It is very enjoyable to watch videos or pictures on a big screen. Affording high costs for every movie isn’t possible. Now you can easily project it at home; read how to project mobile screen on wall without projector in this guide.

Grab a magnifying lens and a shoebox. Create a precise incision at the tip of the container after removing the grip from the glass. Insert a magnifying lens through the opening. The box’s interior should be painted a matte black color. Display the image from the cell phone at the bottom of the box. This is how to project mobile screen on wall without projector.

Reading this guide will let you easily project your screen at home. After this, you can enjoy personal projecting alone even.

How to project the mobile screen on the wall without a projector app

Although they were around for a while, predictions can be expensive and expensively enormous. Today, there are several alternatives for employing a projection device to mirror your smartphone screen onto a wall. Utilizing Chromecast equipment constitutes a choice. You may stream media from your mobile gadget to the television using Chromecast.

family using diy projector projecting images on the wall

Read this to learn how to project a mobile screen on a wall without a projector.

You may also project the display of the iPad or iPhone onto the television using an Apple television. Another choice is to use an HDMI connection for connecting your mobile gadget straight to your TV. You can link up via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth if you’re equipped with a television with smart capabilities.

You can share material with others or get a better look at what’s on your phone by projection the display of the phone onto a wall. One can take various approaches, and the one you should choose will rely on the fact that the device has a projector application loaded. You can display the display without a screen-projecting application by linking the device to a TV or monitor supporting HDMI. This is how you do it:

1. Join the ends of an HDMI cord to the device’s bottom charging connector.

2. Connect the HDMI cord’s ends to the HDMI connector on the television or monitor.

3. On the television or monitor, choose the proper input. The display from the cell device ought to be visible.

4. Open the Screen in the Configuration app on the mobile device.

5. The Cast Screen button. There shall be an inventory of compatible gadgets.

6. Select the television or monitor’s username. A picture of the mobile device will be mirrored onto the wall.

How to Project Phone to the Wall- Benefits of it

It is occasionally difficult to gather an assortment of people about a tiny display if you desire to show a film or additional data from a mobile device. An excellent solution to this issue is projecting the cell phone’s display onto a solid surface. This has several advantages, including the ones that follow:

The View Gets Simpler

Any individual in the space will likely observe the mobile phone clearly.

projecting on wall

And without effort once you display it on the wall.

It’s More Outstanding

When something is projected across a bigger appear, certain stuff seems superior.projecting over wall without projector

Forecasting your smartphone’s display onto a wall can leave a more profound effect than merely viewing it on your device if you’re showcasing images from your most recent holiday or delivering a presentation for business.

Your Hands are Liberate

You don’t need to keep the gadget out for everyone to view while you display the contents of it on a screen.presenting to people

This implies you can use your hands, including gestures during conversation or collecting notes.

It Isn’t as Distracting

It can be challenging to monitor whatever is happening on the device alongside what is happening on the screen when you attempt to perform an appearance or observe a movie while utilizing your device for anything else.

women giving presentation

You will not be concerned about what is occurring on the device as you project the screen onto it because every focus will be on the presented information.

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Project Images on the Wall- Ways

There are several techniques for projecting images on the wall. Here, some of the standard methods are discussed.

With the Help of a Flashlight

You can project your favorite pictures onto a wall without a projector using a torch and a few low-cost materials. This method works effectively with small photos.

flashlight for projection

You’ll Require the Following:

  • A light source
  • Unfolded cardboard
  • Tape
  • a magnifying glass, if desired
  • your preferred image


  1. Create a rectangular shape out of cardboard that is only a little bit bigger than the picture you have.
  2. Tape the image on the cardboard after placing it face down.
  3. Switch off the electrical appliances in the area, flatten the board against the wall, and secure it firmly.
  4. Hold the torch approximately one foot beyond the picture and tilt it to ensure the illumination penetrates the backing material.
  5. Move the torch towards or away from the picture until it appears on the surface at the dimension you want.
  6. Using a magnifying glass, it is also possible to focus the light and create a crisper image.

With the Help of Smartphone

See here the ways to project phone screen to the wall. If you’re like the majority, consider that a handheld device is limited to surfing the web and sending and getting calls.

smartphone in hands

That is partially accurate. Mobile devices can be utilized for various activities due to how the world has evolved. With other applications, a cell phone may be used for projecting a picture.

Let’s clarify that no cell phone has a projector setup built-in. Yet, with minor alterations, you might utilize your cell phone to create a low-cost Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projector.

You’ll Require the Following:

  • Knife or scissors with accuracy
  • Mirror
  • glass for magnifying
  • Pencil, ruler
  • a shoebox or comparable object
  • Glue, brush, and tape with two sides, either with hefty black paper or matte black pigment.

Apply the appropriate box and mirror. Within the container, you must place a reflection and a magnifying lens. This configuration simplifies displaying a big picture using your phone’s light ray.

Brighter images require more light to penetrate the enlarging lens. One will also need an extended box to adjust the distance between the cell phone and the projected optic. In general, you need a box that covers the cellphone screen. The reflection must be simple, rectangular, and identical in size to the device itself.

Put the right enclosure and mirror in place. This arrangement makes the light beam from the cell phone show a large image easily. You need to put an eyepiece and an image inside the container.

More light must enter the enlarging lens for brighter photos. The primary objective needs a broader container to modify the gap between the mobile device and its projected photonic. Generally, one requires a container encompassing the mobile phone’s screen. Simple, rectangular, and the same dimension as the item must characterize the reflected image.

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How to Project an Image Without a Projector- Tips to Look Professional

Understanding how to project an image on a wall without a projector is an excellent method to add an artistic flair to your presentation or private theatre setup. You will discover ways to get the procedure starting from this manual. If you’re also interested in connecting gaming consoles like Wii to a projector, you might want to check out our guide on “How To Connect Wii To Projector.” Click here to learn more.

Finding a suitable location for mounting up your projector is the initial step. Finding a location where the projector remains compatible with the material you are projecting onto. If you employ one, ensure that your tripod is stable and isn’t going away.

The following phase, after setting up the projector, is configuring properly. The point of interest and keystone must be adjusted to achieve a prominent and appropriately proportioned picture. Relax if it requires trial and error; a component of the pleasure is achieving it exactly right.

projecting using smartphone without projector

Ready to commence projecting once the screen has been adequately hooked up and adjusted! Utilise high-resolution, low-noise pictures or recordings for the most effective outcomes. You may guarantee that the display looks fantastic by performing this.

Without a projector, you may easily add an expert flair to your presentation or personal theatre setup by displaying a graphic on a wall. One can achieve fantastic outcomes by putting forth extra effort. This is how to project mobile screen on wall without projector in an official manner.


Why do people make projectors?

Making a portable projector is a wonderful way to exercise creative thinking. Additionally, you can work on the endeavour by yourself or enlist some friends' assistance.

How can one trace magnifying glass?

In the centre of the simplify close to which was taken away, eliminate the handle from your magnifying lens and record its contours.

What occurs if noise is created from reflecting light off box barriers?

The box edges reflect light, which causes noise in the images. Consequently, a poor-quality picture is going to occur.

How can a screen with a lens that magnifies be made?

After collecting your required resources, get ready for the company and develop a projector layout. The box, pencil, and magnifying lens should be taken. Rotate the box so that the tiny end is on the surface, set the glass on the highest point of the additional side, and accurately trace it with a pencil.


Now, it must be easy for you since you know how to project a mobile screen on a wall without a projector. Many alternatives for employing a screen when you intend to display the image on the surface of a wall. You may manufacture temporary projectors for seeing favorite pictures in bigger resolution with just a piece of ingenuity and certain common things.

Employ any of these strategies whenever you find yourself resourceful or desire to enjoy the theatre avoiding upsetting your neighbors.

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