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how to screenshot on a dell computer

Basically, you need to understand how does it work what the methods that are used are. We all are aware of the different keys/shortcuts are being used to operate as such. We will understand here how to screenshot on dell laptops and computers. And if you’re getting the error of  “No Audio Output Device Is Installed” in your dell laptop or computer then click here.

How to take a Screenshot on a Dell?

Here, you need to locate the print screen button I . e Prt Sc to find it on your keyboard.

We usually see it on the left side of your keyboard in the dell. In the new era of taking a screenshot, nobody had thought about using such tools that help you to capture. There are several ways to take screenshots on your dell device depending upon the model or series you use. Those will work on different methods based on the keyboard you use.

How to Screenshot on Dell Computer using keys

You can follow such methods: Print Screen (Prt Sc)

how to screenshot on dell
how to screenshot on dell
  • You can also find the F10 key in the top row of your keyboard.
  • Basically, if you use certain shortcut critical combinations with the print screen key, this will help you to capture your screen in different proportions. This method will help you ideally if you have windows 8, windows 8.1, and also on Windows 10.
  • If you want to capture the entire screen at one go, press the window key and prt scr simultaneously.
  • Your screen will flicker for a second so that it means that you have successfully taken a screenshot.
  • If you would like to click a particular image or content or select a specific object to capture, you need to take a snapshot that will help you press on the Alt+prtsc simultaneously. With one click, you can take a snapshot. With the help of these keys, it will be easy for you to access.
screenshot using alt+prt scr
screenshot using alt+prt scr
  • You can also choose another option, such as a snipping tool that will help you capture your screen in different shapes. It’s an inbuilt windows feature. Easy to use, this feature is seen when you search “snipping tool” in the search menu. This tool will be moving to a new home. Try improved features and snip like usual with snip and sketch (or try shortcut Windows logo key + shift+ S)
how to screenshot on dell
how to screenshot on dell
  • All you need to select “new “or press “ctrl+N” together.

Screenshot on Dell Laptop- Other methods

There are three different other forms which include as follows:

free form snip and other methods
free form snip and other methods

The free form snip:

This feature facilitates capturing your screen in any shape you want to.

The window snip:

It lets you capture your active window with a straightforward click.

The full-screen snip:

These capture the entire screen at once. It’s a full-screen screenshot the whole thing that you see on your display will get caught in one go.

This will be more helpful if you are using multiple monitors.

Once you take a screenshot or snapshot

Press ‘ctrl+s’ to save the image in your particular folder.

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Your Dell laptop or computer may feature a number of ways to how to screenshot on dell take a screenshot, but if you want to use various rich options that let you capture a screenshot and more, Markup Hero would be your go-to application.

Note:  With the help of this tool, accessing, editing, annotating, and sharing your snapshots seem effortless. Try it first for yourself and see if it’s worth your time.

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