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how to quote on reddit

Reddit, also known as the front page of the Internet, is a social networking tool. People around the world use this platform to ask questions from a global community. Every person is entitled to ask questions about anything and everything on Reddit. And for that you need to know how to quote on reddit. The global community, as we like to call it, helps people with answers and suggestions. It is a beautiful example of how an unknown person might help you with your problems with no selfish motives. This illustrates true selflessness in a very glorious manner. The selflessness of every individual who takes out their time to help others is something we need to appreciate. Communicating with people afar is the biggest and most wonderful gift of the Internet to humanity.

Reddit quote
Reddit quote

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While one person asks a question, the other users answer it, and a lot of discussions may occur in the comments section of the question/post. While discussing, one might feel the need to quote someone’s comment or the original post while expressing their perspective. For this purpose, Reddit provides its users with a unique feature known as ‘QUOTE.’ Quoting is defined as the process of writing a comment in the context of the other. This feature is similar to how we use the comment section on Instagram while replying to each other’s comments. Almost every social networking platform provides its users with such tools to help them understand and use their platforms with ease. The users can this feature by simply following some basic steps on ” How to quote on Reddit”

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Reddit is a platform in which users can access it using a web-based system and mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. First, we will list the steps to be followed to access the Website, and then we will list the steps for the same goal using the Android or iOS application.

How To Quote On Reddit – On The Website

Note: Using the web-based services of Reddit has added ease because all the options are easily viewable and accessible on the Website.

  • Open the internet browser on your Personal computer. Visit the Website
  • Log into the Website using your credentials.
  • Open the post on which you want to comment/quote.
  • Select the comment which you wish to quote.
  • Click on ‘Reply.
  • You can quote the original post as well as a comment on the post. The procedure remains the same for both. If you wish to quote a post, click on ‘Reply’ on the post.
  • Select the ‘More’ button.
  • Select the ‘Quote’ option, shown by double inverted commas. A grey line appears in the writing section. 
  • Type your views and click on ‘Reply.’

You have completed the tasks. This feature proves very useful to maintain a conversation with people in the comments section.

How To Quote On Reddit –  On The App (Android / iOS)

Note: These steps and screencaps are for the android application. The iOS application also has a similar UI (user interface). Hence, it will not be difficult for the iOS users to complete the said process after reading the following steps.

An application is easier to use for people on the go since not everyone has access to a PC. Hence, the use of mobile applications and their UI (user interface) is very well explored.

As discussed earlier, knowing how to quote on Reddit on the iOS or Android application is also very simple. Just follow the simple steps and achieve your goal.

  1. Download the application from Apple Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.
  2. Create your account / Login with credentials.
  3. Go to the post with which you wish to interact. 
    How to quote on Reddit
    How to quote on Reddit
  4. Select the comment with which you wish to interact/quote.
  5. Click on ‘Reply.’
  6. Insert the greater-than sign (<) before writing your comment.
  7. Type your views and click on ‘Reply.’

Your task is completed now. The ‘Quote’ feature proves very helpful to maintain a conversation with people in the comments section.

Download Reddit: Android | iOS


We have clearly described how to quote on Reddit in this article and we hope this might have helped you!

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Author’s Note

While using any social networking site, the most important point is that a person should always maintain decorum and use respectful language while using the app or Website. We can connect to people from all around the world through social networking. Hence, we should maintain proper professionalism. Everyone, whether we know them or not, deserves our respect. Mindfulness while conversing is something that needs to be applied. Social networking is a boon, if we use it in the right way, and it becomes evil or a menace if we misuse it. It is on us how we use it and apply it to the best of its potential.



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