How To Save A Notepad File As HTML | Stepwise Tutorial

how to save a notepad file as html

Notepad is an amazing text editor. But when it comes to opening or saving an HTML file in Notepad, it can be a little tricky; you might find how to save a notepad file as HTML a little intriguing.

Add the .html extension to the end of the File’s name in Notepad, and you will be able to save the File as an HTML. If you opened a file already in HTML format and want to edit and save it back in HTML format, click on save. You don’t need to do anything as it is already in HTML format, so the changes are saved in the same format.

This article will give a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to save a notepad file as HTML. Furthermore, you will discover how to open the HTML file in Notepad. Fix if your Bluetooth is not available on MAC.

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How To Save A Notepad File As HTML

Before doing anything, we must open the notepad application on our system. Here is how to save the notepad file as HTML.

Step 1: You can open it by pressing Windows + R to open a run dialogue box, type Notepad, and hit ok. Or you can open the application from the start menu.  

Step 2: Create a text file in Notepad and ensure it has HTML content. Click on SaveAs by going to File, proceeding to save the File.  save a notepad file as html

Step 3: You can select the location to save the File. Enter the file name, and don’t forget to add “.html” as the extension after the name.  save the file

Step 4: Choose “All Files” in the dropdown menu of SaveAs type. Hit on Save, and it’s done. Click here to learn the best phone for International travel in 2022.

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How To Open The HTML File In Notepad

Let’s look at how to open an HTML file in Notepad now that you know how to save a notepad file as HTML.

Step 1: Select an HTML file you want to open in Notepad. Select “open with” from the context menu using the right-click option. choose another app

Step 2: Opt for Notepad. If the Notepad option is not visible, click “Choose another app” and then choose Notepad. Press on OK.

Now you can edit the HTML file in the notepad application to save the HTML file you have just edited. Also, you can do it simply by pressing ctrl+S. It will automatically be saved as an HTML file as the File is already in an HTML format. Read this article to learn the best fingertip grip mouse in 2022.

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In Notepad, How To Create An HTML File

Saving a file as HTML and opening an HTML file only works when you already have a file. It is possible. But how would you use Notepad to create an HTML file, or to put it another way, how would you use Notepad to make HTML files? You can create an HTML file in Notepad in a few simple steps.

STEP 1:firstly, open the notepad application. You already might have the default file created. If not, go to files at the top left and click on NEW to create the blank File. default file notepad

STEP 2: Add HTML content in it. And finally, save the File as a .html extension. 

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How To Create A Webpage Using HTML In Notepad

Creating a webpage in Notepad using HTML is quite simple.

Step 1: Open Notepad in your system and click on new to create a new file. create a new file in notepad

Step 2: Write an HTML program in it. Save the file with.html extension. 

Step 3: You can now open the HTML file in a browser after being saved. You can open a file in a browser by choosing “open with” from the context menu when right-clicking a file. Click here to learn the best detective apps.

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Can an HTML file be edited in Notepad?

Yes, you can edit an HTML file in Notepad. You must first open the HTML file in Notepad to do so. This article contains the steps in detail on how to open an HTML file in Notepad.

Can I save the notepad file as an HTML file in MAC?

Though there are generally different steps in different OS for the same task, you can save the notepad file as HTML in MAC by following the same steps you would use in windows. To save it, you have to add a .html extension after the name of the File to save it as an HTML file.

Steps to open an HTML file in Notepad?

To open an HTML file, you need to click on the Open with options button in Notepad. A notepad option will be displayed there. Click on it to open the File. If you are facing trouble with it, like the notepad application option is not there in the Open with section, go to open with another, and then choose the notepad application.

What is an HTML format?

HTML, also known as Hyper Text Markup Language, is a universally acknowledged standard document format for web pages. The Visual representation you see on your device are converted HTML texts using CSS-styled sheets.

Can an HTML webpage be created using Notepad?

YES, a webpage can be created in Notepad using HTML. Create an HTML file in Notepad using the HTML application, then save it as an HTML file by attaching the.html extension to the file name. Now you can view the HTML file in the browser by right-clicking on the File and clicking on the open with the option, Choose the browser on which you want to open the File.


To sum up, If you know how to save a notepad file as HTML, the Notepad can easily act as a notepad to HTML converter. You can open any file in Notepad and change the extension to.html to save it, and You will convert it to an HTML file. You have provided that it contains HTML content inside it.

Creating and saving a notepad file as HTML can sound difficult, but, in reality, it is very simple. The steps mentioned in this article to perform various tasks in Notepad relating to HTML will guide you to master these things. Above all,  I hope this was a knowledgeable and helpful article and you would have liked it. There is top 5 websites for downloading free ringtones for iPhone. Also Pop over here to know the 2 Ways on How To Make PPT In Phone With Pictures.

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