How To Use YouTube Song As A Ringtone Andriod | Complete Guide

how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone

Who doesn’t like music? And this digital era, YouTube is ruling the music industry. Be it a famous artist or a newbie. Everyone releases their song on a platform like youtube before it becomes available anywhere else. And we often hope that we can use these amazing songs as our ringtone. No more wondering about how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone Andriod.

It isn’t as complex as it seems. There are multiple websites and apps to download youtube audio on android. You can use free online video-to-audio converting tools proceeded by trimming the converted audio file to end up with a ringtone or use an app for the same.

youtube song as ringtone

 Choose the way you like from this article to put YouTube songs as audio ringtones. This article will guide three different ways to put a song from YouTube as a ringtone Andriod.

Song from YouTube as ringtone in 2 steps.

Can you use songs in YouTube videos as ringtones on android? Absolutely, follow this simple 2-step method to convert youtube to ringtone. The two steps include converting the video into an mp3 format and trimming the converted audio file. Let’s see how you can implement these steps in detail.

Converting from video to mp3

You can convert the video to mp3 from a website by following the given steps:converting video to mp3

  1. First, you must choose which song you want as an audio ringtone. So, go to youtube and choose one.
  2. When you open a video, you can easily click the share button and copy the link.
  3. Open up any browser you wish and search for a free youtube to mp3 converter. Pick the one that meets your needs and continue.
  4. Once the website for converting the audio is open, paste the link and press the convert button. Now wait and let the site do its magic.

convert audio

Soon, you will get the converted audio. Go ahead and download the converted audio.

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Trimming the audio file

Coming to trimming the audio file, the second step for how to put a song from YouTube as a ringtone once you have downloaded the converted audio file.

trimming audio file

When trimming the audio, there are two ways to do so. The first option is to do it online through a browser. Chrome is the fast and easy option you could opt for.  Second, go ahead and download an application to complete this task.

Using a web browser to trim the audio

You can also use a website to trim the video. Follow the given steps:

web browser audio trimmer

  1. Open the desired browser and search for a free audio trimming tool. Drop your file and click on the button to upload it.
  2. Now trim the audio to a duration of 15-20 seconds as per your liking.
  3. Once the audio is trimmed successfully, you can download the generated link.

Using an application to trim the audio

The free app that can help you cut or edit your audio is the mp3 cutter and ringtone maker. Launch it on your phone after downloading it from the Google Play store. The app is not only limited to trimming audio; instead, it has some cool features like merging and mixing two audio files and much more. 

application audio trimmer

  1. Once the application is launched, opt for the MP3 cutter and give access to all the required components.
  2. Add the converted audio file and trim the audio to a duration of 15-20 seconds per your liking.
  3. Tap on the continue button at the top, modify the settings if required, and press on convert.

apps to trim audio

Whichever method you opt for, it will leave you with an audio file that can be used as an android phone ringtone. So, go forth and successfully add this converted, trimmed mp3 audio file as your ringtone. And you have YouTube Song As Ringtones without converting the video into audio

Suppose you don’t want to waste so much time following the previous way to set the youtube song as a ringtone. There is another way how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone.

online audio cutter

With this method, you can convert youtube to a ringtone. This is more time efficient and easier to follow than the last one.

  1. As last time, copy the link to the youtube song video of your choice. 
  2. Look for an online audio cutter on the internet and open it.
  3. Paste the link you copied from youtube earlier, then trim the audio. To make the trimmed audio sound natural and rhythmic, use the fade-in and fade-out features.

set the ringtone

Now all that’s left to do is to save it in cloud storage and set it as your ringtone.

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Converting directly to ringtone from the URL

Are you still questioning how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone? Well, let’s see what our last resort is to accomplish this. If you want an album or cover ringtone maker music, try using This can easily convert a song video from youtube to an android ringtone with a mere URL. Copy the URL, type it into this page, and you’re done. Moreover, you not only can make an mp3 audio conversion, but there are also other formats available too, such as M4A, AU, AAC, FLAC, and even M4R. uploads

Follow the given steps:

  1. As usual, copy the YouTube video link of your liking.
  2. Open the website and paste the copied URL
  3. Pick the format you want your audio in once you have cut it and convert it to an audio file
  4. Select a location for the converted audio file’s storage. You may now set it as your phone’s ringtone.

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Can I make a song from YouTube with my ringtone?

Copy the URL and paste it on the website to turn a YouTube song into an Android ringtone. The YouTube music will be converted to MP3 and then altered for your phone ringtone. This can then be made the ringtone for your Android device.

Why doesn't my YouTube ringtone use that song?

The first step in making a YouTube music ringtone is to use to convert the video to MP3. Using third-party applications like Timbre or an MP3 cutter, you can trim the audio file after exporting the YouTube video to MP3. Go to Settings>Sound and Vibration>Ringtones on your phone after clipping the desired ringtone. Set it as your default ringtone.

How can I customize my caller ringtone to be a video?

You can use third-party applications like Video Ringtone creator to put a video as your caller ringtone. Search for the video ringtone creator there in the Google Play Store. Install the one you like. Open the app on your device, then select a video from your device by tapping the Videos tab. Make sure to download the video in advance if you intend to use it as your caller ringtone. Click on Save after choosing the video you wish to use as your caller ringtone.

How can a song be made into a ringtone?

Download the song to your device as an MP3 audio file or use any other song gateway before setting it as your phone ringtone. You can edit the song after downloading it to create a phone ringtone. And then, simply go to settings and set it as a default mobile ringtone.


Everyone wishes to have their favorite song from youtube as a ringtone, but they don’t know how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone as it seems undeniably hard. But not since we’ve chosen some of the most effective ways to make ringtones from YouTube.

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