. You can also know If Someone Added You Back On Snapchat.

 Screenshot Alerts

Snapchat Plus users can enable alerts to know when someone screenshots their content.screenshot alerts If a friend mentions receiving a screenshot alert, it indicates that they are a member of the Snapchat Plus club.

Unlimited Viewing Time

Premium subscribers can enjoy snaps and stories without the usual time constraints. If someone seems to be relishing content longer than the standard limits, it’s a hint that they’ve unlocked Snapchat Plus’s unlimited viewing time feature.viewing time

By looking for these additional signs, you can confirm whether someone has the exclusive benefits of a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Legal and Privacy Considerations

When using Snapchat Plus, it’s crucial to tread carefully with legal and privacy considerations. Snapchat Plus is fully legal as a paid feature and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. However, the way you can see someone’s subscription status can raise privacy concerns.

Respecting privacy is paramount. While curiosity is natural, everyone has a right to their digital privacy. Using unauthorized methods to determine someone’s subscription status can breach this privacy and potentially lead to legal issues.privacy

If you’re curious about someone’s Snapchat Plus status, stick to the visible signs and features mentioned earlier. Avoid invasive tactics like hacking or using third-party apps, as these actions not only violate Snapchat’s terms of service but can also have legal consequences.


What are the key features of Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus offers exclusive features like the Snapchat+ badge, replaying snaps twice, premium chat wallpapers, AI-generated profile backgrounds, and custom story expiration settings for an enhanced Snapchat experience.

How much does Snapchat Plus cost?

The cost of a Snapchat Plus subscription varies by region, but it generally ranges from $3.99 to $4.99 per month, offering users access to premium features and customization options.

Can I cancel my Snapchat Plus subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Snapchat Plus subscription at any time through your account settings, and you'll still have access to the premium features until the end of your billing cycle.

Is Snapchat Plus available in all countries?

Snapchat Plus is gradually rolling out and may not be available in all countries yet. Check the Snapchat app or website for availability in your region.

Does Snapchat Plus offer a free trial?

As of now, Snapchat Plus does not offer a free trial. Users can subscribe directly to access the exclusive features of the premium service.


In conclusion, knowing how to identify Snapchat Plus subscribers can help you take advantage of the advanced features available on the platform. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your account or simply curious about someone else’s subscription, Snapchat Plus offers exclusive perks that can enhance your overall experience. So go ahead and explore all that Snapchat Plus has to offer!

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