If you’re traveling or are in a setting where you do not have access to a television or a plane, you can connect and operate your console by connecting it to a laptop. Nintendo has devel oped the Wii U home console, commonly connected to a television. If you want to know how to play Wii u on laptop, keep reading and find out.

how to play wii u on laptop

If you wish to play the nostalgic, old console on coming-of-age hardware, the Cemu emulator for Windows is your go-to. The wireless Wii connects to your computer and makes an internet connection through the console.

Cemu emulator allows you to play games on your Laptop while also improving the original hardware, which is usually linked to television. Here is a step-by-step guide on connecting the Wii U to your Laptop in two ways (HDMI and Wireless). 

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How To Play Wii U On Laptop

To connect Wii U to your laptop, you will need a Wii U USB adapter and USB port on Laptop to proceed further. Following are some ways to connect Wii U to your laptop so that you can play Wii u on laptop.

Using An HDMI Input To Connect A Wii To A Laptop

Firstly, for this method, you require an HDMI input port on your Laptop. This, nevertheless, is very rare. Most laptops only avail of an HDMI output port. We are good to go if you have the required port to connect your Wii.

To connect to a television or monitor to the console, the Nintendo Wii employs a proprietary cable having standard RCA audio/video cords. Most consumer electronic gadgets use the same cords, but the Wii requires a separate link for you to connect it to a laptop. Adapters can be used to convert Wii signals to USB 2.0 signals.

hdmi input

Disconnect the AV cord from the Wii console’s backside. The adapter must be connected to the Wii’s backside using a Wii connection. Connect the USB port on the Laptop’s opposite end to the adapter cord.

After turning on the Laptop and Wii,

  1. Double-click the drive to connect the adapter.
  2. Click on ‘My Computer in the ‘Start’ menu, and then the drive.

Wirelessly Connect A Wii To A Laptop

You can wirelessly connect your Wii U gaming console to your Laptop simply through access to wireless internet. Make sure your console is switched on, surf the Channel Menu, and click on the Wii logo on your computer. Remember to select by using the “A” key. 

The procedure is as follows: 

  • Wii Settings> Internet-> Link Settings (Device Settings -> Wii Settings > Internet -> Link Settings) (click on the first connection).

To look for a connection:

  1. Select the Access Point Search option, then locate and enter the password for your Wi-Fi connection.
  2. A ‘Save’ prompt will occur. After saving your settings, press OK to verify.how to connect wii u games on laptop

Connecting your Wii U to a laptop through wireless internet provides multiple advantages. Its primary advantage is that it offers much more internet elasticity than any other console. You may browse or watch videos online, get updates, check your email by linking your Wii to your email account and perform other actions that you usually do online.

There also are other types of connections concerning the Wii U and a laptop that you might want to make. Following is the directory you desire.

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Connect Your Laptop To The Wiimote Through Bluetooth

You might want a Blue Soliel Driver to use a Wii control with your laptop screen. You can also connect your WiiMote to Windows with the standard drivers if you want to refrain from spending money on new software.

  1. Press ‘Add Bluetooth Device’ from the bottom right corner to add a Bluetooth device.
  2. Turn on the controller by pressing 1 and 2 on your Wiimote. Your WiiMote should now show up in the list of devices.
  3. There are multiple Nintendo Wiimotes; make sure to select Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 and then click Next. Press the two buttons in a matter of every few seconds. As soon as it stops flashing, to identify the WiiMote, the Bluetooth device must click 1 and 2.
  4. After that, select Nintendo RVL-CNT-01, check the box, and click Finish.
  5. Your Wii is successfully linked to your Laptop when a green-blue sign shows on your Bluetooth Symbol in the Device Tray

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Using A Laptop As A Monitor For Wii U

You require a capture card if you want to connect a laptop to Wii U in the form of a monitor. Only a TV tuner card or a dongle can be used to display the Wii (or any other console) on a portfolio.

Use Your Laptop As A Second Computer

  1. Select Properties.From the right-click menu on the desktop, 
  2.  Choose from the provided multiple options.
  3.  Drag the message on the screen to the same spot on your Laptop’s screen as it is now.
  4. You must turn your monitor on and accept the invitation. 
  5. Make sure you review my Windows desktop on this display.
  6. Press ‘Apply.’

Attaching Wii U GamePad To Laptop

The standard Wii U Gamepad, which comes with the Wii U console, features a full touchscreen display and can be used to play games on your Laptop. This is how you can connect Wii U GamePad to your Laptop-

how to connect wii u games on laptop

Your Wii U must be turned on, and your Laptop (whatever version) must be enabled to act as a web server,

  1. Press Windows + Q and 
  2. Type Windows features in the search box. Switch the Windows features on or off. 
  3. There will appear a pop-up menu. Select Internet Information Services from the menu.
  4. To add the functionality, check the box and click OK. In a matter of seconds, your Laptop will be able to function as a local webserver.
  5. Press Windows + R. Type cmd to open a command prompt. Find your Ethernet or wireless networking equipment’s IPV4 address .Ipconfig now will display all available network devices, as well as their IP addresses

If your Wii GamePad is linked to your Wii U console in client mode, you can receive the same information by connecting your device to the Wi. To host the GamePad and sync it directly, use a WPS computer. 

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Play Wii Games On Laptop With Dolphin

If you solely want to play Wii games on your Laptop, the Dolphin Emulator is a simple and convenient solution to do it. The Dolphin Emulator is an open-source program that allows you to play many of the most recent Wii games on your computer. 

Dolphin performs exceptionally well on machines with discrete graphics; some built-in graphics cards will suffice, but you’ll have to investigate and test this. Dolphin’s performance suffers when run on a laptop; it’s not as fluid as on the original Wii. 

dolphin emulator

However, dolphins might face troubles from time to time. While playing certain games, you may encounter a malfunctioning UI. Dolphin provides outstanding community support on its forums to tackle this issue, and updates are released frequently with all of the prior flaws fixed.

One of the best features of Dolphin is that you can use any controller to play games, independent of the console you’re using. Furthermore, if you prefer the keyboard to the controller, you may keep both. 

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Connecting Wii U To TV

  Through several methods ,old or contemporary, we can connect Wii U  to a television, . You can connect the Wii U to your TV through the following input methods-

  • RGB
  • S-Video
  • VGA
  • Component
  • HDMl

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Best Wii U Emulator For Laptops And PCs

Emulators make the gaming process more accessible and smooth. They act like another hardware device that makes your system (host) work like another system (player). Just set up your emulator, and this sorts your question of how to connect Wii u gamepad to your laptop, and you are all set to go. 


It’s a closed-source software developed in 2015 for Microsoft Windows, and since then, it has gotten better month by month. You can play Mario at 8k streaming power or BOTW at 4k; it just gets better with the facilities.cemu

System essentials-

  •  Windows 7 & Above 
  • 4Gb RAM & above 
  • Open GL 4.5 or Vulkan 1.1 

Graphics & Compatibility 

  • NVIDIA GPU – serves as the most suitable for all 
  • AMD GPU – serves well but is not suitable for GL
  • Intel GPU- serves in limited amounts; Vulkan suits best here. 

Controller Input 

  • DRC – Gamepad
  •  Pro Controller
  •  Classic Controller

Dolphin Emulator

It offers excellent streaming quality at 1080p. The HD quality ensures a crisp and transparent gaming experience for the player. It has features like PC Compatibility control, turbo speed, and a multiplayer network. It can run on Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux.dolphin emulator 

System essentials- 

  • Windows 10 & above 
  • MacOS Catalina 10.15 & above 
  • Modern 64-bit desktop Linux & above
  • 2GB Ram & above
  • Open GL 4.4 or Vulkan 

Graphics & Compatibility 

  • Pixel Shader 3.0
  • Direct 3D 10 & above 
  • Open GL 4 & above 
  • Vulkan GPU 

Controller Input 

  • Game cube controller 
  • Wii USB adapter
  • Wii remote 


It only serves certain games successfully; you may observe glitches in a few games while playing if you are using the Decaf emulator. It is an open-source service that has entered the development stages and is improving daily.decaf emulator 

System essentials 

  • Windows 7 & above with an updated version of Visual Studio 2017
  • Linux C++17 model & above 

Graphics & Compatibility

  • Vulkan 1.192.1+
  • CMake v3.2  

Steps To Play Wii U Games On PC Using Emulators

Playing Wii games using emulators on a laptop is surreal, but setting up an emulator can be a task. Here is the detailed yet easy procedure for setting up the emulator. Let us look at the setting up of the CEMU emulator.

Step 1: Go to the emulator’s official website to download the latest version. After downloading, unzip the folder and extract the files. Change the folder’s name as per remembrance and place it somewhere easily accessible.

Step 2: Create 2 folders as DLC & Update and games to access the content easily. Now you enable some of the options for smooth software conduct before you boot it up. 

Step 3: Open the CEMU folder and open its properties. Look for the compatibility option, enable full-screen optimizations, and run this program as an administrator

Then change the High DPI settings and enable Program DPI and High DPI scaling override.

Step 4: Now, you need to boot up Cemu. Once you start the process, a quickstart screen pops up. There will be an mlc01 folder that stores all the internal memory of the Wii U. Search for the folder and select the same. 

Step 5: Now look for the folder where you put your games and then click on the download community graphic packs; this makes the visuality of the game different. It adjusts colors, applies modifications, enhances the resolution quality, and increases the framerate. 

Step 6: You have successfully booted up the game. You can perform the same steps for every game you wish to use emulators. This will answer how to Connect wii u to laptop screens and enjoy the gaming process. 

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How do I use my laptop as an HDMI input?

The HDMI (or VGA, DVI, or DisplayPort) connector on your Laptop is strictly for display output; it cannot be used for video input into another computer. You must never connect your Laptop to your PC with a cable if you want to test how it functions.

In what way can I play Wii U games on my Laptop?

The Nintendo Wii U emulator has proven to be a high-quality and competitive product since its release. Using a Wii U emulator on your PC, such as Cemu, will allow you to play Wii U games with all of its benefits.

Is it possible to connect Wii U to my Laptop?

When you build a connection, an output (from your Wii U) is not linked to an output (from your Laptop). As a result, you won’t be able to use it as a display unless your Laptop has an extremely rare HDMI connector.


So, can you connect and play Wii U to your Laptop? Of course, you can! This blog assists you on how to effortlessly connect Wii U to a laptop and avail yourself of those mentioned above. If you still like playing games with your Wii controllers, you may easily do it on your Windows PC or Laptop. This allows you to play PC games without a keyboard or mouse more comfortably and wirelessly.

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